Let ‘Pink Is The New Blog’ Send You To See ‘No Strings Attached’


She just won a Golden Globe — but not for this film. But that doesn’t mean her performance in No Strings Attached, where she plays Ashton Kutcher’s “friend with benefits”, isn’t award caliber! Yes, I’m talking about the newly pregnant Natalie Portman. And that’s why Pink Is The New Blog teamed up with Paramount Pictures to make sure you and a group of friends get to see the movie for free this weekend. All you have to do? Let me know which celebrity you would choose to have a no string attached relationship with.

In the movie Emma (Natalie Portman) is BFFs with Adam (Ashton Kutcher). But after they spend one morning crossing the line from friendship to … something more … they have to figure out how to keep their friendship intact. Their solution? A “no strings attached” agreement. No flowers. No romanticism. And definitely no jealousy. Can they pull it off?

Find out this weekend, when I send you to the movie! But first you have to tell me: Which celebrity — actor, musician, reality TV star — would you want to have the type of no strings attached relationship that Emma and Adam are attempting? You know, the type of regular hook-up situation that doesn’t require you to make breakfast in the morning. Leave your answer in the comments, and be sure to explain why. Also: Be sure you post your comment with a valid email address, because I have to know how to contact you with your free movies tickets ($50 in Fandango Bucks).

So go on, tell me and Pink readers: Who do you want to have a NSA arrangement with?

No Strings Attached hits theaters this Friday, January 21. Make sure Pink Is The New Blog is the one to send you!


No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Standard contest rules apply. Winner must be 18 or over. One winner will be selected to win a $50 Fandango.com gift certificate. All entries (in the form of post comments) must be received by January 20, 2011, 11:59pm EST. Only entries with valid email addresses will be considered. Pink Is The New Blog reserves the right to choose a new winner if selected recipients are unable to be reached.

  • Ian

    Zac Efron – he’d make me feel 17 Again. :)

  • Ahnawake

    Justin Timberlake because he is yummy and funny!

    I hope my next comment can be a WOOT WOOT!

  • Sanchez

    All 3 Hanson brothers, or I guess if I had to pick one, Taylor Hanson.

  • Melanie

    Hi Trent!

    My ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship would have to be with Mary Louise Parker. After following her on her Showtime show “Weeds”, I found that Nancy’s sassy, short dress wearing, U-turn sign tattooed ass to be hot. A woman who can play a badass drug dealer on television has got to be a freak.

  • Jennifer G

    Shamar Moore!! He is just so damn pretty!! Yummy!!

  • Linnea1928

    I would have an NSA arrangement with Jared Padalecki. Why? I’ve been dreaming about him since Gilmore Girls! He is tall, hot… plus, with No Strings Attached, I wouldn’t have to actually watch/pretend to like Supernatural or any of the crappy movies he has done.

  • kendra

    Do athletes count? If so, Fernando Torres..Hands down..I wouldn’t want to break up his ridiculously adorable family, but I would love to experience what his amazing thighs could do! He’s so cute and talented and has a really cute story with his wife, which I would choose to ignore while we bumped uglies..He’s just perfect.. *sigh*

    If athletes don’t count, it would have to be Hugh Jackman..Of course he’s hot, but he also seems to have a good sense of humor and I think he would make it fun! And I’m a totally crappy cook so not having to deal with breakfast would be the perfect situation!

  • Kate

    Definitely Mark Salling! Just to be able to be attached to those lips yumm….

  • Amy

    colin farrell…but back a few years when he was still with it…yummy!

  • James Franco… because he’s dreamy.. Le obvs! But we’d have to keep it “no strings attached” because he has a girlfriend (not me) and I have a husband (not him).

  • Julie

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt- incredibly sexy in a three piece suit.

  • Jessica

    Ryan Gosling, I just want to know what goes on it that sexy head of his! Although, I suppose that would be more of a strings attached type of relationship

  • kevin urbanski

    Wentworth Miller—ROLE PLAY ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Jen

    Most definitely Hunter Parrish! He is totally hot and he’s been on Broadway!

