A couple of weeks ago, Camille Grammer dished on what it was like for her to meet soon-to-be ex-husband Kelsey Grammer‘s new fiancee Kayte Walsh (as she handed over her children to them) and today we get to hear from Kayte about the meeting. Additionally, Kelsey chimes in to reveal the he and Kayte plan to make a wedding announcement in just a few weeks. These two really, really want to be married … like, yesterday.

“She was very pleasant,” Walsh, 29, told PEOPLE following a Cinema Society screening of No Strings Attached. “It was all very pleasant … Everything is good.” At the DKNY Jeans-sponsored bash at New York’s Soho Grand with his fiancée, Kelsey Grammer played coy about their upcoming nuptials, but did tell PEOPLE, “Whatever plans are being made are being made quietly.” But the cat will be out of the bag soon, he said. “People will know in time,” Grammer, 55, said. “We’ll make a little announcement in a few weeks.” How is Grammer feeling these days? “I’ve never been happier in my life,” he says. Added Walsh: “[I'm] extremely happy.”

LOL! These two make me laugh. It really seems like Kelsey is going thru some crazy mid-life crisis considering how desperate he is to be married to this 29 year old. Kayte, for her part, is prolly just really excited to be marrying … so well. Lord. TMZ updates further by reporting that if the ruling judge overseeing Kelsey and Camille‘s divorce sides with him, then the wedding will take place at the end of February:

Kelsey Grammer will marry his fiancée sometime during the last two weeks in February … if the judge in his divorce case ends his marriage to Camille Grammer on Wednesday … TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Kelsey will not tie the knot before Valentine’s Day, because he’s doing his play, “La Cage Aux Folles,” until February 13. We’re told Kelsey wants a few days to chill after his play ends, but he will marry Kayte Walsh before the end of February. Of course, Kelsey’s plan is predicated on the judge in his divorce case granting the decree next Wednesday. As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce now, leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Camille is objecting to giving Kelsey a divorce before the assets are divided.

Camille still ain’t on board with this quickie divorce because she wants to make sure that he is WELL compensated in the divorce settlement. Clearly, Kelsey wants to be married as quickly as possible … which will **surely** make for a long and lasting marriage, don’t you think?

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