First Look: The NEW ThunderCats


Back in June we learned that Warner Bros. was planning to make a whole new animated series based on the classic 80s cartoon ThunderCats. Last summer, we got our first look at the concept art for the new show … today, we get our first official look at how the characters will look in this new series. I’d be lying if, based on this first look, I didn’t say that I am starting to get worried about this new show.

A reboot of “ThunderCats,” the popular 1980s animated series that depicts cat-like humanoid aliens battling evil, is set to premiere later this year on the Cartoon Network and the first promotional image for the new show was recently released. The new show is a product of Warner Bros. and Japanese animation Studio4°C, which produced “The Animatrix,” and “Halo Legends.” Cartoon Network writer Todd Casey posted an image from the new “ThunderCats” on his Twitter page, adding: “ThunderCats (officially) Ho!!,” a reference to ThunderCats leader Lion-O’s battle call. Pictured are Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, and Panthro. Among those missing from the photo are younger ThunderCats and twins WilyKit and WilyKat, as well as the team’s pet, Snarf. “Rest assured, he’ll be in the show!” Casey said. “We’ll try and make sure he’s in the next batch of artwork released.”

HMMMMMM. Here is another photo that features this new batch of ThunderCats:

So …. what do you think? My initial reaction is … I don’t like the look of the new characters. I much prefer the way the characters look in the original series:

But, that’s not to say that I won’t A.) still watch the show and B.) grow to like the characters. The original characters are so dear to me that any changes would not be welcome … but I’ll wait to see the show to make a final determination. These new ThunderCats look far too manga for me … they also look much younger than they should (er, you know, for humanoid cat people). My heart isn’t in love with these ThunderCats just yet … but maybe that will change.

What do YOU think?

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  • I think they look cool.

    • Blaine & Antoine

      Hated it!

  • Ama

    The styles have definitely switched, while the older style was more ‘comic book’ the new style is leaning more towards ‘anime’. I’d be more worried about the voice actors they chose than the art style(because I think these characters look good in both past and present style).

    I think the voice acting can definitely aid or destroy an animated show. I’ve seen some shows where they voices they had for the character(s) were just terrible and completely ruined it.

  • jade

    LOL in the 80’s everything was big and beefy! arnold schwarzanegger sized. now everything is lean and slender jason statham sized.

    i don’t like how in the newer pics cheetara looks so timid and meek. old school cheetara kicked some major butt!…
    oh well we’ll see this is our childhood they’re playing with.

    • @jade — “in the 80′s everything was big and beefy! arnold schwarzanegger sized. now everything is lean and slender jason statham sized.” you make an excellent point. mebbe we should just adapt with the times.

    • jade

      Trent -sigh- i don’t know mebbe we should….. these day’s i’d take statham over arnold but the old school TC look like they could take on some major evil! the new ones look like they’d get knocked around pretty bad before they emerge victorious.

      sometimes i wish they’d just make new cartoons for kids and leave us with our cherished memories but it’s good that a new generation gets to enjoy the same things as their parents. i guess this is kind of the new baseball card, something they can enjoy together, u know.

  • Raul

    i Hathe them too. They look like teen thundercats… As a gay guy i prefer my Macho 24-30ish look they had. I think Cheetara is the one that changed the most. She used to be a hardcore lesbo, now she is an Emo cute girl. I dont know… PanthrO looks huge and I hate his hair. I used to imagine if they ever did the film that Panthro should be played by a huge bold black guy… but now he looks like the big guy frm fantastic four…maybe the new generation will him…but Ill stay with the old Thundercats/melrose place horny drama.

    • ausettofegypt

      LMAO.. I was thinking the same thing about Panthro.

  • babybunny

    DragonBall Z ish. :(

  • Michael

    Honestly, I think it looks like bad fan art. Blech. Not excited at all.

  • JJ

    While I understand the overall concern…it’s not bad for a new adaptation. It def is heavily anime-influenced. Love Thundercats regardless, can’t wait!

  • ausettofegypt

    What happened to Cheetara’s clothes? Where did they go? I just don’t get it, ok update the cartoon but keep the clothes on. So much stuff for girls are Hoochie now days.

  • Melanie

    Why can’t they leave well enough alone!! Old School TC was badass in every way, don’t even get me started on the theme song. next thing you know they’re gonna make a new Galaxy Rangers or something.

  • Cat

    The new Thundercats suck. Why can’t people just come up with new ideas and quit rehashing old ones and ruining my childhood? (Smurf movie, I’m looking at you).

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SORRY BUT I DON”T LIKE THEM!!! Nothing can every recreate the magic and visual awesomeness of the 80’s! I hate remakes and as of now I am not liking this one. This was one of my favorite tv shows back in the day. I am worried!

  • joe

    needs more pumayra

  • Lucille

    NOOOOOO!!! WTF???!!!!!!!! I DON´T LIKE THEM!!! The new Thundercats sucks in every way!!!!!! And Panthro…!! OMG!!!! I´m going to cry!!!!!

  • KatzeOttawa

    feel the magic, feel the snore…these thundercats look way too anime. Lion-o looks like a kitty version of Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.