Paris Hilton Spotted Inside A Police Car


Yes, Paris Hilton was snapped inside a police car this week but no, the trouble-prone socialite was not getting busted for another crime. Paris was filming a public service announcement for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as part of the terms of her punishment for her cocaine possession conviction last Fall.

You may recall that back in November we saw photos of Paris doing a bit of community service clean-up as part of her punishment so this PSA thing is just the latest requirement of her sentence. BUT, while Paris is paying back her debt to society with community service and PSA film-making, her boyfriend Cy Waits (who was also busted on drug possession charges) will be going to court this week to answer for his crimes. He faces actual jailtime so, yeah, he’s pretty bummin’. It remains to be seen if Cy will be sent to jail as punishment or if he’ll get off with community service as well. Mebbe Paris can put in a good word for the guy with his judge?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Debho

    So, as punishment Paris goes in front of the camera? Just who is getting punished here…her or the public? lol

    • Jill

      No kidding. Do they really think that people will take this psa seriously.

    • ella

      hahaha well said.

  • Jenny

    Punish her with publicity. Good idea, LA Sheriff’s Department. This isn’t at all a mockery of justice captured on film.

    ugh. disgusting.

  • Christy

    What a joke I would rather see her in a orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the highway.

  • Omg, what a nice punishment. Driving around in a police car, serving your time and being happy. How often does this come a long? Oh wait, we are talking about Paris Hilton, so I guess frequently.

  • Panti Christ

    Look – Jimmy Fallon is driving! LOL