Aaron Carter Checks In To Rehab


Oh, Aaronagain? Aaron Carter, the younger former pop-star brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, checked himself in to rehab this month in order to deal with his ongoing addiction problems. As you may recall, Carter announced his engagement to his girlfriend Maile Hochuli last April and then in May went on the record about Lindsay Lohan’s problems with the law (he was all for her harsh punishment). Today, the focus is back on Aaron … and his new stint in rehab.

Singer Aaron Carter has entered a rehab center to treat addiction issues, a source tells E! exclusively. The 23-year-old former Dancing With the Stars contestant checked into a private Southern California facility earlier this month, says the source. The source reveals that Carter’s choice to go to rehab was his move to “finally get help” and not a court-mandated decision. “He was struggling recently and needed this,” adds a source. Once a teen star (and reported romantically linked to both Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff), Carter has most recently been in Orlando working on his new album. But friends and family are said to have urged that he stop working and fly to LA to seek treatment … Carter hasn’t let his reported rehab stint stifle his tweeting habits, posting positive and inspirational messages on Twitter over the past couple weeks, including “I had a great day with my brother @NickCarter he always comes to bat for me when others believe someone else over me!” and “Life Has Its up’s & Downs, You Can Only Live & Learn. Never Lose Faith!! & Always Believe In Yourself! As I Am learning To Do Every day.” The last time Carter was in the news was December 24, when rumor of his overdose took over Twitter. Johnny Wright, Carter’s manager, shot down the claim, telling E!, “Aaron Carter is alive and well at my compound in Orlando…” A rep for Carter could not be reached for comment.

Ugh … this poor kid is such a mess :( Poor thing. Once upon a time Aaron Carter had the world in the palm of hands, a la Justin Bieber, but temptation and addiction clearly got their firm claws dug way into him and he’s been living a messy, somewhat failed life ever since. I am not sure if he actually went thru with his proposed marriage to Maile Hochuli which is prolly a good thing. Clearly the poor guy needs to get his own life in order before he commits himself to being married to anyone.

Let’s wish Aaron Carter the best of luck … it sounds like he’s gonna need it.


  • Claire

    “Aaron, oh Aaron. What are we going to do with you?”

    • Kelly

      Good to know I’m not the only one who was going to say that! Aaron’s party, anyone? Anyone?

  • Loriannakim

    This is rather sad : ( wish him all the best

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This is sad but hopefully he cleans himself up. I bet Hiliary is just looks back at that time in her past and shakes her head. Good luck…

    • jj

      haha yes I thought the same about Hil. I think she is one of a huge number of people who are like huh I dated/once liked him?

      Hope he gets well and takes it serious and forgets about the career.

  • Kyleigh

    Nevermind going to L.A. for treatment! These spoiled celebs need to be shipped off to the middle of the wilderness and kept there until they are well!

  • kellyr2006

    Kettle meet pot… Way to call out Lindsey and now you have a problem.

    • jj

      well..I really think he wasn’t being hypocritical. pretty sure his drug probs have been well documented.

  • nicole

    mark my words….this will be JB in the future.

  • Ally

    poor thing… if nick can get his life together, so can aaron…

    *sigh* i LOVE nick…

  • gia

    nick doesnt have his life together he needs rehad just like aaron. lol

  • this is good for him to have a rehabilitation program.

  • Shan

    Yeah Nick def. wasn’t the best example for Aaron… I live in Tampa and oh the stories I can tell from some of his drunken bar experiences here in the past. The whole family is mess. Sad, really.

  • Cardinale

    I’m pretty sure Maile broke it off with him a few months back. I’ve periodically followed him on twitter, and seem to recall seeing something like that. Also, she has a facebook profile, and her pic is of her kissing some dude that is NOT Aaron.

    It’s obvious by his tweets months ago he had serious emotional issues. His publicist and manager dropped him in March or April last year. He has Johnny Wright for a mgr now, but for awhile he had nobody, they all quit on him. I hope this kid gets the help he needs, but being a child star, and part of Lou Pearlman’s boys, he may be too far gone already. Very sad.