Jake Gyllenhaal Hangs Out With His Family In NYC


Last weekend we saw photos of Jake Gyllenhaal clean-shaven and soaking up the sun here in SoCal. Today we get to see photos of Jake growing out his beard again as he freezes his buns off in NYC. Jakey poo made his way back East to meet up with his family — mother Naomi Foner, sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and bro-in-law Peter Sarsgaard — to attend the off-Broadway opening of Three Sisters which stars his big sis and her husband. It was a good ol’ fashioned Gyllenhaal family reunion.

Three Sisters is the 1901 play featuring three provincial sisters longing to be back in their beloved Moscow. The cast features Gyllenhaal (as Masha), Hecht (as Olga), Rylance (as Irina), as well as Anson Mount as Solyóny, Gabe Bettio as Róhde, Josh Hamilton as Andréy Prózorov, Marin Ireland as Natásha, Paul Lazar as Kulýgin, Roberta Maxwell as Anfísa, George Morfogen as Ferapónt, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Baron Túzenbach, James Patrick Nelson as Fedótik, Peter Sarsgaard as Vershínin and Louis Zorich as Chebutýkin.

Yeeeeeeah … this play sounds like a HOOT! But, altho it’s not my particular cup of tea, I can totally understand why Jake would want to make the trek back East to support his family. I guess I can also appreciate why Jake would want to grow back his face fur … it’s cold as balls in NYC these days. It’s nice to see the family all together … even if they look a bit grouchy.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • JayeBea

    Haha, they do all look a bit displeased

  • Daphne

    Not to blow my own trumpet,but I’ve actually been in a production of Three Sisters and played Irina…Chekhov wrote good sh*t! :)