Watch: Ryan Gosling Plays The Ukulele On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Ryan Gosling was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and he was cajoled (not really) by Kimmel to perform the song You Always Hurt the One You Love on the ukulele on national television. As some of you may be well aware, Gosling performs You Always Hurt the One You Love in his new film Blue Valentine so his performance last night was a great way to promote the film.

Is it just me or is it PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with Ryan Gosling every single time he does something like this … well, every time he does anything, actually. This is a great performance by a great performer. Ain’t he just the cutest ever?


  • jam

    *le sigh* love him. that’s all.

  • Grace

    I think I just fell in love with him all over again!!!

  • kali

    Watching “Blue Valentine ” as we speak. Love my fellow (former) Vancouverite!

  • krissy

    Loved him before, but Blue Valentine made it so much more intense! Ha! What a cutie.

  • apriljan

    breaker high was what reeled me in. i’ve loved him since

    • hapacalgirl

      OMG , I haven’t heard someone mention Breaker high in YEARS. Thats what introduced me to the awesomeness that is Ryan Gosling.

    • nicole

      i just watched BH the other night! to this day i still love that show lol

  • Henry


  • Charlotte

    Sweet Sassy-Mollassy

  • BCDanielle

    He is ridiculously good-looking.

  • Tricia

    Seriously?!? Could he be any cuter? I just want to eat him up (does that sound border-line stalker?) – how are we supposed to be satisfied with mere mortal men after that display of uber-hawtness?!?! Want, WANT, WANT!!!

    • Anna

      haha that was awesome!!! totally agree with you! :) can we like share him? lol ;)

  • Janaegal

    I have the most perfect boyfriend, he’s scary how perfect he is. All my friends and family agree.

    but i would drop him in a MINUTE if Ryan Gosling even LOOKED at me.

    For. Reals. Though.

  • Lisa

    Ohhh, sigh, how I love him. I am going to go watch The Notebook again!

  • livia123

    i love him so muchhh
    he is the hottest man alive
    i watched the notebook a million times
    i love himmm

  • apriljan

    @nicole… what channel does breaker high go on? this is exciting news!