Orlando Bloom Takes His Newborn Son To The Park


Last week we got our first look at Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s newborn baby son Flynn in a photo released to the world in Miranda’s official skincare line website (not to mention a look at new daddy Orlando toasting the birth of his son at a local bar). Today we get another look at little Flynn, this time with his daddy, on his first visit to the park here in SoCal.

ZOMG! How CUTE are these photos? Not for nothing, that first photo of Flynn nursing from his mother’s breast was really freakin’ cute … but these photos are just … adorable in a whole new way. Look at those little footsies! He’s so tiny … and pink. This father and son combo is just killin’ me.

Damn, now I want a baby.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Duckie

    Awwww :) SO adorable!

  • Jennifer

    Omg. My ovaries hurt. I never wanted kids until I saw Orlando hugging that little baby…damn. That is quite a precious sight.

  • rOXy

    So so tiny…..and precious.

  • grace

    gahh what IS it about men and babies that just makes it so unbearably adorable?!

  • Monica

    These are the cutest pics…..<3

  • Gill

    My pregnant hormones can’t take the cuteness!!! SO cute Flynn is gonna be a heart breaker like his papa!

  • Amanda

    First thought: Who takes a newborn to the park? Second thought: OMG, so adorable.

  • Elkay

    Awww, breakin’ my heart :)

  • Anna

    OMG I LOVE how Orlando is holding him. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee, it reallyyyy hurts! awwwww and the pic where he’s kissing him is just out of this world!!!! oh lucky lucky Miranda!!!!! and also Lucky lucky Flynn to have someone this hot and cute hugging him so tight! :)

  • Diane

    Cute baby. I would do everything to protect such a cute thing.

  • Janelyn

    They look so adorable together! Love it!

  • i can not wait until the “family pics”…

    these are so beautiful. it’s obvious he cares for that tiny little life he holds in his arms. he’s BEAMING…. so precious.

  • siena x

    achhhh my ovaries….