Shia LaBeouf Handcuffed After A ‘Fan’ Hurls A Homophobic Slur At Him


Late yesterday word got out that Shia LaBeouf was taken into police custody after he allegedly got into a barroom brawl late Friday night. Today we learn what went down with Shia late Friday night/early Saturday morning from the grade-A a-hole who was involved in the fracas. This p.o.s. person very proudly tells RadarOnline that Shia was taken into custody after he harassed and verbally assaulted LaBeof with a homophobic slur.

Shia LeBeouf was detained by cops and put into a police squad car for questioning in L.A. Saturday morning, and only has the exclusive video. And only has the exclusive details of what really happened from the man on the other side of the fight, Mark Mastro. Mastro tells us he was a fan of the Transformers actor and when he saw him inside Mad Bull’s Tavern, wanted to meet him. “My girlfriend saw Shia, and told me. I wanted to get a picture with him so I went over to his table, sat down next to him, and told him I was a fan of his. I called him Mr. LeBeouf. “He didn’t want anything to do with me,” says the college student. ” He said he just wanted to chill and refused to do a photos. I walked away.” Some time later, Mastro and a friend were out on the tavern’s front patio — basically just a fenced off area off the sidewalk — and Shia walked out. “My friend said, ‘what’s up Shia’?” Mastro says. “Shia told him to ‘get the f**k out of my way.’ He was slurring his words. “That’s when I said to my buddy, ‘don’t worry, he’s just a fuccking faggot anyway’,” Mastro says. “He turned around, cursed me out, and I started laughing.” Mastro explains that the actor then jumped in his black truck which was parked directly in front of Mad Bull’s. “All of a sudden, he jumped out, and ran back towards the bar. He charged at me! I jumped over the patio fence onto the sidewalk to get away from him. But he kept coming after me. “He was getting in my face. He was talking sh*t. He was chest-bumping me.” That’s when the bouncer jumped in, Mastro says. “A bouncer put Shia in a head lock. A cop just happened to be driving by and saw the commotion. He pulled up the bouncer literally handed LeBeouf over to him. “Apparently the cop called for for back-up because there were at least seven other squad cars there in minutes.” Mastro saw the cops have LeBeouf put his hands up and behind his head. “That’s how they led him to the squad car.” Mastro was not interviewed by the police and left the bar with his friends a few minutes later.

Without question, Shia was wrong to get physical with this asshole … but it’s pretty deplorable that this jerk would be so proud of the fact that he called Shia a “fucking faggot” and then ran away and jumped over a fence to find safety. The big man with the big mouth sounds like a complete loser. What is really unfortunate about all of this is how easy it is for people to be proud of this kind of behavior. I am never supportive of Shia LaBeof’s blow-ups like this … but I’m even more disgusted by this Mastro jerk.


  • Ama

    I completely agree with you on this. Shia should have just walked away and ignored the jerk-there is a good chance he was having a bad day and went to the place to unwind and this jerk was just the last straw. I dislike violence in all forms, but this person would honestly make me lose my patience too. People like that just get under my skin.

  • blaqfury

    My goodness…. I wouldn’t want anything to do with you either if you came and sat at my table UNINVITED!!! who does that? The he continues his douchebag of the year award by calling him this despicable name…

    How he plays the victim is ridiculous… Shame on RadarOnline for giving him the time of day….

    • babybunny

      Yeah no kidding, that sitting down at his table thing disturbed me.. then.. the name calling? Really. What a jerk.


    Why don’t my comments ever post? Ughhh.

  • Andi

    I agree that physical force should only be used to protect yourself from physical harm….that being said, that a$$ deserved what he got, I say kudos to Shia betcha for showing that bullies without exception are complete cowards. When you confront them they run like scared little rats…again the hitting (or attempted hitting?) was wrong, but still it was strangely satisfying to see XD

  • Felicia

    Why is it so easy to believe this article? Shia was released with no charges against him. Who knows if what this guy is saying happened even really happened.

    • Felicia

      Happened the way its claimed to happen I mean.