  • Krystina

    Tom Hardy. He’s a celebrity now, so he counts, right?

    Those lips, those abs, that British accent. Plus, I imagine that he totally knows how to work himself (and who he’s with) in bed, on a table, up against the wall… I think you get my point. One can do no wrong there.

  • cara

    Most def Channing Tatum!!!!

  • James McAvoy. He hasn’t been in much lately, but I just loved him in Wanted and Becoming Jane. One of the kisses in Becoming Jane is my favorite movie kiss.

  • Kayla

    Ed Westwick, he’s hot and I love British accents. Not to mention I absolutely love the character of Chuck Bass.

  • Kristin

    Ryan Reynolds! Ooooh man is he smokin’! I’m a flight attendant by trade and would love to induct him into the mile high club ;-)

  • Ryan

    So many to choose from but I would love to have a fling with Nicholas Hoult. Been dreamy about him since I saw him on Skins, that accent gets me every time.

  • Susan

    Trent, I think you and I would have to fight over Jake Gyllenhaal. No explanation needed. Yummy.

  • noel

    My ultimate no strings attached relationship would be Eminem. Cause even though he’s clean now, I don’t think I could handle his problematic past in a relationship and all those drugs would have had to do something to his brain. And he’s definitely sexy and when in bed I could ask him to rap about me so I could appreciate his art and his body at the same time. It would be amazing :)

  • Joe

    TOM HARDY! I mean he’s busy making movies, has a kid, etc…I’m fine with him not being around to cook me breakfast or take me on dates. As long as I’m getting some, and it’s from him, I am golden!

  • perdiz

    well if athletes count i would go with sidney crosby. he is gorgeous and incredibly talented, his incredibleness almost cancels out the fact that he and justin bieber are from the same country :). if they do not count i will have to go with rupert grint, i have me a soft spot for red heads…

  • Red

    Bob Harper. I’d let him yell at me any day!!

  • Diana

    David Beckham. From what I hear futbol players can do it for 90 minutes in 11 different positions. Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing what he looks like under his Armanis. :)

  • Jerri

    I’d ride the NYC underground with Jake G. anytime ;)

  • Casey

    Robert Pattinson for sure! I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind right?

  • Jay

    Neil Patrick Harris! Gorgeous and VERY multi-talented. Doogie Howser, M.D.!!

  • Meghan

    Easy, John Mayer. Super hot with gorgeous eyes, but rumors point to him being an asshole and he seems to break a lot of hearts, so I don’t think I could put up with that on a day to day basis.

  • Steven M

    I would have to say I’d wanna have an NSA agreement wittth Pharrell Williams. How could anyone resist that cute ass smile? He’s got amazing eyes and nice soft n’ juicy lips:) I’d like to have some schedule play time with Mr Williams :) He looks like he knows how to put it down under the sheets 8^)

  • Ryan Gosling! His eyes have the “it” factor and he’s effortlessly sexy. In order to keep his mystery, charm, and sexiness I couldn’t make it a serious relationship with him.

  • Coco

    Mmmmm so many good people to pick from…but I am gonna have to go with our Mr. President Barack Obama. (No offense Michelle)
    Sexy man. So first class.
    And you know its hard to be all angry about him not making me breakfast because he is RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

    Plus theres gotta be some serious perks that come with sleeping with the President.

  • Ashley

    Mark Wahlberg, without a doubt. Ever since I watched Fear in the 5th grade, I’ve had a thing for him.

  • Lance

    If I’m being totally honest it would have to be David Duchovny. I am obsessed with Californication and man he just seems like he would be perfect for NSA. Great night with no fuss in the morning.


  • Andrew Garfield..i am loving him so much after seeing TSN and never let me go. He’s just beautiful.

