‘Water For Elephants’ Releases A First Movie Poster


In mid-December we got our first look at the first movie trailer for the new film Water for Elephants (starring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz) and today we get our first look at the just-released first movie poster for Water for Elephants.

Now this poster, I like. The colors really pop, I love the flying sparks and the circus elements that are added in the background tie the whole thing together. I decided to go ahead and read this book before the movie comes out (after I get thru the Hunger Games trilogy) so I’m gonna try and stay away from any plot spoilers until I read the book. I’m counting on YOUR advice, Pink readers. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on the book when I finally get it read. As for this poster, what do y’all think? Impressed much?


  • nicole

    i like the poster, it really brings out the circus theme.
    and Trent im sooo glad you decided to read the book!

  • tiffany

    i really enjoyed the book. i love that this vintage travelling story is the background for a love story. i hope the movie lives up to the book. i think all 3 have actors have the potential to make it a great movie.

  • Daniel

    I would like to see Robert Pattinson doing something besides the typical romantic flick, He’s just type casting as the hypersentimental lover…

  • Lyss

    I have never read the book and haven’t read any plot summaries for the movie, so I have NO idea what to expect.
    But are we supposed to believe that Rob and Reese are the same age? I’ve tried staring at the poster, even squinting my eyes and turning my head a little, but nope.. sorry Reese. You look AWESOME and you’re one of my favourite actresses, but I refuse to accept you as a 20-something. And Rob, you’re not a day over 25. No way.

    If there IS supposed to be an age difference.. then ignore all of that and proceed :). Would someone like to enligthen me?


    • mb

      Reese’s character is supposed to be a few years older. :)

    • Nat

      I’m with Alyssa on this one. If mb says the character i supposed to be older then fine. I really like both Reese and Robert but I’m not convinced by this pairing. Hopefully I’ll see the film and be proved wrong!

    • Luv Ya

      No, originally in the book she was younger.

  • Vicky

    I loved the Hunger Games trilogy, I just finished reading it a couple weekends ago. There were elements that I found kind of cheesy, but overall – very good books. Right now I am reading the Pillars of the Earth and it’s extremely good as well.

    • kendra

      Oh my gosh! Pillars of the Earth is easily one of my favorite books..It takes you on such a journey! I read it so quick because I seriously could not put that huge book down! I hope you enjoy it!

      I just read the first Hunger Games book and LOVED it! I’m on a waiting list at my library for the other 2..I think I’ll end up buying them though since the waiting list is HUGE!!

  • carma

    I still think it’s extremely funny that they played mother and son in Vanity Fair a few years ago. Now they’re lovers?

  • Becca

    Trent that is my exact same reading goal right now.. Funny! I’m on the first hunger games book.. Loving it so far :)

  • Amy*

    I love that you are reading the Hunger Games. Please tell me that you’ll blog a review when you finish!*

  • yay!! hunger games is amazing!! l bought it on my kindle and l immediately loaned it out so more people can read it :)

  • Aubrey

    Trent, I love Suzanne Collins. I’ve read the Hunger Games Trilogy and I’m so excited for who Lionsgate casts as Katniss, Peeta and Gale. Please blog about whom you want to get cast for the roles. :) Please God, not Miley.

  • Brandy

    Actually, I went back and looked – they really are within a year or two in age in the book though definitely Reese’s character has “lived” more than Robert’s. However, I’m willing to give the movie a chance and see what they do with the story. In movies, Slavishly loyal storytelling is just as annoying as changing too many things, so we’ll see where it falls.

  • Cara

    They were close in age in the book & I’m pretty sure she was a brunette!

  • krissy

    IMO, if you compare a movie to a book, the book will ALWAYS be better (if it is the source material). The very nature of books allows you to really get inside character’s heads, and they also allow you to go into detail that would never work in film (boring!). Film is an action oriented medium. Even in very loyal adaptations (like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo swedish films), you still have to edit and change things in order to make them work for film.

    If I love a book and they make a movie, I always think of it like a Cliff Notes version. I think it is nearly impossible to make a film that rivals a great book.

    • April

      Krissy I agree. Most of the time the book is always better than the movie, but I have high hopes for this movie and Bel Ami.

  • J

    Xtina… is that really you?

  • April

    Krissy, what other books have you read?

    • April

      I would like to know. We may like the same authors…..

  • Bec

    @Cara – and I believe that he is a redhead….