Justin Bieber Gets Shirtless For A New Magazine Photoshoot


Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has decided to appear in more mature photoshoots now that he’s just about to turn 17 years old … and that maturity, apparently, involves wearing less clothing than he usually wears in shoots. I’m not sure if y’all are ready for this but … Justin Bieber has gone shirtless, y’all.

It’s a text that many a teenage girl would be thrilled to receive. Whether their parents would approve is another matter. Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber posed for shirtless photos before texting them to his ‘girlfriend’ during a magazine shoot. Although he did not divulge who the ‘girlfriend’ was, it is presumed to be Disney star Selena Gomez, to whom he has become particularly close during the past few months. The Baby singer was pictured looking moody, wearing nothing but a pair of grey trousers and with nothing more than a tie slung around his neck to keep him warm. While at the photo shoot the 16-year-old reportedly asked one of the stylists to take photos of him on his mobile phone which he then texted to his ‘girlfriend’. A source told X17Online: ‘Justin was talking to the stylist, asking her to take sexy pictures of him for his girlfriend’. Bieber apparently asked for the photos to be taken in a playful way. But no doubt anyone who received a shirtless shot of the pint-sized pop star would be over the moon. The source added: ‘He was just being cute about it, joking around, but he definitely wanted to look good for this girl. He never said the name Selena, but we knew who it was’.

Geeze, kids grow up so fast, don’t they? I have to say … the sight of a shirtless Biebs seems … kinda wrong, don’t it? I wonder which magazine these photos will appear in. The photos seem too racy for Teen Beat or Bop and, yet, too young for something like GQ. But, whichever magazine prints these photos, you can be sure that his rabid fans will be clamoring for copies of these pics to tack up onto their bedroom walls … much to their parents chagrin, I’m sure.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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  • nicole

    i feel like by looking at those pictures for the 2 seconds that i did…i did something wrong lol.

    • J

      That’s because he looks like he’s about eight years old. This kid is almost 17?! I had no idea. Yikes.

    • Samantha

      me too! I just scrolled past them superfast to get to the writing.

    • Sarah

      Yup that’s how i felt, that is just about bordering on the child porn to me..yuck! I do not want to see it! He doesn’t look 17 he looks 12 and 17 isn’t exactly “all grown up” either…far from it!

  • Meredith

    It’s wrong. On sooooo many levels it’s wrong.

  • Adrian

    I feel like his birth certificate is forged and he is really 10.

  • Dennis

    His pedophile stock just went up ten fold!

    • Sarah

      My thoughts exactly!


    Looking at Justin Bieber shirtless is like looking at the sun for more than 5 seconds: It’s wrong and hazardous.

    • @Chase — LOL!

    • Sarah

      LOL that is exactly it!

  • Z

    @Adrian lmfao XD! That’s too funny =P! This kid needs to go back to grade 4 seriously!

  • Shaniqua

    Hate to burst everyone’s bubble here, but he looks like a normal high-school-aged kid. I know we’re all used to watching 25 year olds play teenagers in the movies and on TV, but teenagers oftentimes do not look like Chace Crawford. IMO it’s refreshing to see someone that looks their age in Hollywood.

    • nicole

      it has nothing to do with him looking normal..i mean im 23…technically..this could be considered kiddie porn haha.

    • perdiz

      im only 18 but most of the people that i know that are still in high school and are his age look much older. i know we are used to much older people playing teenagers in movies he is young looking to me.

  • Georgia

    i think he looks b-e-a-u-tiful. belieber <33

  • ashley

    this is wrong on so many levels

  • CL

    Is he trying to pull a Miley and “grow up”? Too bad for him he has more of a girl face than Miley does

  • Julie

    He should go on the taylor lautner diet…might help his ‘adult-look’!!

  • becca

    people, we’ve been looking at taylor lautner for years! he was around the same age when he first appeared in twilight. with that said, beiber looks like a baby…

    • Kate

      A sexy baby. :)

    • Astrid

      That’s a disturbing comment..? :)

    • perdiz

      but that was for his role. and he didnt look 12. he was bulked up like crazy. and he worked hard to get it that way. im not saying he needs to bulk up like taylor because he has a small frame he is not meant to be big. also taylor is the same age as me so not so weird to look at him shirtless…..