  • Alex

    Adam Brody… with Ryan Gosling a close second. *drools*

  • Brittany

    Taylor Lautner! He’s legal now, right?! ;)

  • You can probably guess who I will pick and yes, it is the hunky Mr. Hugh Jackman. Not only is this man super sexy, he’s charming, a wonderful actor, and a fantastic family man. I promise that some of the NSA dates will include chilling with his kids and dogs. Also, I promise to take plenty of half-naked photos of Hugh during out date at the beach.

  • Jamie

    Joseph Gordon Levitt… in the Inception hallway!

  • KatieFeldmom

    I can only choose 1? But I have 5 on my laminated list of celebrities that I get a free pass with. Hmmmmmm. Guess I’ll go with Ryan Reynolds.

  • Angela

    Um…David Tennant and his delightful accent. ‘Cause if it was Ryan Reynolds, I’d just stare, and probably faint.

    • Angela

      Wait, revision. Idris Elba and HIS delightful accent.

  • Bethany

    It’d definitely have to be Kunal Nayyar, because he’s clearly the type that you want to have in bed, but not any other part of the day. He’s a bit too “peace love and harmony” for me want to spend the day with, but that attitude translates QUITE well to the bedroom. ;)

    PS That poster is a TERRIBLE Photoshop job, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see the movie!

  • Erin

    Brad Pitt, but preferably with a time machine so it can be “Thelma and Louise” version of Brad. We are talking about a hook-up after all! ;)

  • Katy

    Josh Holloway from LOST!!! I’ve always been a sucker for sexy, rugged men (who isn’t?) and ever since I watched his scenes with Evangaline Lily, I’ve wished I was her!!! The hair, jaw, muscles- I can’t think of anyone better!!

  • Liza

    Okay, I want NO judgment or condemnation from the bleachers, but I choose… JK Simmons.

    So help me, the man does something to me. Do not care that he’s bald, portly, and older than my dad (probably). I always say the “JK” stands for “just kissable”.

    Okay…so on that note, I’ve probably earned any judgment or bleacher noise…

  • Mandi T

    I’d have a NSA with Ryan Reynolds. A close second Jake Gyllenhall. :)

  • KC

    This one is so easy. I’ve wanted to have a NSA relationship with this person since the first time I saw him on a cheesy Fox TV show when I was 16 years old – that person would be Brad Pitt.

  • Val 2.0

    Nathan Fillion. Ever since I saw his bare ass on an episode of Firefly, I’ve wanted to get my hands on it.

  • j

    Ryan Kwanten.
    Cause all I really want to do with him is to have sex like the vampire blood enhanced romp he has with Janis from Mean Girls….
    Regular sex is also acceptable.

  • Danielle

    Gerard Butler – He’s sexy and kind.

  • Vivi

    Olivia Wilde- why? Purely for research. Her last name is “wild” so I just want to check if she lives up to her name ;) Oh yea…and she’s gorgeous!

  • Taylor

    Scarlett Johansson. Because she seems like enough of a narcissistic bitch to keep me at bay, but she’s sexy and seductive enough to keep me coming back for more.

  • Jack Schiereck

    Jake Gyllenhaal….hands down!

  • I’ve always had a thing for Edward Norton. I’d prefer to have a no-strings-attached relationship with him however due to how much traveling he does helping other countries. I wouldn’t want to hold him back from his good deeds, but I’m more of a homebody myself. :o)

  • ELL

    Craig Ferguson. He is HI-larious, Scottish, a former punk rocker (and druggie/alkie…so damaged past appeal?) and super-experienced (just ask his memoirs…also super-candid). It’s probably a Freudian thing, my huge crush on him, anyway, so NSA would be for the best. Plus he’s married and has a second kid on the way. Still, le sigh. He gave Jimmy Fallon kittens named Regis and Kelly!

  • Jasmine

    Gerard Butler – he’s delicious.

  • Marie

    Alexander Skarsgård, because who doesn’t love a yummy vampire?

  • Kayzilla

    Topher Grace

    He looks like he’d be down for anything in bed. Yum.

