Christina Aguilera Takes Max Liron To The Aquarium of the Pacific


When last we saw photos of Christina Aguilera, who was just picked to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XLV next month, out and about with her son Max Liron and her lover Matthew Rutler, the little family was celebrating Max’s birthday at Disneyland. Yesterday, the trio made their way to the Aquarium of the Pacific to enjoy another fun-filled day together.

As you can see, Xtina lovingly carried her son while Matthew lovingly carried Xtina’s purse. So sweet. While I’m certain Xtina et al. had themselves a lot of fun at the aquarium yesterday, I highly doubt she had as much fun as she did when she partied so hard at Jeremy Renner’s house that she passed out on his bed. Ah well, I guess there’s a time and a place for everything.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • nicole

    i love that thier hats kinda match

    • Jessica

      @Nicole, I love that you and I are always the one’s who comment on christina pictures. I see you’re from Canada, whereabouts?

    • nicole

      @Jessica – Toronto :)

  • Amanda G

    Things are getting serious…the new guy has taken Jordy’s place as Christina’s official purse carrier.


    Ugly/ratty extensions? Check. Awful red lipstick? Check.

    • nicole

      i’ll never understand the hair. it was looking decent at the GG’s, i thought she finally stepping it up, but i guess not lol.
      i wish she would chop it short again, that looked good on her

  • She’s not fat, but she has gained weight recently. Perhaps stress? Depression? Even though I’m a Britney fan, I feel for Christina, I want her to be successful. I hate to see her looking so… blah. :/