First Look: A Costume Sketch For Britney Spears’s New Music Video


Womens Wear Daily has released a sketch of a costume design created by Indian fashion designers Shane and Falguni Peacock that will be worn by living legend Britney Spears in her upcoming new music video for her #1 single Hold It Against Me. Altho it is very likely that Britney will be wearing many different looks in the vid, this sketch is our first look at what her music video will look like.

Mumbai-based designers Shane and Falguni Peacock have designed one of Britney Spears’ looks for her upcoming music video. The Mumbai-based designers claim the entire dialogue and design process for the video for Britney Spears’ new single ‘Hold It Against Me’ took less than two weeks. They said the video will be shot later this month in Los Angeles. “After her stylist contacted us we sent in the designs from which they short listed a few. The dresses were flowing and dreamy,” said Shane Peacock, adding that the chosen dress in red and pink features a long train, strong shoulders and plenty of embellishment. It’s possible that other looks from the designers could also be part of the video.

First, I LOVE this look! The color is really cool and I know that our dear Britney will rock this outfit right. It stands to reason that Shane and Falguni Peacock may have designed other looks for the video but it’s not really clear if the video itself will necessarily have an Indian look and feel to it. It’s very clear to me that Britney’s creative team are really working hard to give us something that will be new, fresh and exciting. I can’t WAIT!! I hope we get to see more little tidbits from Britney’s HIAM video :D


  • laurennc

    It looks like Britney is bringing back the fierceness with this video. If this outfit is any indication of what this video is going to be like, I can’t wait to see it. Trent I’m thinking that her team will tease us with pictures like the did for If You Seek Amy.

  • Nunya

    Please don’t start going “GaGa” Miss Brit. I was hoping her working with GaGa’s video producer wouldn’t have something like this happen… *sigh*

    • Going Gaga? Why? For the outfit? Pop artist always use costumes for their shows/videos. Gaga didn’t invent that, she only made it a pivotal part of her presentation as an artist.

      About the director, you should say she’s going the Madonna way, because Gaga only worked with him in two occasions (Paparazzi and Telephone)while Madonna have been using him since ‘Ray Of Light’. He’s not “Gaga’s director”, he’s an acclaimed director so it’s normal that one day he was going to direct a Britney video.

    • Sara

      I don’t believe she is going “GaGa” at all. For instance, take a look at her outfits in Toxic – both in the red and black hair. Its her style, not GaGa.

  • Kimberly

    Gorgeous. I can’t wait for the video.

  • J

    Britney has rocked the crazy outfits since ever! Slave 4 U and basically all of those performances had out there outfits. (Case point: Gaga’s Bad Romance is like a rip off, of Britneys Slave 4 U anyway).
    But this is really NOT Gaga in anyway – I remember seeing the concepts for the Circus tour and they turned out much differently anyway.

    • D

      “(Case point: Gaga’s Bad Romance is like a rip off, of Britneys Slave 4 U anyway).” Haha, that’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

      Gaga has more talent in her fake eyelashes than the entirety of Britney’s career.

    • leosaenzjr

      Gosh D, don’t even know you and I can tell you’re annoying! Please bless us with a list of ALBUMS you’ve released and all of your songs that have premiered at #1 on the charts so we can go to you’re YOUTUBE page and see and hear how it’s really done!

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  • Anna

    oooh I LOOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOVE this look. it’s so fun and beautiful. :)

  • leosaenzjr

    This is directed to D- about her TALENTLESS ga ga with the talented FAKE eyelashes. gaga is such a creator and inventor that she came up with something NEVER used by anyone before. When IT is getting ready to dress for a performance, IT does not use any pasties or duct tape to hold things in PLACE. gaga simply pulls down her penis and shoves it into her cooch for the perfect hold in place. I call it the PLUG AND OUTLET METHOD! OUCH…