  • Erin

    I can only choose one?! Dang.. well, I’ll have to go with Ryan Reynolds then

  • Carolina

    My sister thinks I’m crazy, but the only celebrity I can have a no strings attatched relationship with is Channing Tatum. He’s hot, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to be with him.

  • Jamie

    The actor I’d choose to have a no-strings-attached relationship with would be Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. I was originally going to say Joshua Jackson but I would definitely not be satisfied with that type of relationship with him- so good old Chuck Bass it is!

  • Etta

    Justin Timberlake–hands down! That boy can move on the dance floor. I can only imagine that would spill over into other areas of this life as well. ;-) After all, he played a primary roll in an entire album entitled “No Strings Attached!”

    • Maddie

      OMG U are SO right!

  • Jessica

    Right now, I would have to go with John Stamos – He had my at Full House and reignited at Glee!! Lol – embarrassing!!!

  • Nate

    I would go with Kiera Knightley – also like Natalie Portman!!!

  • Karen

    Jake Gyllenhaal, from his amazing movies (October Sky, Donnie Darko, Brothers) to his hilarious skits with Jimmy Fallon to his extraordinary looks. Who wouldn’t want anything they could get from Jake?!

  • Jessica

    My guy for a “No Strings Attached” relationship would totally be Jason Statham. He’s a good actor, and very very nice looking. But I couldn’t see him as a “lets have breakfast in bed babe” kind of guy. So I could handle a strictly sheets relationship with him:P

  • Maddie

    Steve Martin. He’s the perfect old man crush. He’s funny, intelligent, can play one hell of a banjo, and is a writer. His Novela “Shopgirl” is incredibly provacative, and created my long-running yearning for him – no strings attached. If the pages are telling of how the relationship would run, then I don’t think I would mind pages 64-66.

  • Heather

    Definitely Colin Farrel, for years I have swooned over him but he is definitely not the type you expect more from!

  • Carl

    Matt Lanter from 90210, without a doubt!

    • Carl

      Oh, I forgot to say why….because he’s had me from the minute I first saw him…and he seems like he’d be down for that kind of situation (and that body of his doesn’t hurt, either)

  • Tabitha

    Ryan Phillippe. I’ve been crazy about him since I saw Cruel Intentions. Ryan is the trouble making bad boy who leaks sexy from every pore but would never be good to enter a real relationship with. Poor Reese and Abby.

    • Tabitha


  • Tonya

    P!nk! She’s hot, talented, and definitely has that bad-girl attitude going for her.

  • Brandi

    My “no strings attached” guy would be Ryan Reynolds. I been swooning over him since he was on Two Guys, A Girl, and Pizza Place. How can you not resist his good looks and sense of humor?

  • Sarah

    I think it would be a toss-up. It would either be Anne Hathaway or Adam Levine. Anne seems like the type of girl that would let you know what she wanted – and we know how beautiful she is, so a win-win. Adam Levine is just plain hot and his songs have always meant “sexy time” to me. For both of them, I’m pretty sure I’d have a hard time having a strictly “between the sheets” relationship with them, but given the opportunity… :)

  • Annie

    For a NSA relationship I’d have to say Channing Tatum. I don’t think he’s the smartest tack in the box (who burns their p33n?), so I wouldn’t want a relationship. I just want those rock hard abs ;)

  • Regular, no-strings sex with Adam Rodriguez? YES, PLEASE!!!

  • Anya

    I’d go with Benji Madden. He’s got some nice tattoos and his arms are pretty awesome now.

  • Daym

    I will have to say my No Strings Celeb would be Colin Farrell.
    In short…Colin is one of the most handsome Irish imports in current Hollywood with a vast array of assets some of us may have seen through the media (thanks Nicole Narain). Not only that, Colin has this edge that most gents don’t nor is he afraid to show it (the famed Wild Turkey pic); wrap that up with drowning eyes/brilliant brogue and you have one of the most amazing experiences life has to offer. So I feel Colin Farrell would be the perfect No Strings Attached Mate to have.

