Jake Gyllenhaal Surfaces In West Hollywood


When last we saw photos here on the blog of Jake Gyllenhaal out in the wild, he was riding the subway in NYC like a champ. Today we learn that Jakey poo has made his way here to SoCal and was spotted out and about yesterday morning in West Hollywood, CA grabbin’ some breakfast with an older woman (who doesn’t look to me like his mother). Might Jake have already found a replacement for Taylor Swift?

Okay, so mebbe Jake isn’t actually creepin’ with this lady … but I’m sure that will come of NO comfort to sad Taylor Swift who’s been lookin’ so bummed out since Jake dumped her. Oh Jake, you’re such a heartbreaker … such a hot and tasty heartbreaker. You cad you. Call me!

[Photo credit: X17]

  • jessica

    I can’t imagine having all this information about someone I’m trying to get over just a click away.

  • Z

    Lmfao XD @Trent I swear I died laughing when I read this =P!!