Jake Gyllenhaal Hides His Newly Clean-Shaven Face


When last we saw Jake Gyllenhaal here on the blog he was sneaking back to LA after he reportedly flew to Nashville, TN to see his ex-girlfriend or whatever Taylor Swift last week. Today, we get to see new photos of Jake … who apparently decided to shave off all of his facial hair, not that he wants YOU to see his newly clean-shaven face.

HMMM … I wonder why Jakey was being so secretive. It’s not like we haven’t seen him sans beard before … I wonder what gives? Do you think he was horribly embarrassed by the fact that word got out that he went back to visit Taylor Swift AGAIN after he reportedly dumped her over the phone last month? It’s alright Jake, we’re all human. To be honest, I like Jake with a beard, without a beard … with his clothes on, without his clothes on (OK, I really like him without his clothes on) so I’ll take him in any way, shape or form. Don’t hide your face, Jake … it’s so not fair to the rest of us.

[Photo credit: X17]


    I hate it when people put their hands/things over their face to draw away attention from the area they’re hiding when it does the complete opposite! Like, Saturday, for example, I went to a mustache party and my friend (who was a girl) got eyeliner and drew a mustache on her face, but when we went to Starbucks she hid her hand over her face and these hippies came out of this restaraunt next door saying, “I fucking love your mustache! Don’t shave that shit, be proud. We saw you try to hide it…so yeah” and they never would have said anything if she didn’t try to be so obvious about it, just like Jake.

    • Jennifer

      LOL! I agree. That is so funny, the hippies thought it was real?!

  • Billie

    Isn’t it possible that he stepped out and he had several dozen paps pointing the cameras at him and clicking away!?! Wouldn’t you advert your eyes!?! Being followed on a daily basis must get trying. Isn’t he allowed an off day where he does not feel like cooperating with the paps and their constant presence?

  • Elmira

    I agree with Billie. I always love to see pictures of Jake because he is really hot. But I have also seen videos of Jake walking down a street, or going into the garage to get his car, and there’s way too many photographers jumping all around and in his face all shouting and talking and asking stupid questions.

    Its really disgusting to think someone has to go thru that so much! We don’t know how many there were clicking and shouting at him in these pictures, but I know I couldn’t live like that! He is way nicer than I would be to put up with it. I like the pictures where he doesn’t know, and they are far away, and not ganging up on him, getting in his space and shouting. These pictures are almost painful to look at. Sad.