  • I would LOVE to have this arrangement with Mr. Seth Meyers. He is my favorite kind of brilliant-witty, and that sly little smirk he gives after a great joke is swoon worthy. But I think if he was really in my life, I wouldn’t want to ever ruin any kind of epic friendship with complicated relationship junk – I’d want to keep that easy going, smart wit around forever – with a little “something, something” on the side, of course.

  • jo

    Hmmm, I’d have to say Christian Bale, definitely. He’s not conventional ‘hot’ for me, but he has attitude and is totally bad ass.

  • Joy

    Jared Leto, most definitely! He is beyond beautiful and makes amazing music.

  • Kells

    Clive Owen… YUM…………….

  • Meredith

    Carey Mulligan would be my top choice. She seems like a genuinely happy, intelligent person in addition to being a beautiful, stylish woman. I think for this kind of non-relationship relationship getting involved with someone who is already happy and independent would be super important.

  • Julie

    Kate Hudson pre-preggers seems most like the non-realtionship type of girl. She seemed care free and it for the fun of hooking up.

  • Crystal

    Chris Daughtry…..he is SO gorgeous!!!!!

  • Whitney

    Alexander Skaarsgarrd…break me off a piece of that!! He is absolutely gorge.

  • Leah

    Rodrigo Santoro

  • Jennifer

    I’d have to say Hugh jackman…..he strikes me as the most sensual, sexy man I have ever seen….

  • Lacey

    Conan O’Brian….he has the most wonderful self-depreciating sense of humor. Plus, who doesn’t want a man that can rock jeggings?

  • hefferz

    I would have a no strings attached relationship with P!nk (were she not married to Carey Hart, knocked up and what not). I would have said fling with her because I think that she is amazing looking and I’m pretty sure she can fly. What other artist has become an aerialist for our pleasure? Plus, after we hook up she could totally sing to me in that raspy voice of hers. A P!nk lullaby…something to dream about. =)

    • hefferz

      Hefferz email = hms_05@hotmail.com, I guess I wasn’t sure about the email thing if we have a login!

  • Lauri

    James Franco. He’s AMAZINGLY attractive, smart, seemingly down to earth…he has the greatest smile ever, best hair, best movie roll..not that I wouldn’t love a real relationship with this very good looking stranger, it just seems like our schedules would clash. ;)

  • Jim Cruise

    I would totally do it NSA with Jared Leto. There’s something about his personality that bugs me and we would probably have absolutely nothing in common, but that’s the whole point of no strings and he is so irresistibly hot that I wouldn’t dare turn down using him for a one nighter. I just hope it doesn’t take him only 30 Seconds to get to Mars…if you know what I’m sayin’. ;)

  • ryan gosling… for sure.

  • Melissa

    Ryan Phillippe! I’ve had a school girl crush on Ryan forever, and yes, his posters were up on my walls back in the day. But really, I don’t think I would ever want to date him. Also, I’m not a blonde, so NSA all the way!

  • Olivia

    James McAvoy, for sure!

  • Amber C.

    Kate Walsh, the red hair does it for me!

  • Sar

    Jared Leto by all means.

  • Marcy

    Javier Bardem. I’d like to be either his Vicky or Cristina or both in Barcelona.

  • Rebecca

    Ben McKenzie…he’s only gotten better post-THE OC!!!

  • Monica

    Definely Mark Wahlberg…….i wouldn’t want his wife to get jealous…or for me to be a homewrecker lol <3

  • grace

    Gerard Butler FTW!

  • Rochelle

    Adam Brody. He’s been my crush since Now What? All my other celeb crushes are based off of Adam Brody. He’s in a band, he has that sarcastic humor thing down, and he’s Seth Cohen. Win. Win. Win.

  • KC

    He’s old enough to be my dad, but Johnny Depp. Please and thank you!!!

  • Trish

    Hugh Jackman for sure. Just seems like it would be a FABULOUS time.

