Drunken Christina Aguilera Passes Out In Jeremy Renner’s Bed


Here’s a fun little Hollywood story that I’m sure will entertain you a smidge this fine Wednesday afternoon. You see, Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Renner hosted a few friends at his place in celebration of his birthday a couple of weeks ago and Christina Aguilera showed up uninvited. Apparently, Xtina got a little too acquainted with the booze being offered and homegirl passed out DRUNK in poor Jeremy’s bed. Tsk Tsk. As you can imagine, Jeremy was NOT happy about Xtina’s sloppiness and has been sharing this little tale with folks all over town.

Finding Christina Aguilera between his sheets was hardly a dream come true for Jeremy Renner. Popping up uninvited at Renner’s 40th birthday bash on January 8, the singer, 30, got “wasted” then lay down in the star’s bed, a source tells the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday. A week later, Renner went on a rant about the incident at In Style’s Golden Globe party after seeing Aguilera at the fete. “Someone comes and tells me she’s in my room,” he told pals at the Jan. 16 affair. “I run up and open the door and I’m like, ‘Um, hi. What are you doing?’ She just starts slurring. Her boyfriend [Matthew Rutler] was rubbing her back. Who comes to someone’s birthday party that they don’t know and gets in their bed?! My parents were there!” Adds another source, “Christina was a mess at that party. She acted like a fool. Her boyfriend was shushing her and telling her to go to sleep.”

Oh Xtina … you need to check yourself, girl. Renner’s press rep has chimed in on this story and confirms that Xtina was at Jeremy’s party but the official party line is that Xtina “was enjoying herself, but she wasn’t in his bed”. Uh huh. I suppose it’s up to the individual to believe what they want but … I think I’m gonna believe that Xtina got wasted and passed out in the poor guy’s bed. I mean, we’ve seen Xtina get a bit tipsy while partying before … so … yeah. What do YOU believe?


  • First the rumor of fighting with one of her co star in ‘Burlesque’, now this?

    Well, i don’t know what to think. I’m going that this is only a rumor, following the ‘everybody hates Xtina’ line. I hope that.

  • Debho

    I’ve written three replies to this post and deleted them all. So I’ll just say this. Get your shit together girl. This is disturbing.

  • Meghan

    She gets divorced and now she is becoming Lindsay Lohan. But she has a child!!! Get yourself together. I think Jordan good for her. Her newest guy, obviously not.

  • nicole

    i dunno, im iffy on this. as an outsider looking in for the past while..it seems that people have kind of on her the past year looking looking for anything to say about her and be overly harsh. these rumors could be true, but i take it with a grain of salt. i dont believe at all she got into the fight with her costar @ that party. this one i dont know, ill wait to see how it plays out…but i kinda think this new guy is playing a bad part in all of it.

    • Ama

      I agree with all that you have said, my thoughts exactly.

  • krissy

    You have to be a little suspicious about stories that come from “a source” and then at the party he “told pals”. Drunkness is something that is very hard to prove by pictures alone, yet people are so easily swayed by a picture of someone with squinty eyes (which can also becaused by bright paparazzi flashes on an otherwise dark evening).

    I take these stories with a HUGE grain of salt. It is only when a DUI test or a judge confirms substance issues that I give them any consideration.

  • Donna

    She makes my vagina tremble and oooooze green puss, like pizza sauce! she is a cutie, but i hate it1

    • Debho

      sorry, but that’s disgusting.

    • perdiz

      green puss? you may want to get that checked out. and ya waaaay disgusting (we didnt need/want to know)

  • SuzieB

    Her life is seemingly spiraling into Lohan-land. She needs to get it together. She’s not young enough anymore to pull this kinda bad behavior off… She’s been lookin a hot puffy mess lately, she maybe needs to get herself cleaned up. Like you said… she’s a mom.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Her last album bombed, her movie did semi well and she is getting divorced…homegirl doesn’t know how to handle all this except to get wasted and act out. I feel bad for her.

  • Jessica

    There were news reports right after the party that said she was drunk in the back room with matt “rubbing her backside” and now US has spun that story saying she was drunk in his bed. Sorry, don’t believe it.

    Plus, wasn’t it renners rep who made the statement not christina’s?

  • Rachel

    I think we all need to remember how Britney acted when she was getting divorced and not be so judgmental on this behavior from Christina b/c it certainly wouldn’t be the worst we’ve seen (if it’s even true).

