Keanu Reeves Reveals That New ‘Matrix’ Sequel Films Are On The Way [UPDATE]


Brace yourselves, folks … according to new comments made by Kenau Reeves, plans are in the works to bring a 4th and 5th Matrix film to the big screen … in 3D! As you may recall, in recent months, we learned that Keanu was teaming back up with his former co-star Alex Winter to make a new sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and NOW we learn that he is also in talks to star in a new Matrix film. Should we be worried?

Keanu Reeves, in a guest of honor speech at the London School of Performing Arts University, has finally clarified that there are indeed plans for more Matrix films. It should come as no surprise that there are plans for a fourth and fifth Matrix movie. Besides the fact that combined with merchandising and home media sales the movies are money-makers, the development of the 3D filming tech adopted by James Cameron and the recent release of Tron: Legacy (sequel to a movie that was one of many influences on The Matrix) make it a prime time for the Wachowski Brothers to reignite their Matrix saga. In short, it’s good timing. Keanu Reeves confirmed the development during a Q&A session in London when he stated that the Wachowski Brothers have finished work on a two-film script treatment for The Matrix sequels. AICN posted the details of Keanu’s speech, in which they went on to say:

Says the brothers have met with Jim Cameron to discuss the pros and cons of 3D and are looking to deliver something which has never been seen again. Keanu stated that he still has an obligation to the fans to deliver a movie worthy of the title “The Matrix” and he swears this time that the treatment will truly revolutionize the action genre like the first movie.

The news and confirmation that new Matrix movies are in development is going to fuel a lot of mixed reactions from fans. For every fan that loves all three current films, there’s another who hates the sequels. It’s going to be interesting seeing the reactions as more news develops on the Matrix series.

Grrr. I’m worried y’all. The Matrix sequels that we already got weren’t that great … and now they’re planning a couple more? I’ll admit that the notion of a new Matrix film in 3D is intriguing but … the last Matrix film left such a bad taste in my mouth, I still pretend it doesn’t exist. What do y’all think … is this good news or the Worst. News. Ever?

UPDATE: OK, so now it is being reported that Keanu did NOT make these comments about Matrix 4 and 5 … but the “Wachowskis told him over holidays that they finished script treatments for Matrix 4 and 5 which would bring Neo back.” So, I guess even tho the news comes not directly from Keanu, that plans are still in the works for the sequels.


  • nicole

    im not big on 3D movies, but i think The Matrix series fits perfectly for it

    • james turner

      i think the matrix movies were the best movies m,if you dont think they were there must be something wrong with that person and 3d i love it so bring it on i love matrix and hope to se any new ones made

  • Chase

    I’ve never seen any of the Matrix films. Not really my thang.

    • @Chase — You really should see the first one, and NONE of the rest.

    • Torrie

      yes. exactly.

    • Trevor

      Couldn’t agree more

    • .

      Uh.. so why even comment. ..

    • SolidSnake

      Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions are actually 3 parts of ONE big movie as they cover pieces of ONE big story.. they should not be compared to each other.. oh and let’s not forget the animatrix and the matrix games that fill in some potential gaps.. My best suggestion would be to make a prequel probably of an earlier version of the matrix. (so far we’ve only seen the 6th version of the matrix) It would be very risky to try to continue the story after humans and machines finally made peace.. Just my opinion..

  • Elkay

    Um…Neo and everyone else died.

    • @Elkay — No one is ever dead in The Matrix.

    • Maddie

      YES. So how can Keanu be in the next movies??
      AND LOL, Trent, bc I pretend the last movie doesn’t exist either.

    • Ricky

      Im soo sick of ppl hating on the sequels! Everything about the MATRIX and i mean EVERYTHING is fu#$ing kewl! Its funny how everyone likes the 1st one, but in reality, the 2nd was better. Yea the 1st one you learn about the Matrix and Neo and his power, but the 2nd really shows him come into his power and take hold of his destiny. I personally didnt like the 3rd that much mainly due to Neo dying, but hey they wrote the ending NOT ME!