  • joan

    tom cruise. sure, he might be a little “off,” but it’s always stricken me that that over-intensity might be rather tasty if directed between the sheets.

  • jeana

    Kid Rock. For a pretty reserved girl, the bad ass in him just drives me crazy. lol

  • Tom in COS

    I would say Ricky Martin, but there’s no way I could keep that NSA. He’s just too….perfect. I’d try to put a ring on it in like a month. So realistically, Vin Diesel. He’s totally the Sex ’em up, Put ’em out type. Also, just think of the dirty pillow talk with his “I’ve got gravel in my throat” voice. Yes please!

  • lisa

    Johnny Depp- he’s always been my favorite actor, and so handsome, but since we both have children, and I don’t want to move all the way to France, we could just visit when he’s in the states. (Plus, since the Captain Sparrow character became a little too real-life for Johnny, I’m not sure if the personal hygiene would be up to par.)

  • Andrea

    Channing Tatum, for sure! His eyes and smile are just gorgeous! Although with him I can fully admit I would probably fail at keeping unattached :-P

  • lisa

    Johnny Depp- he’s always been my favorite actor, and so handsome, but since he lives in France, and we both have kids, it would be way too much work to carry on a real relationship! (Plus, I dig the pirate thing!)

  • Danielle

    Even as a girl, Megan Fox for sure. I mean come on, it’s Megan Fox.

  • Tim S.

    Zac Efron, no questions asked…He is definitely gorgeous and it seems like it would be a lot of fun. :)

  • Kim

    Mark Salling! So sexy! (Plus, I’d want to marry David Beckham, not just be “friends” with him :P)

  • Kristie Loncich

    Back when What Not To Wear was just starting I once turned to my roommate and asked if there was any chance Clinton Kelly was straight… though I still have a crush, I should probably pick someone else, so I’m going to go with Javier Bardem

    • kendra

      Clinton wasn’t the original guy on What Not To Wear, but I totally get your sentiment..He’s so adorable! And he would totally make you feel really good about yourself! Too bad he would get grossed out by the vag..

  • Theresa

    I’d say Ryan Gosling but let’s face it, if I got anywhere close to sex with that man I would never let him leave the bedroom again! For a strictly NSA arrangement, I think I’d have to go with Ryan Reynolds…amazing body, and I think he’d keep it fun :)

  • Trish

    Matthew McConaughey, the man is just yummy. We’ve all seen his royal shirtless chest, but I would love to see it up close and personal. It’d have to be NSA though because I’m married, he’s in a committed relationship and I don’t think I could put up with his @ss for long.

  • Jessica

    Jason Statham. Not my usual “type” of guy, but he’s irresistible.

    • Jessica

      So weird! My names Jessica too, and earlier I posted that Jason Statham would be by celebrity guy too! Had to point this out, sorry:P

  • Kelly

    Tom Hardy, as Eames in Inception. I just cant get enough of him!

  • RDP

    Ryan Philippe! Very sexy but obviously cannot commit, so why not?

  • F.C.

    Gerard Butler: he’s so smoking hot that you wouldn’t want to have anything else with him BUT sex. Ok maybe a little bit “talking”, but I would not feel bad leaving him tied to the bedpost in the morning.

  • Robin

    Luke Wilson!! I have always thought he was so adorable. I remember telling my husband this when we had only just begun dating… and he said something like, “Not Brad Pitt?? Amazing!!” Haha.

  • Kayla

    James Franco. Hottest man alive.

  • Victoria

    Jay Sean. I have major brown fever and I would definitely be the happiest woman alive if I got a chance with him. Plus, the idea of him singing to me doesn’t hurt.

  • Jenny

    Jason Mraz. Do I really need to say more? He is a beautiful person inside and out. I would give almost anything for a night alone with that man and his guitar.

  • Maddie E.

