The 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards Are Handed Out


Last night the Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out at The Shrine Auditorium here in Los Angeles, CA in the midst of awards season and, as you might expect, the same sort of folks who have been winning awards at previous award shows continued their streak last night. But, while it seemed like The Social Network was the film to beat for Best Picture, it’s becoming a bit more evident that The King’s Speech has taken the front-running position. Even still, films like Black Swan and The Fighter were honored as well.

“The King’s Speech” won the best-actor trophy Sunday for Colin Firth and a second honor for its overall cast at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The two prizes capped a weeklong surge of Hollywood honors for the British monarchy saga, which is building momentum for the Feb. 27 Academy Awards, where the Facebook drama “The Social Network” previously had looked like the favorite. Natalie Portman earned the best-actress award at the Screen Actors ceremony for “Black Swan,” while “The Fighter” co-stars Christian Bale and Melissa Leo swept the supporting-acting honors, boosting their own prospects come Oscar night. “The King’s Speech” leads Oscar contenders with 12 nominations, among them best picture and actor for Firth, who has been the awards favorite virtually since the film premiered at festivals half a year ago. “Until today, I would say probably, if ever I felt that I had a trophy which has told me that something’s really happening for me, it was my SAG card,” said Firth, who plays Queen Elizabeth’s dad, George VI, as he takes the throne in the 1930s while struggling to overcome a debilitating stammer. “Growing up in England, it’s not something you expect to see in your wallet, really,” Firth continued. “And so it has this glow, and I used to flash it around, hoping it would get me female attention, entry into nightclubs and top-level government departments. It didn’t.” Many winners had gushing words for the protection and fellowship their union offers. “I’ve been working since I was 11 years old, and SAG has taken care of me,” said Portman, who won for her role as a ballerina losing her grip on reality. “They made sure I wasn’t working too long and made sure I got an education while I was working.” Bale is a strong favorite for the supporting-actor Oscar as real-life fighter Dicky Eklund, whose career unraveled amid drugs and crime. Eklund briefly joined Bale on stage, the actor telling him he’s “a real gentleman” … Leo, who plays the domineering matriarch of Eklund and half brother Micky Ward’s boxing family in “The Fighter,” was speechless for a long moment after taking the stage … Betty White, who is having her own career resurgence in her 80s, won for TV comedy actress for “Hot in Cleveland.” “I must say this is the biggest surprise I’ve ever had in this business. There wasn’t a prayer. I am so lucky to be … at 89, to be working …,” White said, pausing as the crowd interrupted her with effusive applause. “You didn’t applaud when I turned 40.” Alec Baldwin won his fifth-straight guild award for best actor in a comedy series for “30 Rock.” “I don’t know what to say. This is ridiculous. I’m so happy,” Baldwin said. “We’ve had a great year with the show.” “Modern Family” won for overall cast performance in a TV comedy. Steve Buscemi of “Boardwalk Empire” and Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife” won as best actors in a TV drama. “Boardwalk Empire,” a Prohibition-era gangster series, also won for overall TV drama cast performance … “The Social Network,” chronicling the rise of Facebook, had been the early Oscar favorite for best-picture, named the year’s top drama by key critics groups and the Golden Globes. But “The King’s Speech” has surged forward in the past week, pulling upset wins at the Directors Guild and Producers Guild awards and leading the Oscar field at last Tuesday’s nominations. “The Social Network” had two SAG nominations but came away empty-handed.

Here are some photos of the winners and their trophies last night:

I have to say, congrats to everyone for winning … but big props to Modern Family for fending off Glee as the Best Ensemble on TV. I thought for sure Glee would have a lock on the top prize so that was a nice surprise. I believe last night’s SAG Awards is the last of the film awards until the big Academy Awards next month. It will be very interesting to see which of these winners will go on to win Oscars. Click HERE for a full list of SAG Award winners … did your faves walk away with trophies last night? Did you watch/enjoy the show?

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  • I definitely agreed with most of the winners last night and really enjoyed the show. I have been rooting for King’s Speech, Colin Firth, & Natalie Portman all awards season and I love that the industry agrees! But I agree Trent I was VERY VERY pleased that Modern Family won last night. I really do enjoy Glee (it is one of my favorite shows)…but when it comes down to it I really do think Modern Family is a better show with a great cast who work perfectly together. I think that award was VERY well deserved and I’m glad they beat out Glee…especially because Glee gets so much hype…and especially after they lost to Glee at the Globes.

  • Also….Natalie Portman’s acceptance speech was MUCH better hahaha

    • @Laura — No laugh = Big win!

  • Paulia

    I am sooo happy for Modern Family. I do love Glee too, however Modern Family needed the win after losing at the Globes. Brilliant Cast.. Brilliant writing.. Love Ty.. He is absolutely Brilliant!!

  • Scott

    Modern family DEFINITELY deserved the win over Glee. Modern family is very well written and acted, where Glee just seems thrown together at the last minute each week.

  • nicole

    i didnt watch the show, but i was looking at some pictures from the red carpet, there were some damn beautiful dresses last night. i loved Milas.

  • Amanda G

    I thought the show as boring. The only highlight was Betty White winning, but it was also kind of wrong because it was more of a “just because we love her” win.

    I just watched The King’s Speech last night and it was great! I’m so happy Colin Firth is getting the recognition he deserves. It’s shocking to me that The Social Network was being considered the front-runner. It was good, but it wasn’t THAT good.

    • I sort of agree about the Betty White win…I mean…don’t get me wrong I really enjoy watching Betty and am happy she is so hot right now…but I do sort of feel like that was a “we just love Betty” win…maybe she should get that lifetime award…(or has she already?)

    • Amanda G

      She got the lifetime SAG award last year. Look it up on YouTube! Her speech was hilarious!

  • KatB

    I was quite pleased with all the winners, although I really wanted Helena Bonham Carter to win… oh well. I’ve the biggest crush on Edgar Ramires, I have to watch the tv movie he was in ;)



  • I am SO DAMN HAPPY about Modern Family’s win. That is all. And scene.

  • J

    Everyone knows the Globes are a joke really, the ones to look out for are the Guild Awards. Producers, Actor’s and Directors.
    I’m glad The King’s Speech won. I would LOVE for True Grit to take out the Oscar tbh then each film gets an award out of Social Network and them. I’m disappointed it wasn’t nominated at the SAGs.

    A few upsets for me. Would have loved to see Hailee Steinfeld win her award for True Grit she is amazing. And the favourite Geoffrey Rush should’ve won over Bale… I really can’t stand Christian Bale. He is quite talented but when it suits him. Other than that a total douche. Nolan makes him look good as Batman, he sucked majorly in Terminator. Rush is just perfection with his roles. Hopefully the Academy give it to him.

    I have a feeling True Grit can sneak up and get some Oscars this month. It’s a pity it hasn’t been AS nominated/awarded. Remake perhaps? But its a terrific film I’m happy either way with Speech or Grit.

    • I agree with you about Geoffery Rush and Hailee Steinfeld. She REALLY impressed me. However I don’t really agree that True Grit should win Best Picture. I don’t think the story was strong/unique enough for my personal tastes. I’m not saying it wasn’t good/interesting but for me personally it didn’t feel like a “Best Picture” movie…I’m rooting for King’s Speech there…but I’m sure we agree to disagree haha…but I really think Hailee was amazing and she deserves some serious credit for her awesome performance.