First Look: ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Reunion Special


Bravo TV has released the first preview video footage from the filming of the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and OMFG does it look AMAZING! Drama, thy name is Housewife and judging by just this preview video alone, I cannot WAIT to see the ladies go at it face to face, head to head.

From shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive to flying on private jets, the ladies of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” certainly showed how to live it up in the most famous zip code in the world. But it wasn’t all glitz and glamour for these ladies. They also dealt with deep-rooted family drama and marriages falling apart at the seams all while trying to maintain the perfect Beverly Hills lifestyle. On Thursday, January 27 at 9pm ET/PT join Bravo’s Andy Cohen as he brings Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof , Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump together for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Special.” The ladies set the record straight on some of the most talked-about moments of the season – including Camille being called “the most hated housewife” in the history of the franchise as well as details on her split from Kelsey. In the Part II of the reunion, the Husbands of Beverly Hills join Andy Cohen and the ladies for some laughs, some tears and a lot more drama – and the Richards sisters finally discuss the history behind their brutal fight that ended the season. Tune in on a new night Tuesday, February 1 at 10pm ET/PT for the supersized special.

LOOOOOOVE THIS!!! Ugh, Camille Grammer — ever the victim! I love that Kyle Richards called her lame ass out for using the “buzzword” of the moment. I never ONCE thought that Kyle bullied Camille … in fact, Camille and her goony friends are the bullies who ganged up on Kyle at that horrid dinner party. And Kim Richards has a drinking problem? HOLY SHIZZ! All of her weird behavior totally makes sense now. Do you think that Lisa Vanderpump’s husband was talking about “permanent houseguest” Cedric Martinez in his rant? Perhaps that’s the reason the Vanderpumps decided to throw his ass out on the street? Lord have Mercy, I cannot WAIT to see this reunion special. We have one more regular ep of the show to go (this Thursday night) and then THE REUNION! Bring it on, I can’t WAIT!


  • kendra

    I think Lisa’s husband was talking about that guy that came up to them and their friends at a restaurant a few weeks ago and was mouthing off and eventually hit their friend..I just don’t see Cedric saying things like that..

    I can’t wait for this! I hope they all put Camille in her place!

    • @kendra — oh yeah, you’re prolly right

  • Wow, this season reunion looks intense!!! I’ve never liked any of the housewives shows but this one has been really good. I can’t stand Camille either, she does play the victim all the time. Not to mention how bitchy it was for her to say that Kelsey Grammar cross dresses. Really fucked up on her to say that to the public. I hope her nudes leak or something. Muhahaha. :P

  • jiggyfan

    IDGAF, I love Camille. Cedric is sadistic if Ken is talking about him in that clip.

  • Tess

    I think that Camille is much more openly bitchy and self absorbed than the other housewives. HOWEVER, Kyle is incredibly fake and rude. I don’t get all the Camille hating. At least she’s honest about who she is.

    • samantha

      are you kidding me? you think Camille is honest about who she is??? she plays some “perfect” person who is always the victim. She always states she is attacked by the whole world because they are “jealous” that she is “the pretty one” when in reality she is a egotistical selfish bitch and thats the only reason people hate her. Of course she only surrounds herself around so called friends and staff who feed her ego and hang out with her because of the billion dollar house she lives in. She is really sick and delusional, I really can’t blame Kelsey for cheating on her. It would be revolting to be around that awful woman. Kyle may let her emotions get the best of her at times but at lease shes passionate about something and not a dead cold fish like Camille. SHE IS THE REAL ONE!

    • You would have to be as ugly as Kyle, inside and out and probably in serious denial of it to be as insecure, petty and jealous of such a beautiful woman as Camille. If Kyle is so confident in herself and her marriage as she claims she is, she wouldn’t bat an eye at Camille, she would be able to rise above any self doubt issues and severe resentment towards woman in general. Look at the pride Adrienne and Taylor show in being comfortable in their own skin. Im just sayin. Kyle shouldn’t sweat Camille the way she does. Behaving weak and afraid of Camille in general, Kyle has made a fool of herself in front of her family and the world

  • kendra

    I’m wondering what this porn biz that Kyle is bringing up is all about..Camille didn’t do porn, did she?? Just the Playboy spread? She’s gross no matter what, though..

    • Matt

      A couple softcore porn films that Camille have done have popped up on the internet.

    • Brandy

      kendra back in the 90s before she met Kelsey she did a couple of soft-corn porn films. they’ve been reported on numerous other sites. camille is the pot calling the kettle black.

    • @kendra — Camille attacked Kyle’s friend for posing for Playboy after she herself posed for Playboy AND made porn films. Hypocrite, Kyle called her on it.

  • eli

    they set up lisas husband to say that in this clip because they wanted us to think that it was the beautiful Cedric. i cant wait.this was the only season ive watched and i loved it

  • rossy

    I just realized that I grew up watching Kim & Kyle Richards as kids themselves! How weird is that? One of my favorite movies (campy as it is) “The Car” has the sisters playing the daughters of James Brolin’s character. Now, whenever I catch the movie on TV, something tells me I won’t be laughing anymore, but saying, “No way, no way, NO WAY!”, when I see them onscreen.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That looks amazing!! GOOOOOO KYLE for calling out Camille and Camille is totally fake! She says she is really one way and then acts a total different way. I find her repulsive and I would NEVER be friends with her.

  • KristaIT

    Ok I think Kim is batshit crazy. Sorry. What is wrong with her? Why does she always attack Taylor out of nowhere? And is she scared of her little sister? Did I miss something in one of the episodes? I don’t get it…

    • pamelala

      Actually, although I agree that there is something beyond social awkwardness with Kim, I don’t think she’s attacking Taylor out of nowhere. Clips show that Taylor was the one talking with Kim in the airport about Camille. Kim did not seem to be baiting Taylor at all (as she claims), but rather just trying to understand the issue with Kyle and Camille, and then when everything is calm between Camille and Taylor, Taylor decides to bait Camille against Kim. Oddly, Camille never confronts Kim (or Taylor for that matter) about the conversation, but continues the blather with Kyle. Kim has never been able to adequately express it, but I think her problem with Taylor is because she feels TAYLOR started that conversation in the airport, and then went and repeated crap back to Camille. As an aside, Camille made herself a big bed of hubris, which she’s now laying in. All season she smirked and tossed her hair around and made comments about how privileged she was, how special she was, how perfect her life was and how everyone was jealous of her–and now she’s whining that she was “set up.” Come on, Camille. You’re now reaping exactly what you sowed. People didn’t like the way you put on airs, acted as if you were “above” the other women, and really manufactured a non-existent drama with Kyle. No one would say to Camille what she claims Kyle said–it’s not like Kyle. I wasn’t too keen on how Kyle treated Kim, but she was more than justified to throw it down with Camille after she tried so hard to bury the hatchet.

      I’ve been watching Camille desperately trying to enact her damage control. I’m sure her publicist or cronies told her that she wasn’t looking so good as these episodes passed. She called into Watch What Happens Live and totally apologized to Kyle, said she was embarrassed about the party at her house. She was quoted again and again in interviews backpeddling about all the smack she talked, and eating crow about her spectacular marriage. Now on the reunion she’s back at it.

      I’m wondering how her lip-kissing best-friend’s husband Nick will handle Camille as a single woman with a $50million+ divorce settlement. Hmmmmm.

  • Janice Marie

    Whoever said in these comments that Taylor is comfortable in her own skin needs to take a look at her lips. Just saying.