    Danny Wood of NKOTB! Omg those muscles. He would scoop me up in his strong arms and hold me against the wall . . . I’d wrap my legs around him . . . WHOA! At least that’s what happened in my dream – Now I refer to that position as “Doin’ the Danny” ;)

    He’s the perfect NSA guy bc all he does is work out all day and has no time for a woman! But maybe he can just squeeze in some spare time for me at the end of the day.

  • Justine

    I’d probably have to say Hayden Christensen because there’s just this charm about him that you can’t really deny even when he’s playing a bad guy like Anakin Skywalker.

  • Kerri

    Tim McGraw–that voice and that butt in those tight jeans!!!!

  • Jae

    uh, jake gyllenhaal!!! yummmmm….

  • Stephanie

    Probably Andy Samberg cause I’ll know what he’ll get me for Christmas. *a certain appendage in a box* ……..JK Totally kidding, hee hee. I’d pick him cause he has a great sense of humor and I love that!

  • krissy

    Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, of course! Hot, smart, and a yoga expert!

  • supercute

    Alexander Skarsgard hands down!

  • My man Adam Brody. No questions asked. He is just so adorakable :)

  • Valerie

    Ryan Reynolds! He is just so yummy! I loved him in 2 Guys, a Girl and a pizza parlor and have drooled over him since.

  • Ryan Phillippe! Smokin’ hot and still has a boyish little smile. Yum.

  • Veronica

    For me, it’s Gael Garcia Bernal…those beautiful eyes must look great in the bedroom too! :)

  • Meg

    George Clooney because he is the silver fox and also a philanthropist!

  • Savannah

    Mmmm mmm. I want to have a NSA fling with Mark Wahlberg. He’s so toned, absolutely irresistable, has a beautiful smile, and I think he could work me out just right!!

  • Elana

    um. HELLO! Alexander Skarsgard is super sexy, has an accent (because he is Swedish) and is tall. Not only does he play the role of Eric Northman on True Blood, who I looooved from the Sookie Stackhouse Series, but his dad is also hot and I fell in love with him from Good Will Hunting!

  • coconutbug

    I would be very happy to have a NSA situation with Michael C Hall – after listening to you rave about Dexter for so long, I recently started watching and completely fell for him.

  • Winona

    Colin Firth, Colin Firth and Colin Firth. He’s just irresistible!

  • Siobhan

    Alexander Skarsgard. I practically faint every time I see his face

  • Fran

    Hayden Christensen!! I loooove to have a No Strings Attached situation with Hayden. Mmmm…so dreamy!

    Why? Because he can be bad like Darth Vader, a nerd like in Shattered Glass, woo me like in Factory Girl, and take me to another place like in Jumper. Then when we wake up in his farm in Canada, I can make my own breakfast with eggs from the chicken coop. Lol!

  • Katie

    ryan gosling – he is hot!

  • nicholas hoult. ever since l watched him in skins, l don’t care how much younger he is, l want to jump his bones

  • ~Michelle~

    Rather difficult question to answer – let’s go with Mr. Jackman!

  • Bruce

    Kellan Lutz because we could have awesome sex and then he could go back to hangin out with skinny blond girls :)

    • @Bruce — Hahaha, I like your line of reasoning :)

  • Anna

    ummm… i think i’d have to go with jake gyllenhaal.

  • Dezden

    U-S H-E-R R-A Y-M O-N-D… I’d love to have no strings attached with Usher. If you know about his past, you know he’s had plenty of women in his past, plus he has kids. I’m not ready for that drama or to be a mama, but geeze… I’d love to “Make Love in the Club” with him… “My Way”!

  • I would like a ‘no strings attached’ arrangement with Jude Law, Ryan Gosling, James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman…. Oh wait was I supposed to pick just one?!

  • Ken Watanabe! He’s sizzling hot and I’d totally have his babies…if that were biologically possible.

  • Faith

    Nicole Richie!!!! She is so sexy and I can only imagine how fabulous she is in real life. We could talk about fashion and adorable children, and then she could marry me off to her brother in law Benji Madden. Woot!!

