Watch: ‘Wayne’s World’ Returns To ‘Saturday Night Live’


Former Saturday Night Live star and current … um, I don’t know what he does these days, to be honest … Dana Carvey returned as host of SNL last night and brought along many of is classic SNL skits with him. The show opened with a pretty funny Wanye’s World skit (complete with fellow SNL alum Mike Meyers) that, IMHO, is a must see.

Even tho some of the jokes felt a bit dated, it was really very cool to see Wanye’s World again. I realized that I kinda miss the Wanye’s World Oscar Picks ;) Additionally, Carvey donned his classic Church Lady outfit for a fun new Church Chat skit lampooning the Kardashian sisters, Nicole Snooki Polizzi from Jersey Shore and featuring a guest appearance by the real Justin Bieber:

LOL!! Now this skit I thought felt fresh, funny and very timely. Honestly, the whole ep was pretty entertaining … mainly because it reminded me of the years gone by when SNL used to be consistently funny. For those of you here in the US, you can watch the entire episode of Saturday Night Live below:

Mebbe Lorne Michaels should see about bringing Dana Carvey back to the show … just an idea. Do YOU watch last night? What did you think?

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  • nicole

    best episode so far this season

  • Joanna

    I can’t believe I missed the Wayne’s World sketch. I tuned in right at the end of Dana Carvey’s monolouge. I think the Wayne’s World sketch is the best part of last night’s episode with the Church Lady one being not too far behind. I could have done without Justin Bieber, but I get why he was there. It’s too bad that with the exception of like one or two of the current cast members, the rest of them aren’t nearly as funny combined as Dana Carvey is all by himself. He needs to be back more often.

  • Carey

    God I love Dana Carvey!

  • Missy

    Loved Dana. Can it be 1986-1993 forever? I want that cast back…and maybe throw in some of the mid-late 90s cast.

  • Rextrek

    I think it would have been funnier IF Wayne and Garth – we attempting to do Waynes World, and both of them had kids (2 sons) who did thier own Internet version/todays tech savy kids…who thought thier dadswere geeks or something…..rather then Meyers and Carvey trying to act liek thier old characters.

  • I think I need to watch this.

  • Jenn

    Thanks for posting those clips, I had forgotten to check them out myself. The Church Lady is my very first SNL memory so that clip made me smile, even with the Biebs there.