Britney Spears Is A Bridesmaid At Brett Miller’s Wedding


Earlier today we saw photos of Britney Spears and her beau Jason Trawick partying at a nightclub in Miami, FL last night. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure why Britwick made their way to Miami in the first place. Pink reader Jadedkitten gave me the head’s up that Britney, Jason and Larry Rudolph (Britney’s longtime manager) made their way to Miami to attend the wedding of Britney’s BFF assistant Brett Miller to fiancĂ©e Frank Lionetti!

Brett’s wedding reception was held at St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church in Miami, FL (where these photos were taken). My guess is that we don’t see any pics of Britney because she was most likely with Brett … possibly as a member of her wedding party! This is all very exciting. I couldn’t be happier for Brett. Let’s send all of our love and congrats to her today.

UPDATE: It turns out that Britney WAS a bridesmaid in Brett’s wedding (TMZ reports that Britney was Maid of Honor) … and she had to wear this kinda fugly dress:

I’m really not loving the dress but I’m loving the fact that Britney was a bridesmaid :) I guess the next time we see Britney and Jason at a wedding … it may be their own ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Jadedkitten
  • Jadedkitten

    Those dresses are horrible, but Britney looks so happy for Brett :3 Tmz said Britney was the maid of honor not a bride maid tho. I’m so happy for brett I wonder if she’s gonna pop out some little playmates for Preston and JJ soon :D

  • an

    aaah…. the dress was not Britney choice.. respect to the wedding ceremony. jajaja……
    sometimes we dont need to be the eyes catcher,,,Its must be the bride, right??/

  • laurennc

    Could you imagine having Britney Spears as bridesmaid in your wedding?! I’m so happy that she was a part of this and that her and Brett are that close that she would be in her wedding.

  • Silvi

    Well, even if the dress wasn’t her choice she could of at least done something with her hair. Her weave looks so strange…

  • danny

    LOL! I love how all this attention to the dress. its the only thing making poor brit look like shes at a wedding!!! Her hair is atrocious!!!!

  • jade

    of course brit was in a fugly dress! lmao u have to get people to pay attention to the bride somehow if brit brit is the MOH.

  • Balito

    LOL,,, I luv me some Britney!!!,,, but at least she could’ve pass a brush through her hair!!! She looks happy though… :)

  • That Girl

    Ok, I love Brit and all but please for the love of whoever you believe in, please let me hook up that weave! Not by me of course, I’m natural but I have a sista who could give that girl some justice. Who is her hairstylist? They should receive a ticket for letting our girl go out in public like that!


    I love Britney and all, but she looks absolutely awful… Everything looks awful. Yikes. : /

  • Michelle

    With a hideous dress (not her fault) and hideous hair, Brit is probably still getting most of the attention. Maybe she knew that and chose NOT to look her best….

  • kendra

    The groom looks like Gavin Rossdale in that pic..And Brit’s hair looks sloppy, but the other chick’s hair isn’t much better..Not great styling, but so cool she was part of the wedding!

  • an

    ooo.. or its just typically Britney spears.. she doens’t show glamourous to the public. I dont know.. she could make her self perfect look.. actually , i dont know why.!
    Sure I expect to see britney with perfect look, nice dress, nice hair, nice …hhm…. everythings… luxe and sexy,woooowww….

  • rOXy

    I wish everyone would just leave the girl alone and let her be human for once. What is the point of being a bridal party if you’re not going to wear an ugly dress (although I’ve seen much worse)? Maybe the bride wanted them to wear their hair down, and long and straight has never been her best look. She was having wholesome, good fun yet no one can just let her do it without criticizing. Her fans should just be happy that she has arrived at the point, healthwise, where she is able to participate in ordinary activities. Seems she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

  • rOXy

    ps – that rant wasn’t directed at you, Trent, cause you know I luv ya and I know you luv her!

  • vVv

    i’ve never seen a superstar to be a bridesmaid n be SO NORMAL :D love u Brirney!

  • sparklecow

    I agree with everyone here is saying LOSE THE EXTENSIONS! She looks so much better with her natural hair.

  • nana

    britneys boyfrined is something terrible

  • Britney just looks so honoured to have been invited to the occassion

  • Even Britney can’t make a bridesmaid dress look pretty.

  • Sarah

    Couldn’t she have brushed her hair?

    • Katie

      That is exactly what I was thinking! She’s not looking so hot in those pics…

  • Jstar

    I thought the same thing, damn girl brush your hair!!!

  • aimie

    Seriously, brit… what the hell happened to your brush. Unless you didn’t wanna steal the bride’s thunder by looking cuter?!?!? but at least look presentable! those pics are forever for that bride. lol

  • Jake

    What’s going on with her face? It’s like her nose got bigger and she’s looking rough. They really airbrush the hell out of here b/c a 50 something Madonna (even with the airbrushing) still looks better then a 30 year old Britney.