    • jono

      @Ricky, neo didnt die, they just showed being taken away (probably for medical treatment or something because of his fight with agent smith), everyone that agent smith copy himself into turned back to who they were, proof was seeing the oracle and the girl at the very end

  • jamie-o

    more keanu is good keanu. yum. :-)

  • billyc

    It’s sci-fi ……andybody can come back……sorta like the bible.

    • ItsAlwaysSomething

      But it ends up feeling more like a soap-opera.

    • .

      the bible is tru

    • Atheism

      LOL. Good one!

  • blaqfury

    i don’t think this is necessary… hollywood can’t leave well enough alone…

  • ray p.

    why does everyone hate on both sequels? only the third film sucked hard. the second wasn’t as good as the first, but it was still pretty good.

    also, the author went full re-re with the comment “It should come as no surprise that there are plans for a fourth and fifth Matrix movie.” it’s a pretty big surprise actually. i wasn’t expecting 2 sequels to the matrix TRILOGY.

    • Casey

      Everyone hates on the sequels because of crowd thinking some others call it peer pressure basically a friend that leads a group of friends decides he doesn’t like it that sparks in the groups head that the movie wasn’t good people watch it to make their own decision with the seed of it not being cool already in their head and 99% of the time agree with their cool friend and once enough people do this the whole population does it. Recent examples of this are Rebecca Black and Justine Beiber. People may argue with me about this but most of them know they based their choice off a friends.

  • Butterboy_breaker

    I personally don’t get why people dislike the second and third Matrix films. They were entirely relevant to Neo’s story and that is what matters (in my opinion). I think sequels (or *fingers crossed* prequels) are a great idea, as they may be able to illuminate further upon the world the Wachowski brothers have made.

    • .

      Agreed. They were risky and daring in expanding the mythos, and they did it with style and great action, in addition to deepening the philosophy. Kept that balance. People who hate on the sequels just want to sound cool, they are 99% of the time people with low self-esteems who use arrogance to try and hide it.

  • rossy

    The 1st “Matrix” was great because it was different to what I’d seen before & those watching reacted accordingly. Kind of reminded me of when I saw the original “Tron”. When the sequels came out I knew what to expect & rented them – saving myself some money vs. seeing them in a theater.

    Sequels/prequels do work… sometimes. It depends on certain factors, of coarse – script, direction, actors, etc. & whether there’s enough of a fan-base to sustain them. Apparently, the new “Matrix” will feature “NEW” innovations not seen in the previous ones. Most people will go just to see what’s different then the ones from before.

  • Zodiakos


    So, here’s the thing. The first matrix movie was all about rebellion against the powers that be, about NOT believing in everything your eyes see (because it isn’t real, it’s just the matrix). It was about rejecting faith, in a sense. All of these characters continually tell Neo he’s ‘the one’, but he doesn’t believe it despite their faith, and ultimately finds that having faith in his abilities is pointless because he manifests them anyways out of desperation for another. In the end, his skills are all that matters.

    In the sequels, that whole idea is turned on it’s head, and now various characters are rattling on and on about Neo being ‘the one’, and that he just has to have faith. Even Trinity gets in on it. Then, Neo starts performing miracles, such as saving Trinity, using ‘force’ powers outside of the matrix, and other such nonsense. There’s even a subplot where Jes- I mean, Neo, is half-dead and stuck between his world and the matrix, but is finally brought back to life. It all culminates in a terrible ending sequence that has Neo sacrificing his life on a cross-like apparatus with a giant creature named Deus Ex Machina (no joke, look in the credits) hovering over him. Then several characters expound on the sacrifices that Neo made for all of them.

    Basically, the first movie was about skepticism of the world around you and rejection of ideas with only faith to back them up. The sequels were some kind of weird Jesus in machineland story. Lots of fans like one or the other set, but rarely do most people like both. And now you know why.

    • Ricky

      Rock on bro!! Thats REAL fu@#ing TALK right there!

