Jared Leto Rocks The Pink Piggy Knit Hat RIGHT!


Jared Leto, fresh from his 30 Seconds to Mars rock concert in Pomona, CA on Friday night, popped into Toast here in LA yesterday morning to grab some breakfast. For the outing, Jared rocked an adorable PINK PIGGY knit cap like nobody’s business.

Jared is one of those rare men who can wear something like this completely without apology and make the damn thing work. Naturally, he had to remove the hat for a bit to show off his PERFECTLY coiffed hair. You tell me, beloved readers … how is it possible that Leto can wear such a form-fitting hat like this and then take it off to reveal PERFECT HAIR?! The man is not human … a god among men … ageless, stylish, practically perfect in every way. Le sigh.

Now … where can I get me a hat like this? Anyone know?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Ama

    He’s so adorable C: I love it when grown people don’t mind still wearing things or expressing their love for things that are usually seen as childish. Him doing things like this, make me like him more(not that I can like him more than I already do) I think he didn’t have the hat down all the way, and that’s why It didn’t mess with his hair C:

    Hm, I don’t know where you could get a hat like that. Maybe a fan made it for him? I’ll google it (laughs) cause I kind of want one too.

  • I really want it too, although i do already have a tiger hat!

  • Sylvie

    If I ever see him in real life, I think I’m going to have to have his children…Just so that my kids could be as perfect as him *sigh*

  • OST

    While he’s hot- not loving the hat.

  • JumpJared

    Jared…” PRETTY IN PINK “

  • Amanda G

    I love that hat!

  • Kenz


  • Kenz