Buffy Summers, Of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, Turns 30 Years Old


Buffy Anne Summers, the fictional heroine of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (which includes film, television, video games and comic books) turned 30 years old yesterday (or today, depending on whose timeline you believe) and CNN fells it is necessary to publicly celebrate the famous vampire slayer’s milestone birthday … and I would agree. Buffy Summers is deffo deserving of much BIRTHDAY LURVE.

If you’re not already celebrating at your local comic book store or glued to Oxygen’s 10-hour marathon of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” re-runs, then maybe you don’t know. Today [January 19] is Buffy Anne Summers’ 30th birthday. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” has survived through one feature length film, a cult television series and a comic book. Still a fan favorite and no stranger to controversy, Joss Whedon’s influential franchise about a teenage girl who just happened to be naturally good at killing vampires is still inspiring fans. Buffy’s birthday is reason for them to celebrate. There was a moment in the episode “The Gift,” which aired in 2001, when fans certainly didn’t think this powerful girl would make it to 30. That’s because Buffy took a swan-dive into a magical vortex from hell and died. At the end of the episode her gravestone is shown, marking her life from 1981 until 2001 with the epitaph, “She saved the world a lot.” (She was resurrected the next season, when the show moved from the now defunct WB network to UPN.) Few who are aware of the “Buffyverse” would argue with that. Buffy saved the world from plenty of “big bads,” like vampires, demons and witches, but she did something pretty heroic for the people who tuned in every week to watch her adventures, too. “(The show) really brought a lot of nerdy girls out of their shell,” said Andrea Carlson, 27, a dedicated Buffy fan who works for the state of Minnesota. “It did make it more acceptable to be a female who was into more unconventional sides of society. And I think a lot of guys were suddenly like, ‘Hey, these nerd girls are really cute!’ Instead of just being the best friend, now we’re more accepted as almost sex symbols, thanks to that show.”

Without question, Buffy is not only one of the most beloved female characters of the past decade + but she has become one of the most beloved TV characters of the modern age.

“Buffy is the sexy, hot chick that’s always slaying everything, but the fact that she has her smart sidekick — always with the laptop, always researching, I think (the show) did a lot to show that there’s more than one type of girl,” said Janeka Rector, a 32 year old die-hard Buffy fan who works at the University of Texas at Austin as a development specialist. Series writer and “Buffy” comic book contributor Jane Espenson agreed. She said the show’s central characters (who referred to themselves as the “Scooby Gang”) gave overt nerdyness “a lovely coating of coolness and acceptance.” Fans and critics often wondered how a man like Whedon could portray the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl so accurately. “We are definitely in tune with our feminine side,” said “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comic book artist Georges Jeanty of his collaboration with Whedon. “I don’t think it’s so much a respect for women, but it’s just the acceptance of a human being.” Jeanty said Whedon broke the stereotype of helpless, attractive girls in horror movies with “Buffy.” “He just thought, what if, once the monster did catch up to the blond girl who was screaming and running away into the alley, what if that girl then turned around and really started kicking some ass?” … “You can find certain things in the characters that you, personally, can identify with,” said Kim Frum, a public relations expert for the Maryland state highway system and another Buffy fan. “Some days I’m having a “Willow” day and other days I’m having a “Xander” day where nothing goes right, I’m a complete klutz and I’m getting knocked in the head all the time,” she said. “Some days I just want to fall out laughing, and I know exactly where to go back to and watch a certain scene. It’s still fun to watch even if you know the entire series by heart.”

To clarify for the uninitiated, Buffy Summers isn’t technically 30 years old in the comic book series (which gives the character and her friends new life, going into a Season 9 later this year) because she will perpetually be the same age in the Buffyverse. But, in terms of the TV character that we all know and love, if she lived in the real world … she would be 30 years old now. No matter what her age is, Buffy Summers will live on FOREVER in the hearts and minds of geek fans around the world … and her immortality comes without having to turn into a vampire. Now that’s a neat trick, right? I hope you’ll join me in celebrating Buffy’s 30 Birthday by sending all of our genuine Birthday Lurve to our most beloved fictional vampire slaying chick!


  • brittany

    Happy Birthday Buffy!! You have always inspired me to be a witty bad ass chick!

  • Happy Bday Buff! I will always love Buffy! By this year i need to have the box set or i will send myself to a hell dimension.

  • Nick


  • Josh

    Let’s face it Buffy changed television. I think she pathed the way for television being the source of strong female characters. It’s a shame that when people think of vampires they’ll think of Twillight and Bella instead of Buffy(the anti-Bella in every single way). Buffy showed that a woman can be strong yet feminine, be in love yet not consumed, be selfish yet selfless(if that makes sense). I don’t think Buffy was just a strong role model for girls but she was a strong role model for everyone. Happy birthday Buffy and thanks.

  • Emelie

    Happy Birthday Buffy!
    Even tough she is a fictional character she was my role model when I was groing up. I even talked like her for a while. So today I see myself as a pretty strong girl/woman and I have the series to thank for that. So thank you Josh Whedon.

  • Happy birthday, Buffster!!!

  • Anna

    Awwwwww HApppy Birthday B- as Faith would say without the Awww part I mean! :D

  • rossy

    NO WAY! 30 YEARS OLD! I can feel my bones aging – I would have thought 15-20 years (& that’s bad enough), but 30?! Time really speeds by the older one gets, & that’s really not a comforting thought.

  • Draven

    Happy belated Buffday to everybody who loves our gal.

    I’ve been a fan since I first saw ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ nearly 14 years ago now. And the Bufster quickly developed in to my favourite fictional hero ever. And remains so to this day. This is due to many reasons but mostly because, despite her powers and ability, she just wanted to be normal, and because she would do anything for her friends and family, literally dying for them, twice. She’s cute, smart, tough, yet vulnerable, funny, and brave. I agree with Josh’s comment above. She’s a genuinely inspiring character and a great role model for both women and for men (of which I’m the latter). Like Xander says in season four’s ‘The Freshman’, and I paraphrase: When things get bad and I’m feeling scared, I just think ‘What would Buffy do?’ Basically she’s my hero. So my endless thanks go to Joss and many happy returns to Buffy Anne Summers. Long may she slay.

  • Rudy

    Happy Birthday Buffster! I grew up with you during high school and trust me I would not have made it out alive without you as my hero! lol You were an outsider as was I but you kicked ass!! I’m a huge fan have the comics, dvds, and video games and figures! “Seize the moment, cause tomorrow you might be dead”

  • Nunya

    Gah, I feel so OLD! I love you Buffster, keep kicking vampire ass.

  • meeshie moo

    Buffy rocks – a great role model. I’m a green belt in kicboxing because of her!!! Just finished watching the last series on DVD and cried, again. Happy B-day.

  • I love you xooxoxoxooxoxoxoox