Photographer Mariel Clayton Explores The Dark Side Of Barbie


You know how fictional character Dexter Morgan has a nice, good guy face that he shows to the public but deep down he’s really a brutal killer with an insatiable thirst for the blood of the guilty? Yeah, well apparently Barbie (the doll) has that same blood-thirst … at least, according to photographer Mariel Clayton. Clayton has photographed a series of scenes that feature Barbie doing things that you’re prolly not used to seeing her do. Be warned, some of the images are disturbing … but, IMHO, they’re also extremely interesting.

Wow, right? I’m certain there will be some people offended by some of this imagery but I deffo appreciate what the artist is going for. That being said, there is a fairly graphic photo of Barbie after she endured a wire hanger abortion that even I didn’t feel like sharing here on my blog. Even still, the image of Barbie that we have all grown up with is completely turned on its ear with these photos. What do y’all think of these photos (as well as the rest of the photos that you can see at Mariel Clayton’s official website HERE) … do you find these interesting? Intriguing? Outrageous? Wrong?


  • josh

    this is awesome

  • Ashley

    I feel like my childhood was just raped. LOL.

    • Jennifer

      people really need to stop using the word ‘raped’ symbolically or metaphorically. it diminishes the power of the word, and the violence of the act. rape is not a joke just like ‘gay’ does not mean ‘stupid’.

    • ella

      Thank you Jennifer!!! So true.

  • nicole

    i find them pretty interesting

  • Lisa

    What kind of sick sense of humour do I have to find these incredibly funny! lol
    But yeahh definitely interesting and I thought of Dexter right away.

    • nicole

      i thought Dexter too! probably why i found them interesting

  • Moon

    Wow, the attention to detail is amazing. Very intriguing.

  • kendra

    I can’t tear my eyes away! I keep finding new details in the background..So cool!

  • Z

    @Ashley lmao I was thinking the same thing =P! This is horrifying but in a twisted way, kind of entertaining!

  • Ama

    I think I like Barbie now :3

    This is what happens when people have to be seen as perfect all the time.

  • Elkay

    I saw these some time ago and immediately thought of Dexter/Ice Truck Killer

  • jane

    the last picture with the shit on the toiletbowl made me actually SMELL some shit right now. wow.

    • Ama

      I thought it was vomit.

    • Monica


  • rOXy

    Just “meh” on the scenes in these photos. Tries too hard to shock (except the one where they’re eating brains…then it’s just “blurrgh”). That said, there was much attention to details that are commendable. My favorite part is the Barbie poses. I always tried so hard to get my Barbie into lifelike poses and none were ever this good.

  • I am scarred, yet I can’t tear my eyes away from these photos.

  • rossy

    To those thinking about “Dexter”… Let’s call her Dextina? What about it? I’ve sometimes wondered since “Robot Chicken” exists (& I love it!) why not this?

    Most likely reply: “Copyright Infringement” Lawsuit, anyone? Oh well…

  • Tom

    Part of me feels scarred for life while the other part is vaguely intrigued…

    I’m a psycho, aren’t I?

  • sarahhh

    very interesting. all I can say is poor ken.

  • LaurieV

    If Marilyn Manson ever reproduces and has a daughter, she will be able to play with Barbie now.

  • Jessica

    I really enjoy the “save the babies” picture on the artists preachy section. It’s definitely a topic I’ve never though about before.

  • Heather

    I love these! I think he’s poking fun at the perceived roles of Barbie and women in society in general. I appreciate his sarcasm, as I have a lot of it myself.


    I think it’s cool, but W-T-F. Srsly.

  • Heather

    It takes a lot to actually make me laugh out loud. This did, and I’m still laughing. That guy has a great sense of humor.

  • staci mCnasty

    barbie sucks! she is a horrible role model for insecure girls…kill them all!

    • Aliy

      I love barbie :D but…She is a doll, of course she is a horrible role model. o.0
      If you are gonna look up to a piece of plastic then that’s on you.