Vanessa Hudgens Is The New Face Of Candie’s


In March of 2009, we learned that living legend Britney Spears was named the new global spokesmodel for Candie’s clothing and for the next 2 years, we got to see a whole slew of promo materials of our dear Britney for Candie’s. Today we learn that Brit Brit has passed on the mantle of spokesmodelship to a new Candie’s girl. Vanessa Hudgens has just been unveiled as the NEW face of Candie’s clothing, which is available for sale exclusively at Kohl’s.

Photographer Tony Duran shot this new Candie’s campaign featuring Vanessa Hudgens at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, CA and the promo images will debut in March in various women’s magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Here are a few outtake photos from the shoot:

Britney posted a message on her official Twitter profile congratulating and welcoming Vanessa as the new Candie’s girl:

So fun being a Candie’s Girl! Look out for the @Candiesbrand pics of their new girl, Vanessa Hudgens! – Brit

You may remember that just last week we learned that Britney has teamed up with BCBG to create a line of clothing for Sears that will be called Spears for Sears. Now that Britney is no longer working with Candie’s, it appears her collaboration with Sears can move forward. But I digress … let’s get back to Vanessa. Here is video from Vanessa’s Candie’s photoshoot, which looks like she was having a whole lotta fun:

Vanessa is the PERFECT girl to take over spokesmodel duties for Candie’s, I think the company chose very well. What do y’all think? Will Vanessa Hudgens make a good Candie’s girl? Are YOU more likely to shop at Kohl’s for Candie’s now that Baby V is the new face?


  • cmc

    I wouldn’t have shopped there regardless of who their spokesmodel is (I’m a grown woman…), but I think Vanessa is PERFECT! She’s young, fresh, and fun, and totally seems perfect for the brand. Good choice, IMO!

  • Claire

    Great choice. She’s no Britney… But then again, who is? >:) I think Baby V will do Candie’s proud.

  • laurennc

    Ugh I hope that Britney isn’t going to have a new line at Sears of all places. Spears for Sears just sounds tacky and cheap. Back to Vanessa though, I think that she’s a great fit for Candies. She’s more relatable to their demographic and I hope she does well.

  • nicole

    shes a great fit, im actually surprised they didnt think of it sooner (you know around HSM times)

  • JRad

    Her foot looks kind of odd in that first picture…

  • Dezden

    Remember old Candie’s ads? Those were fun(ny).

  • maira

    she looks perfect to represent the brand! she definitely has a younger, fresher, more relatable vibe than fergie or britney (who are both fab too).