Michael Lohan Successfully Survives Heart Surgery


Yesterday we learned the marginally disconcerting news that Michael Lohan, the media-hungry fame-mongering father of trainwrecky Lindsay Lohan, was hospitalized here in SoCal after complaining of chest pains during a medical procedure. Today we learn the happy news that Lohan made it thru heart surgery and successfully had his arteries unblocked.

Michael Lohan is out of surgery and resting comfortably at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA. We’re told MiLo had the emergency procedure done, which determined he has a blockage in the posterior interventricular artery of his heart. According to our sources, the blockage is being treated by his doc, Dr. Farzan Rajput of Newport Beach, who believes Michael can make a full recovery. He’s expected to be released later today.

As much as this guy IRKS the Hell out of me, I’m glad to know that he made it thru surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Michael Lohan may be kind of skeezy but he deffo deserves to live a long and healthy life. Rest well, Lohan … and get well soon … BUT PLEASE, feel free to extend your recuperation period for weeks or months, out of the public eye ;)


  • Meghan

    Do we need to see pictures of him in the hospital?? Really??? Even while having emergency heart surgery he is still whoring.

    • c-word

      seriously – huh! i just just picture it… “hey – take some pictures of me while i am recouping… i’ll even close my eyes and pretend like i didn’t set this up” hahaha! ;)

    • @c-word — “hey – take some pictures of me while i am recouping… i’ll even close my eyes and pretend like i didn’t set this up” LMAOOOOOOOOOO

  • blaqfury

    Did he arrange for these pictures to be taken and released?

  • Chris

    So he had a MI and got a stent? BFD!!

  • JRad

    I wonder who took those pictures…hmmm…mysteries of the universe.

    • Eri

      It’s not a mystery – he brought his tripod and set it up all nicely and then hurried back into bed for the photo. He’s not about to share his TMZ earnings with anyone!

    • SuzieB

      LMAO @Eri – I read “TMZ earnings” as TMZ earrings and started picturing Daddy Lohan w/diamond TMZ blinged out earrings!! WTF is wrong with me?!?! All the snow & ice has made me not be able to read right!

  • Ama

    He’s getting released so quickly? When my dad had both of his heart surgeries he was there for at least four days, sometimes longer.

    • Chris

      I’m sure he just got a steno to one of his arteries…the hospital stay is usually around 2 or so days.

    • Chris