Watch: Ricky Gervais Brilliantly Skewers Hollywood As Host Of The Golden Globe Awards


British comedian Ricky Gervais served as host of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards here in Hollywood, CA last night and during his opening monologue to kick off the show he expertly, brilliantly and unapologetically skewered as many celebs in the audience as possible with joke after joke after joke. He managed to get a few uncomfortable laughs from the audience but it was his Scientology joke that garnered the most groans. For me, Gervais made the Golden Globe Awards worth watching … and he had me in stitches the entire night. His opening monologue is an absolute must see.

This, my friends, is comedy. Gervais’s monologue was so brilliant, IMHO, because it’s not the kind of thing we ever get to hear from awards show hosts … but they are the jokes that WE ALL make to one another as fans of celebrity and pop culture. Jokes are meant to be funny, Ricky Gervais’s jokes were hilarious. Mission: Accomplished.

It remains to be seen if the Hollywood Powers that Be were really offended by Ricky’s performance last night but I hope they can see the humor and laugh at themselves. I, for one, would love to see Ricky Gervais host every single awards show here in the US from now til the end of time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he ever gets a hosting gig like this every again.

So … what did y’all think of Ricky’s jokes last night? Funny or much too much?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I thought it was HYSTERICAL! I haven’t laughed that hard during one of these award shows in a long time. That room is filled with egos the size of Mount Rushmore so it was pretty funny to watch someone pop a few of them. The awards are for the actors but the show itself is for the viewers and he made it so entertaining! I hope he hosts ever year!!!!

  • Megan

    I thought he was hilarious too! It’s exactly what these award shows need, they concentrate so much on prasing these actors so it’s good to add in the ego bursting jokes. I wish they had shown Angelina and Johnny’s faces when he made The Tourist joke…so funny!

  • Jackie

    He just said all my thoughts on these celebs out loud. Brilliant!

  • DC

    Hilarious..unlike other comedians like Sarah Silverman and Russell Brand those two are just plain out annoying.. I don’t find not one thing funny about them especially when they’re hosting an award show..I find them just plain rude and not funny

  • Meghan

    Love Ricky! He was hilarious last night and make a long and otherwise boring award show fun! Brillant that he has absolutely no quams in making fun of them right to their faces.

  • mimi

    i absolutely loved it! he was spot on and hilarious.

    but people online are already reporting that the audience thought he was too mean-spirited. whatevs, too many hollywood types take themselves too seriously.. and given the fact many of them do dumb sh!t (e.g charlie sheen, mel gibson, robert downey jn) or put themselves in ridiculous situations (photoshoping the crap out of the SATC 2 posters) etc he, like you said, is merely saying what we’re all thinking!

    anyway- loved ricky!

    • Michelle

      HAHA OMG, I actually LOL’d when he said the SATC 2 poster joke!

  • Michelle

    As a viewer at home, he was really entertaining. But I can also see how his jokes could be deemed ‘inappropriate’. Guess it depends on the perspective. Hope the “Powers” can take a joke.

  • ellobie

    I agree, he was fantastic. Get over yourselves, Hollywood!

  • Lacey

    I loved Ricky! Absolutely hilarious. I also liked the presenters that responded back to him (i.e. Robert Downey Jr., Steve Carrell), it really added to the show. If Ricky hosted every event, I would tune into all of them.

  • holly

    He was hilarious. The backlash is ridiculous.

  • wow… just wow! In a good way.

  • Jennyfish

    Loved it! Something had to balance out those dreadfully boring acceptance speeches (excepting Glee cast, of course) I thought he was brilliantly funny, tastefully offensive.

  • babybunny


  • nicole

    well he gave a warning that he wasnt holding back lol.

  • gabe

    HAHAHA! That was hilarious, ahhhh i love him!

  • LuvYa

    Loved it, sharp and totally truthful.

  • FK

    OMG. Some were absolutely hilarious. The Hugh Hefner jokes made me laugh out loud. But I definitely found some of the jokes throughout the evening too mean. I often cringed instead of laughing. I thought the joke later about the president of of the HAFP was too mean, for example. Or the one about Tim Allen. Ouch!