    • Casey

      The first one was never about rejecting faith it was about accepting it, the idea that ‘Maybe there’s more to this world then what I see’ That’s faith, believing in what you CAN’T see so it was about accepting not rejecting. Everyone in the matrix is considered those who are faithless because they don’t know that there is a real world the real world is the unseen like same as heaven to us, the unseen world. When he starts doing all that “nonsense” in the real world its because that idea carried with him outside of the matrix, that maybe there’s more beyond what he can see and maybe he can reach out and touch that unseen ‘object’ hence being able to use his powers. I’m Agnostic so I do not think that we can ever get proof of deities therefor I do not believe, but I do know that the story did not flip flop and it was about religion the entire time. 1. Accepting faith 2. Becoming a Prophet 3. Dying for the sake of mankind(Jesus)

  • ItsAlwaysSomething

    Noooooooo!!! Whyyyyyy!?!?!! There’s no milk left in that teet! The 2nd and 3rd ones were terrible!!
    Don’t they realize when 3D movies suck all your left with 3 less dollars and a headache?! Why are they going to keep putting us through this!??! Are they that greedy!?!?!?

  • Ron

    The first Matrix movie was awesome because it was the original and it was way ahead of its time. Its also a movie that stands on its own.

    The second Matrix movie was a good flick too, but it left you with wanting more. It is a bridge movie that connects the first movie and the third.

    The 3rd movie was as awesome as the 1st, but it was pretty close. Especially if you a Christian. Did you notice how it was a futuristic retelling of the crucifixion of Christ? If you didn’t, go watch it again. Some of the lines are pulled right out of the bible and Neo was the sacrificial lamb (Savior).

    Great action. Great plots. Great Special effect. Great movies!

  • Matrix was the best movie i ever seen in my life. I am addicted to that tech.

  • Blade

    I agree that the first movie set a trend for action films, and yes the second did compliment the first considering the special effects were better and we got to see a more mature, powerful Neo. The 3rd movie did and does leave room for more. Why? Simple, we as the human race still remain enslaved by our own creation. The possibilities as to where they could take this are endless. If the writers get back to the base story (AI takes over)and its development the Matrix can still be a story worthy of a revisit, and then some.

  • The new film should explore how the machines dominated the world and how humans built Zion.

  • Casey

    Well honestly I liked the last two movies as much as the first 1 and that taste you talk about is probably the fact that it was such an open ending for the last matrix that’s the taste I have, I am not religious but I don’t mind a story based on religion. I would definitely like to see the story continued and ended properly.

  • nicky mcdonald

    Keanu Reeves more Matrix yes please bring it on. :o)

    • andrew

      the films where great i still watch them now but they should let it be as how can the bring him bk from the dead as it is said if u die while in the matrix u die for real as i said the three films where great. I will go and watch the other two when or if they do them as they would look great in 3d

  • anyway, i think it’s going to be a flop. not many people know or understand the matrix trilogy’s cryptic messages. the only thing they can do(the writers) is explore the “real” as still being in the matrix, and smith being the virus to kill the matrix dead. only, where are the actual real humans? is everyone a program, is it a simulation, and what do humans really look like??? is what i’d like to find out. the matrix has you aaaaaaaaaallllll!!!!

  • Eric311

    Okay so here’s the thing guys, and i’ll spell it out as clearly and easy to read as i can(user friendly when i can be). ~Potential Spoiler Alert~ Let’s review the facts: Neo lives. Before the end of the last film, there were many comment(during said film) saying that Neo was freeing people who were potentially “The One” as well. Also, I forget the numbers, but the odds of there being a “One” are far higher than there only being one “One” out of 6 billion.. Also, the children actors/actresses are older now(hint hint), so this means they might have future roles as well. So picture it then, a handful of teenaged potential “The Ones” using their half-powers to rescue Neo somehow (either in Matrix or out) after the Matrix is filled with Agents who move more closely to how Neo did against Agent Smith (aka Flight). You guys can solve the rest alone since my unpublished wannabe writer self did most of the work for you. Also, if you hate the Matrix so badly, then make a 3d “parody” of what i’ve mentioned, and publish it online, forcing the brothers in charge(and Hollywood) to do a better job(like with sonic the hedgehog?). Not to be mean, but I’m a Matrix lover myself, so I’ve been anticipating this for some time. As if it wasn’t easy enough. Have a great day, and you’re welcome for figuring it all out for you XD