Some Of Your ‘Most Wanted’ Celebs Get The Hypercolor Treatment


Artist Richard Phillips has immortalized some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs in a new art exhibition titled Most Wanted which is on display at the White Cube Gallery in London. For his art pieces, he took images of the celebs and enhanced them with bright hypercolor, making for bold and striking images.

According to the artist, these celebs have the “capacity to dominate the celebrity media outlets with the published details of their public and private lives.” By placing their faces over the logos of luxury brands, Phillips has made these in demand celebs even in higher demand. In the end, the result is a batch of photos that are, at the very least, eye-catching. Check out some of the photos below and tell me what you think. Is this an exhibit that you think you’d like to see in person?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Pat

    The girls look fine. But Chace Crawford’s mouth is disturbing.

    • Ashley

      He looks like a guppy.

  • Loriannakim

    How is Taylor momsen wanted?

    • apriljan

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Carolina

    Were the requirements blue or green eyes?

  • blaqfury

    To answer your question Trent… I’ll pass, I have absolutely no interest in any of these, clearly subjective, “Most Wanted” celebs…. NEXT!

  • JayeBea

    The girls look really beautiful, and Zac too because… well, he is ridiculously pretty in real life. I think the images are nice, but nothing groundbreaking in my opinion.

  • torrie

    All of the guys’ mouths look off in a very odd way. I’m not even a KStew fan but I would love a copy of this print… It’s gorgeous. But I wouldn’t go out of the way to see the exhibit in person, no.