A Close-Up Look At The New Spider-Man Reboot Costume


Earlier this week we got to see some photos from the SoCal set of the new Spider-Man reboot film and we got to see the new version of Spider-Man in action. Today we get to take a closer look at the new costume and speculate what changes are in store for the new webslinger. It appears that the new Spider-Man costume is outfit with mechanical webslingers on his wrists. Does this mean he will not be able to shoot webs directly from his wrists?

All this week we’ve seen photos and footage from the Los Angeles set of Sony’s upcoming reboot of the “Spider-Man” movie franchise. And while it’s always fun to analyze blurry, occasionally confusing shots of the film and its web-slinging hero in action, it’s even better when we get a nice, clean shot of the ol’ wall-crawler to scrutinize … Yes, that’s a brand new photo of Spider-Man in action while filming a scene in Marc Webb’s upcoming reboot — and there are at least two very interesting elements of the image that caught my eye right away.

THE MASK The first image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man gave us a great look at the new costume our friendly neighborhood webslinger will sport in the relaunched film franchise, but it was missing one big item: the mask. While this new photo from the set of the film looks like it features the version of the costume used for stunts — likely to differ from the up-close, camera-friendly costume design — it does give us some indication of what to expect from Spidey’s mask. Everyone wondering about the size and shape of Spider-Man’s eyes on the costume might find at least some answer in the new photo — though fans of Todd McFarlane’s iconic large-eyed mask will likely be disappointed. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the red eyes, I’m pretty sure that’s just part of the stunt costume, not the final look (the same might be said of the “sneakers,” too — though we’ll have to wait for more official imagery to be sure).

THE WEB-SHOOTERS One of the biggest questions that popped up after we saw the first photo of the new Spider-Man costume involves the presence of those metal discs on Spidey’s wrists. Are they a modern take on the mechanical web-shooters Spider-Man began his career with, or just a contraption that facilitates organic web-slinging? Garfield’s co-star Emma Stone (who plays Gwen Stacy) only added fuel to the fires of speculation when she confirmed that they were “a device” to shoot webbing. In this new photo, we get an even closer look at the discs, and from a slightly different angle than we’ve seen in previous photos. I’m still not sure what conclusions to draw from this element of the photo.

You will also note that the blue and red of this reboot costume is a bit different from the colors that Tobey Maguire wore in his series of Spider-Man films. I’m not sure what to make of the mechanical webslingers just yet but I do love the new color scheme. It really looks like Marc Webb wants to make sure that his version of Spider-Man is different enough from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man of the early 2000s to set itself apart. It is way too early to tell if these changes will be welcomed or maligned but I’m keeping an open mind … for now. Are you?



    I don’t like the red eyes and I don’t like how blue is overpowering the red when there should a more equal balance of both colors.

  • InFamouslyCool

    the first photo of Garfield was pretty cool, this.. kind of funny looking. not feeling it.

  • Tracy

    LOL!!! Is it me or does he have a big head?

  • Here’s hoping that this is an early incarnation of the costume, like maybe his wrestling gear. Since he’s chasing a truck in the previous footage, maybe he’s running after Uncle Ben’s killer?

  • Amy*

    I can’t get over the fact that it looks like he is wearing women’s shoes.*