  • perdiz

    i liked when the celebrities found it amusing. i mean johnny depp seemed to be taking the tourist joke very well he was smiling at least, and tom hanks and tim allen’s responses were hilarious! steve carrel took it and ran with it and robert downey jr was laughing as he came out. you really shouldnt take what he says seriously he is a comedian and he likes to make fun of people. none of it was completely awful and most of it was brilliant. what makes the people in the room uncomfortable is that they take themselves and the show to seriously. i loved it. (also its live tv. what in the hell did they expect from him?)

  • David

    Ricky was awesome! I had a few “I can’t believe he just said those moments”

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely loved it. I live in the UK and this is how the awards shows go here. Celebs in the US take themselves WAY too seriously. Robert Downey jr was trying so hard to be cool that he forgot that he’s had an insane life. We’re supposed to let them have the license to live ridiculously, milk the press when they want to and then never mention their rehab or bad behavior. It was absolutely fab and the British press can’t believe how a country that has the Enquirier can be so sensitive…

  • Dana

    Why is it ok that he made fun of some of the nominees and embarrass them in front of the world on there night any different then Kayne West pointing out the fact that Taylor Swift was the wrong choice at the VMAs?

    • Kyleigh

      He polarized the truth. These people do things to embarass themselves, and then get mad when it blows up in their faces and COMEDIANS make fun. Kayne West was stating his own OPINION, not a fact. The FACT was, people voted and Taylor Swift was the winner.

    • perdiz

      because they were not interrupted during their acceptance speeches and because when you hire ricky as a HOST you must expect him to say some things that you may not like. kanye was in the audience and ran up on stage and made an idiot of himself.

  • Kyleigh

    Harvey Weinstein actually told Ben Mulroney from eTalk (Canadian entertainment talk show) that Ricky Gervais is now “dead in this town”. Obviously his peers hated it, and the rest of us LOVED it!! These people make movies, they don’t cure cancer or solve real world problems! Nice to see their oversize egos take a hit every now and then!

    • Sarah


  • Sanchez

    I have never been a fan of these awards shows. I don’t care about the dresses that cost more than some people make in a year and I can’t watch them all congratulate each other about how amazing they all are so if I would’ve known Ricky Gervais was going to, like someone else said, deflate their egos and oversized sense of self-importance, I think I might have watched! Sure they are great talents but it is what it is: entertainment and nothing more. They aren’t THAT grand.

  • Sanchez

    Oh Kyleigh you put my thoughts into words! “The make movies, they don’t cure cancer or solve real world problems.” That’s what I was trying to get at!

  • I loved it. He was fearless, it was a breath of fresh air. The only joke i didn’t take well was the one of RDJ, but Robert managed very well.

    It was a fun night thanks to him but we know that he’s never going to present another award show LOL

  • Krissy

    LOVED IT!!! He’s my friggin’ HERO! I’m usually not one that’s for class warfare or anything, but my god people get a sense of humor about yourselves!

  • JRad

    I thought it was really funny! Honestly, he’s just having a laugh…and the bit about Charlie Sheen was pretty factual so you can’t really get mad at that.

  • Katz

    Dear Americans, please learn to laugh at your selfs, dont take everything so seriously!

    and I totally agree with Trent Ricky was HILARIOUS and should defo be do it next year

  • melissa


  • Caroline

    I love Ricky Gervais a little more after last night.

  • mimi

    christian bale and the big bang theory dude have defended him.. right on, those are two top blokes!

    weinstein needs to get over himself.

  • Laura

    He just said all of the things everyone else was thinking but too afraid to say out loud. Brilliant!

  • QN

    HilFlarious! Not because the jokes were particularly clever (mostly obvious, some cheap) but because of the big UH-OH on celebrity faces. Even Tina Fey was all, “Tracy Jordan moment!” They dressed up for another ego orgy and got a Friars’ roast. Just what the audience wants and needs, but ain’t gonna happen again.