  • Kells

    That makes me sad, if it’s true. Going through a divorce isn’t fun in the least. I hope for her sake and for the sake of her son that she takes care of herself and is ok.


    People are so pressed over Successtina! Leave the girl alone, y’all. However, I have a feeling that Christina and 2011 are going to be similar to Britney and 2007. I can feel it.

  • blobbity blah

    Oh please. I have no sympathy for Christina. She left her husband, immediately took up with some boytoy and apparently forgot she’s a mother to a small child. Act your age Christina.

    • Jennifer

      thank you!

    • Xadax

      like you’re such a perfect person. Get a life.

  • gayana

    AND ALL OF YOU PEOPLE ARE OOOBVIOUSLY SOOO PERFECT… lol its just sooo funny to me how when someone else does something that gets into tabloids, you all are speakign as if you all are so wise and cleverl and clean so to speak…
    lol i am almost 100 percent sure none of you have provided you kids (or future kids) with a life that gets anywhere close to what Christina is able to provide Max with…

    and oh… someone here mentioned 30 isnt young… whether youre not 30 yet, or you are but your life is so miserable that you don’t believe in being young at the age of 30…

    • Debho

      I may not be as rich as Christina is, but my kids have never wanted for anything ever. And the best thing is I’ve never passed out drunk in anyone’s bed. Money has nothing to do with this. Self-respect has.

  • gayana

    and also if this story is soooo true, im sure it wouldve gotten out waaaay faster than only couple of weeks after it took place… “celebration of his birthday a couple of weeks ago”…

  • She is totally out of control. Picking fights, getting drunk and falling in ppls beds..lol.. Sorry but she needs to get a grip, especially when she is out in public!

  • :/ Seek help Extinct-a.

  • Nunya

    This woman is GARBAGE. Why isn’t she with her child?

  • Ama

    Wow, I find it interesting how negative people are, and how quickly they will judge someone they don’t even know.

    People need to remember that what we see, what we read online or in tabloids isn’t truth. None of us know Christina, we don’t walk behind her and watch her every move, every second of the day. What we see is only a quarter of what may really be going on. No one is strong, divorce is a major thing. While it may look like Christina has moved on, that the divorce hasn’t bothered her a bit, that isn’t true. Maybe she is holding it in to look strong, in front of her son and otherwise. She obviously loved her ex husband at one point, he is the father of her child, even though they went their separate ways, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t hurting from the separation. Sadly when people do face something stressful, they will sometimes turn to alcohol or something else. Which I don’t approve of but we are all weak-no one is perfectly strong-emotionally and mentally all the time.

  • Jessica
    • gayana

      THANK YOU.

    • Liza

      yes, thank you!

  • ella

    So glad to see so many people sticking up for Xtina on this thread!

    She has been leading a very stable life for a really, really long time. She’s never been a scandal queen, the main thing written about her was always just her vs. Britney. So then we hear two stories from dubious sources and all of a sudden she’s a trainwreck? Leave the poor girl alone.

  • Tracy

    Oh No for real? Come on girl pull it together…I believe this story.

  • Amanda G

    So she crashed a party and passed out on his bed? That’s why people are in an uproar? Seriously? LOL

    • perdiz

      sounds like college to me…..

  • lori

    uh, so what? if u cant let steam off with some friends who can you? is he just talking about it cause its the biggest freakin star ever in his home?? annoying. she will be fine. she is no lindsey lohan.

  • Sera

    I have no sympathy for her. I remember watching an interview she did (ET or Access Hollywood) during her engagement and around the time Britney Spears got married. Anyways, she was answering questions from fans and she was just so catty when one of the questions mentioned Britney and Britney’s recent marriage; she said something along the lines of how her wedding was going to be much better and “classier”, etc. etc.

    She acted so high and mighty that I was immediately turned off by her. Up until that point I was a fan of hers and yeah, I did think she had more class than Britney, but after that interview? Nope. So disappointing.

    Say whatever about Britney but at least she minds her business whereas Christina acts like she’s better than her. Granted, the show shouldn’t have included that question seeing as how it’s bad enough that two are always being compared but still, she could’ve at least answered it with a little grace. Plus, she was smirking when she answered.

    I digress. Point being, this news? Does not surprise me in the least.

  • Holly

    Jeremy renner has never won an Oscar has he?

  • levi

    i bet if he found britney spears in his bed instead of christina aguilera he would not be so quick to kick her out of his bed.