Zac Efron Is Hungry, Runs Out For Food


Earlier this month we got to see photos of the beefy-lookin’ Zac Efron showing off his new buzzed hair’do here in SoCal … which goes along nicely with his newly bulked up body. In addition to regular trips to the gym, Zac is required to eat well in order to keep lookin’ so well. Yesterday afternoon, Zac was spotted on on a food run to pick up some prepared meals from Zen Foods and, wouldn’t ya know it … homeboy looked damn good in the process.

You know, the more I see this manly-lookin’ Zac, the more I like what I see. Not only is his shorter new ‘do doing him a world of good but so is his bulked up physique. I knew some day Zac Efron would grow up and start looking like a man … I’m just glad that day has finally come. You eat your healthy meals, Zac … and keep on workin’ out at the gym. Also, please keep your hair shorter for a while longer … it’s a look that suits you … and a look that I greatly appreciate ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • nicole

    i LOVE this short hair, it deffo seperates him from his HSM days, and makes him look more manly and older then 16

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love the short hair too! God, he is one HAWT piece of ass!

  • Chase

    I LOVE his hair.

  • Paul From Toronto

    OMG i drool when I see him.. See.. I just had to wipe my desk.. Damn!

  • GTN

    He look like Jensen Ackles whit this haircut

  • Paulia

    @GTN – He kinda does.. Who is also very dreamy!

  • hefferz

    I think he looks like a big block head with that much weight. I liked his physique a little bit more Charlie St. Cloud, some beef but still more like his natural body type. Also, when I read this book Zac Efron never screamed lead.

  • SBChick


  • Kristín

    wow i absolutely love this manly Zac! gosh he is hot

  • I think he looks better with long hair.

  • lilly

    his lookin better, never thought he was cute as a teen, always seemed so douchy lol