Watch: Christina Aguilera Proves That She Knows The Words To The National Anthem


On Sunday the world watched (well, only 111 million people, to be exact) as Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner as she performed out national anthem live in front of Super Bowl XLV and poor Xtina has been catching heck for it ever since. Today, TMZ brings us video from her Super Bowl rehearsal last Saturday that proves not only that Xtina knows the words to the song but that she is actually capable of giving an amazing performance of the song.

Christina Aguilera sang an UNBELIEVABLE rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” during Super Bowl rehearsals — one of the best ever — and she was so confident in her performance, she didn’t even finish the song!!! TMZ obtained footage of the National Anthem rehearsals — shot Saturday in Cowboys Stadium. Christina not only gets all of the lyrics correct — but the delivery was Whitney Houston-esque.

Watch the rehearsal video below:

It’s pretty clear that Xtina got caught up in nerves and that is why she messed up the words. I LOVE this rendition … it has a few flourishes but none that I find particularly irritating and/or grating. Xtina, we love you … just chill a bit on the exaggerated singing and you will be fine. This video is great, ain’t it?


  • Jennifer

    Agreed! I wish she had done this on Sunday, it would have been a million times better!

  • Mitchell

    Awesome! It was ridiculous how some thought she didn’t know the words to her own national anthem when she has sung it (perfectly) so many times before. Sigh. I’m glad you defended her yesterday, Trent!

  • sarahhh

    now will people shut up. she made a HONEST mistake.. she is only human after all geez!! like i said yesterday she still has thee voice.

  • lori

    it was not her forgetting the lyrics that got me disappointed but the actual singing. she was terrible. she has been terrible for awhile now. her pitch was way off and her vocals were so strained. she does sound a BIT better here, but her vocals have been shit for a long time now.

  • sparklecow

    Well at least we know now that she was nervous, but why can’t she just come out and admit it already? It would make her seem so much more likeable and maybe people would have more sympathy for her. It doesn’t excuse the fact that she put a run on every syllable though.



  • nicole

    and even after this people will still be on her about it.
    i mean shes human right? even after all these years, shes still aloud to get nervous.

  • Mariah

    Haha I love the commentary from the girl, “Yeah, okay. I’m good.” And Christina should have sung it just like this. It would’ve been great. That woman’s voice is ginormously huge.

  • NJ

    Hey, at least we know she was actually singing it live and it wasn’t prerecorded.

  • Lisa

    The comments from the girl recording are funny. What a gorgeous voice!!! Well we already knew that I guess. :)

  • Instead of stopping the performance to start over again, Christina ran with it. It was the professional thing to do. But it is a shame she didn’t sound this good Sunday night. Poor thing.

  • Debho

    Sorry, I just don’t like her singing. The vocal acrobatics ruin the whole anthem. Still a fail if you ask me. So, g’head…shoot me. lol

    • Xadax


    • Debho


  • cutitout

    Its good someone released it. The NFL should have done it on monday morning.

    Lol “vocal acrobatics” I’ll admit in the past particularily on the Christmas CD, she was out of control but really, I think because the music world has been saturated with image-based rather than vocally talented artist, anyone who does more than just sing-talk is accused of over-doing it. Theres nothing wrong with a good run in the right place.

  • yoyo

    she fucked up, but shes a human and even after a decade of being a performer she still gets nervous and loses control under pressure, which, i believe, is normal.
    she hasnt been on top of her game lately, but she still has one of the best voices of our generation when shes 100percent focused.

    @trent, thank you for posting a positive blog on xtina… for once ;)

  • CL

    I think maybe her oversinging was her nerves getting the best of her. Im glad this got released so people will give it a rest

  • megsterg

    This is so much better. Her voice is SO powerful she doesn’t need to add all her xtina-ness to it. But i guess that’s her thing.