  • Ama

    I don’t really see the appeal of him- music or physical appearance wise- but then again I am not a tween, which is probably 80-90% of his fan base.

    That being said, he should really get a haircut or just a different hair style all together. It may help in making him look his age.

    • Solways

      nah, it’s more like (at least according to market sales reports) 25% tween, 75% teen. i still am neither of these

  • Val 2.0

    Cannot un-see.

  • Gracie

    well as a 18yr old he loooks about 12 to me. i mean its slightly hypocritical because iv been with guys younger but he just looks too young way too young. how can it be legal for him to even have his shirt off, in public.

    • Gracie

      ps. if he was going to b shirtless in a magazine don’t you think he’d get someone to help him bulk up. Look at what taylor lautner did.

  • joedurk

    watching this kid hit puberty in 2011 is gonna be like watching the greatest train wreck evah!

  • an

    look a bit feminim;) anyway.. i’m quiet old too see this picture!dont wanna be apedofile; oooooo no no..

  • josh

    Okay I mean it’s not the fact that he’s shirtless that makes these photos a bit creepy (“being shirtless” does not equal “child porn”). I think it’s the context in which these photos were taken–“sexy pixxx” for his girlfriend–that make me feel a bit uncomfortable seeing them.

  • Amanda G

    I think part of the reason he looks so young is because he’s so short. He’s gotta be only 5’5″ or something right? Oh well, in 20 years when everyone else looks 36, he’ll be looking 26. Maybe he’s lucky.

  • richard s

    Is it a crime to be a late bloomer?

  • Missy

    For a second, I thought that was Emma Watson in a halter top.

    • Kelly

      i TOTALLY thought it was Emma Watson TOO!!!! HAHHAHAHAHA

  • Jaycee


  • ChorusGeek

    Didn’t Miley Cyrus get in trouble for topless photos just last year?! LOL

  • JavaJunko

    ew, selling kids as sex objects is really gross. If it were a young girl in a skimpy outfit showing lots of skin it would be a whole different uproar but since he’s a boy it’s no big deal?

  • omg he is sooooooooooooooooooooo sexy but i have a crush of my own i told the boy i like that i like him. it was valentines day so i told him. his name is andy. he is like the cutest thing ever. he looks like justin bieber too he is sooooo cute. omg anyway i luv u jb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    justin bieber is soo damn hot <3 xxx

  • kayla-jeeaan

    OMFG im in love with justin……he is sooo down to earth and if i were to meet him i reken we would hit it off…! if justin were to see this… <3 i would say…* ur the hottest 17 year old teen pop-star eva and i would sooo date him….not just cas he is famas… and well justin bieber but cas i think he would like me …..ahah <3 <3 XOXOXO JUSTIIN 4EVA



  • Sarah

    Java Junko its different cuz hes a sexy boy. Justin Bieber is super fine

  • jocelyn bieber ;]]

    OMG!!!;) justin bieber is so hott!!! I luv him so much!!!!!!;]] he’s my #1 man!!!;))

  • iv met just before but omg we met in the most embarissing ways ok one was at the beach and he was surfing and i did not see him and he hit me with the surfboad but omgosh he huged me and cuddled me and gave me a kiss and said sorry bout that.
    the next time was when i was at the hotle and and i was walking coming out the door and he was running and did not see me at the door and fell me down and was over me. but he look at me and said have we met before and i said yes we did remember at the beach. he said oh yes i know u now ur soo pretty and cute and talk about sexy omgosh i loved it but we spent the rest of the day together and from then on we became really good friends and now we talk to each other on the phone and stuff u know the kind of stuff any friend whould do

    • Noneofurbusiness

      you dont i believe you labriajaynisha? why?

  • bieberlover..××

    Hey justin luv u wish i could she u for real big fan×××<3;) ;D

  • i love justin bieber and im only 9