Jake Gyllenhaal Back With Ex-Girlfriend Jenny Lewis?


Yesterday we saw photos of Jake Gyllenhaal out and about in West Hollywood, CA this weekend enjoying a leisurely breakfast with an older woman on Saturday morning. But by Sunday afternoon, Jake had traded that older woman for a much younger woman picked to be his date to the Golden Globe Awards last night. Jake didn’t bring just any ol’ chick to the fĂȘte with him, no siree, he asked his ex-girlfriend (and Rilo Kiley frontwoman) Jenny Lewis to accompany him. Might the ex-lovers be sparking up a new relationship together?

Jake Gyllenhaal definitely has a thing for blondes, but there is one redhead who remains near and dear to his heart: Jenny Lewis … The former child actress, who has become a singing indie rock favorite by fronting band Rilo Kiley and releasing two solo albums, has remained friends with the Globe nominee, even after moving on and dating other people. Back in 2009, Gyllenhaal, 30, caught Lewis’s set at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival with then girlfriend Reese Witherspoon. Later that year Lewis, who is currently dating fellow musician Johnathan Rice, hung out with the couple after her concert at the Hollywood Bowl. And Gyllenhaal wore a sweatshirt with Lewis’s face on it while exiting a gym in Studio City last June. Sunday night, they were back to supporting one another with Lewis on Gyllenhaal’s arm at the Golden Globes. With his short-lived romance with Taylor Swift on everyone’s mind, who says ex’s can’t be friends?

So … Jenny is currently attached to another dude … and yet, Jake and Jenny made sure NOT to be photographed too close to one another. The couple made sure not to pose for any photos together, nor were they seen holding hands or touching in anyway. The only photos of the pair together were taken at a distance or accidentally when the pair stepped into the same frame. HMMMM. Friends? More than friends? Whatever the case may be, I’m quite certain that nothing about any of this is sitting well with Taylor Swift today. HMMMM.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • nicole

    i dunnom from those pics…i get a just friends vibe.

    • nicole


  • ausettofegypt

    I love Jenny Lewis. So is so cute

  • canaussiegirl

    Come on… why is it that we are so unwilling to accept that two people of the opposite sex are incapable of being friends?

    Did we learn nothing from When Harry Met Sally? Oh wait……

  • Debho

    Love Jenny! Him, not so much. Hope they’re just friends and not rekindling anything.

  • Morgan

    I almost died when I saw her sitting next to him last night. I have a total girl grush on her – she’s so awesome. I had no idea that they once dated, but they make a super cute couple and I think they should get back together.

  • Morgan

    I almost died when I saw her sitting next to him last night. I have a total girl crush on her – she’s so awesome. I had no idea that they once dated, but they make a super cute couple and I think they should get back together.

  • truthyisalways

    I think his Jakeness is probably nursing a broken heart about Reese and her manipulator, I mean, fiancĂ©, feeling like a turd for unintentionally leading on the putative virgin Taytay–he prolly realized he just couldn’t go there with her. I think he’s probably thrilled to kick it with an old friend and not think about romance for awhile.

  • Holly

    I’m not sure but damn he looks good in that suit

  • madgab

    Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice made up the musical act “Jenny and Johnny” and were touring just months ago! (might I add, they are AMAZING live and as much as I luuuurve Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m hoping this story is not true)

  • Rudy

    I’m saying just friends. I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere on this blog that Jake took Reese to a Rilo Kiley or maybe a Jenny and Johnny concert when they were dating. Jenny is freaking awesome, so I’d approve, but I don’t think they’re together, rather just very good friends.

  • Steph

    I love jake gyllenhaal and am sooo glad that he isnt with Taylor anymore. Brunettes and reds have more fun :)

    • virginia

      its not the hair that makes you fun its the personality and shit that does im a brown headed girl and i have less fun then my sister and she is blonde

  • c-word

    yea – totally pickin up the friend-vibe :)

  • The F-word

    “F” as in friends. I think it says a lot about Jake…all good, that he can still be friends with women he used to date. He and Natalie Portman are besties, too. I don’t think there was ever anything much going on with him and Taylor.