‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Releases A New Full Costume Photo


Last month we got our first look at Chris Evans in costume as Captain America and just yesterday we got to check out the first official movie poster for Captain America: The First Avenger. Today we get one more look at the Captain America costume in a newly released promo photo that gives us the best look yet of the superhero suit.

HMMM … I don’t know if the suit is growing on me or what but … I’m starting not to hate it. Sure, it’s not as streamlined as other superhero suits but I’m starting to like the “homemade”ness of the costume. It really looks like an Army jumpsuit that has been adapted for superhero use. See, inundating us with all these images from the film is having a positive effect … at least on me. What do y’all think? Do we love this Captain America suit … or not?


  • Dianna

    It definitely looks better in this photo than most of the others, especially that promo one you posted yesterday. That one looks so bulky and photoshopped that his arms didn’t look real. It could just look weird in photos and will look better on screen…maybe…hope?

  • TomTallis

    The bulge is nice…

  • Chris

    I love the suit. Has a fighter pilot feel to it.

  • J

    Maybe during post-production of the film they’ve altered it a little made it less baggy due to feedback. A lot of people were harsh about the outfit and they can’t just reshoot everything. Well here’s hoping that is the case and this picture hasn’t just been photoshopped to make it look less baggy.

  • Lexxvs

    Horrible suit. It looks like a WWII pilot suit with just some differences, a star here, an A there… Don’t know why the actor fitted his body so much to end up with that vintage oldie look.

  • Yanz

    Simply awful. It’s a mess with all the straps.

  • Dean

    Lets not forget that alot of the film will be set in WWII so this will be the suit of that time and by the end of the film will have a new modern suit because the avenger film will be set in the present future with iron man n co.