Hugh Jackman Really, REALLY Loves The Snow


Yesterday we saw a couple of really cute photos of actor Hugh Jackman reveling in the snow as it fell all around him in NYC just hours before a massive snow storm hit the city. Today we get to see new photos of Hugh enjoying the snow after new feet of snow fell the night before. As you can tell from the following photos, Hugh was having himself a grand ol’ time.

You’d expect Hugh’s children to be having all the fun but not so … Hugh himself is the one having the best time ever! Man, doesn’t he look like a lot of fun to play with? Yesterday’s outing in the snow wasn’t merely just for fun, tho, as the littlest member of the Jackman family tagged along to take care of some biz of his own:

And superdaddy Hugh was there to make sure that Dalí Jackman was taken care of. You will note that Dalí is outfitted with a sweater and cute little boots to protect him from the cold … but I imagine getting carried around close to Hugh’s body would be enough to keep me warm. While others are lamenting all the snow that keeps falling in the Northeast, it seems clear to me that Hugh Jackman is not among them. I bet Hugh is really looking forward to the next snowstorm to hit.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin, X17]

  • taikwan

    Yay! Love Hugh.
    ahh ummm the pooch is four wheeling with those 4 red boots. Now that’s pampered.
    Hugh is presenting at the Oscars. Hope he gets a chance to dance

  • LOVE!!!

  • Ria

    What a poser.

  • Bec

    Hugh Jackman is from Australia, like me, and because we get basically NO SNOW at all and where we do get snow it is NOTHING like America.. I totally understand his happiness at being able to live somewhere like New York and playing in it. I have missed America’s snow so much this year (especially when we’re sweltering in the heat).