  • Wren

    Natalie Portman! I know we’re both straight but if I could, I would.

  • Sally

    I’d have to say Scarlett Johansson. I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t even mind too!

  • Fallon

    Mila Kunis. I never realized how hot she was, until Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  • CJ


  • Iris

    Ed Westwick, he has that come hither seductive look to him on and off screen. Yummy! ;)

  • Bridget

    I would say Ashton Kutcher. Life imitates art and I don’t blame Natalie’s character for wanting something more with Ashton! Yes, please!

  • Ama

    Gackt-for sure. That man is one of the sexiest being alive. His voice makes me melt C:

  • Howard

    I would have to go with English rugby star Ben Cohen. So hot and he loves his gay fans!

  • Ashley

    I love the way he puts words together. If I like what he is saying or not, his command of words is an amazing turn on.

  • divette

    I’d pick…..ASHTON KUTCHER because he seems like the friendly yet still sexy type + I don’t think Demi Moore would mind. LOL :-D

  • Tawnie

    I would have a NSA with David Beckham because I can already tell we have chemistry. By the way he looks at me…through his photos.

  • Natalieeee

    Definitely Dexter (Michael C Hall) because he would be too busy killing people to have a serious relationship with me but I’d understand because I know his secret, thus maintaining a harmonious friendship!

  • Chris

    I would hands down say Bradley Cooper, homeboy is one fine specimen. His smile is captivating, and his demeanor is that of a confident, damn fine catch. B Coops, I’d smush with you anyday ;)

  • BillyDee

    Well I would definitely have to go with my life-crush, Jake Gyllenhaal, duh. Clearly, during our hookups, he would realize how good it is to have our bodies next to each other and we’d fall in love and it would be happily ever after.

  • Tess

    JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!!! After seeing him in Love and Other Drugs……. nuff said.

  • Lizzy

    If I had to choose a NSA arrangement, I would have to say Johnny Depp. Although, I don’t know how long I’d be able to accept the no strings once I had him…

  • Chelsea

    Russell Brand as Aldous Snow. Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek made me love him….. but defintely just for a no strings attached relationship

  • Eli

    Hands down…Gerard Butler!!!…absolutely “one night stand” worthy – sexy, naughty, and oh so yummy!

  • Angel

    Def Ryan Gosling. He can be sweet and charming but still joke around, and lets face it at the end of NSA they prolly fall for each other and that’s what I’d do with Ryan!

  • absolutkimba

    I would have a NSA relationship with Jason Biggs. I LOVE his geeky hotness and every movie I have seen him in makes me like him even more!!

  • mary nguyen

    Zac Efron all the way!! He just seems like the type of guy you could have frivolous fun with and he won’t become attached.. hubba hubba..

  • merad

    britney spears all the way. Love her body, but can’t handle her crazy.


  • Oh boy! I would definitely have to choose my childhood dreamboat crush, Paul Walker. I’d stare into those soft baby blue eyes throughout our whole NSA rendezvous!

  • Monica Benites

    No question WILL SMITH! One of the finest men I’ve ever seen grace the big screen! It would be magical just to be in his very muscular arms!! :-)
    PS. If DR. Avery from Grey’s anatomy wants to join in…I wouldn’t mind ;-)

  • Patrizia N.

    Listening to his steamy hot songs tells me that Robin Thicke would be a sexy guy to have a NSA relationship with. He can woo me to bed any day. haha.

  • Allie

    Channing Tatum, for sure!

  • Lexifer

    Ryan Reynolds.. I would nom his gorgeous body. He’s a fellow canuck, so really, it should just happen. Oh yea. Giggity.

  • Holly

    Easy–Ryan Gosling. Hands down.

  • Brendan Cuniff

    Ryan Reynolds for sure… he’s not only sexy…hes uber talented!

  • annie

    Billy Bob Thornton. I’ve always had a strange crush on him, and can you imagine how kinky he’d be!