The 2011 Golden Globe Awards Are Handed Out


Celebs from film and television made their way out to The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA last night to attend the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. When host Ricky Gervais wasn’t brilliantly and hilariously skewering the folks in the audience, Golden Globe awards were being handed out to some lucky winners. Many of the awards went to the film The Social Network and the TV series Glee … but there were a few other winners as well.

Facebook film “The Social Network” picked up four Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, including best film drama, making it a front-runner in Hollywood’s Oscar race. “Social Network” picked up the best director award for David Fincher, best screenplay for writer Aaron Sorkin and best musical score for its music, written by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. The film recounts the story of the founding of social networking site Facebook, an international phenomenon with millions of users that started in a college dormitory. Accepting the Golden Globe, producer Scott Rudin called the movie “a metaphor for communication and the way we relate to each other.” Another winner of some big awards was “The Kids Are All Right,” which featured two lesbian parents whose children search for their sperm donor father. “Kids” also picked up the award for best actress in a film comedy for its star Annette Bening, who portrayed one of the mothers in the film. British actor Colin Firth was named best actor in a film drama for his portrayal of stuttering King George VI in “The King’s Speech,” while Natalie Portman took home the Golden Globe trophy for best actress in a drama with “Black Swan.” Paul Giamatti won the prize for best actor in a comedy film for his role as a caustic man in “Barney’s Version.” The Golden Globe Awards, which are given out by the nearly 90 members of the HFPA, are one of the major Hollywood award shows leading to the film industry’s most-prized honors, the Oscars, which are handed out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Many film industry watchers look at the winners of Golden Globes and other honors for clues as to which films, performers, directors and writers might win Oscars. This year, “Social Network” has swept many early honors and added the Golden Globe to its cache of trophies. In other movie honors, boxing drama “The Fighter” picked up two Golden Globes for Christian Bale as supporting actor portraying a drug-addicted fighter and for Melissa Leo as supporting actress playing the mother of Christian Bale’s character. “Toy Story 3″ was named best animated movie for what director Lee Unkrich called “”an animated movie that beat with a human heart.” And Denmark’s “In a Better World” was named best foreign language film.

In the TV categories, Glee and Glee’s Chris Colfer won awards while Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) and Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) took home awards of their own. I believe the Golden Globes are the last of the big awards shows to honor television accomplishments (until the Emmy Awards are given out in the Fall) so from here on out it’ll be all about the movies … and, if the trend continues, it’ll be all about The Social Network. Here are some photos of some of last night’s winners in the press room posing with their new trophies:

I LOVE that Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) won as well as Black Swan’s Natalie Portman (tho, her acceptance speech was SO awkward and just … bad … I can’t even deal) but the biggest win for ME was Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s win for their work scoring The Social Network.

All of these wins bode very well for the coming Academy Awards. I have many favorites this year but the only win I’m really pulling for is the Oscar for TRez. Click HERE to see who else took home Golden Globe Awards last night. What did y’all think of the show overall? Did you enjoy? Did your faves win?

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  • Jessica

    I loved natalie’s speech although awkward it was refreshing to see her quirky side, and I couldn’t help but giggle at her goofy laugh.
    Plus, I can’t like, she said exactly what I was thinking about her fiance during black swan

    • @Jessica — I really, really love Natalie but that horrid laugh was terrifying! I literally cringed … then tried to hide under the couch.

    • Jessica

      I have to admit I too hid behind my pillow

    • Janaegal

      I loved Natalie’s speech as well. I just watched her Inside The Actor’s Studio and realized what a goofy, enduring person she seems to be and her speech at the Golden Globes just confirmed that. It’s exactly the kind of speech I would have given. Adorbs!!

    • @Janaegal — Speech was fine but c’mon, that laugh? OY!

    • Janaegal

      It just seems really genuine and goofy and I find that incredibly enduring. So many people monitor their real laugh in public settings.

      At least it’s not Holly Madison’s laugh. Her laugh makes me want to end my own life. In a slow and painful way.

    • Jessica

      I had never seen this particular interview so I decided to watch it.

      This is my favourite part. Natalie talking about her fav swear word.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was really happy Katy won…she deserved it! Also, I think the King’s Speech should have won more!!

  • ShawnaLanne

    Love that Natalie Portman won, didn’t see her speach, but man her dress is ugly. I know she is pregnant – the drape and color aren’t bad – but that rose is t-a-c-ky.

    • Lulu

      I actually like Natalie’s dress… :)

  • natalie can’t even write off her speech as being drunk! it was sooooo bad/funny!

  • nicole

    i didnt watch…so all i can comment on are the dresses…and there were so many pretty ones yesterday. Olivia Wilde’s dress was beautiful, and i love Christina’s (and wooooo she fixed those extentsions!!)
    and im so happy Jim Parsons won, hes adorable.

    • Jessica

      Thank you for that comment! Christina’s been getting a lot of hate for the dress but I loved it.

    • Desdemona

      Her face looked really puffed out. I wonder if she’s preggers? She’s got a great voice n not to hate but I think she almost always looks super trashy..

    • nicole

      @Jessica – yeah i dont understand all the hate behind the dress. its a hundred times better then some of the dresses she wore during her euro promo for the movie.
      i think it looks fantastic on her.

    • Xadax

      Just becuase they gained some wieght doesn’t mean she’s ugly. She’s not even obese class I or II for crying out loud.

  • Juneh

    Yay Katy! :D

  • yadira

    yaaay for jim parson!!! <3 him

  • Megan

    Do the SAG awards not include television as well?

  • carrie

    We had just turned on the awards and I was scrutinizing J.Lo’s outfit when i realized she was announcing Trent’s category. I screamed and cheered when she said he won. He looked so happy and smiley in the post pics. I don’t know if us nin fans have ever seen him that happy. AWITHA_ATEETHA for reals!

    I never really cared about who wins these awards but if it makes Trent Reznor that happy, then i do hope he gets an Oscar too. Congrats to him & Atticus.

  • Sara

    I don’t watch Glee, but I was really happy to hear one of the producers thank public teachers. That was so awesome!

    And Natalie’s speech was funny and a little weird too, but I was very happy she won. She is so awesome.


    YES! Natalie Portman’s laugh was creepy as fack! It was so dorky and…scary. I cringed as well. I was like, “Oh my cheese sticks, did she really say that…?” And then that laugh! My dad was like, “What an idiot” or something. Ehhh.

  • @Sara- yes my husband (is a public school teacher) was pretty stoked on that comment as well!

    did anyone notice how often they showed brad and angelina? it was borderline obnoxious. No, scratch that, it WAS obnoxious! Aren’t they so 2009? 2007? seriously, who cares about them that much? that was something that just irritated me

    and yeah, glad i’m not the only one who found natalie’s speech a little awkward. not saying i could have done better myself!

    • Amanda G

      Totally agree about Brad and Angelina. It’s like they were trying to shove it down our throats that they are there and still together. Who cares!

      I thought Natalie’s speech was awkward. “he wants to sleep with me!!” Um, ok. My favorite of the night was Jane Lynch. I could care less about Glee, but I love her. She brought humor to a boring night.