First Listen: Jennifer Lopez, ‘Venus’ & ‘On The Floor’


New American Idol judge and former pop superstar Jennifer Lopez has got some new tunes for us to listen to this fine weekend. J. Lo has recorded a cover of the classic song Venus (Shocking Blue, Bananarama) that will be used in a commercial for the Gillette company (who sell the Venus women’s razor). Additionally, a new song titled On the Floor (featuring Pitbull) has leaked its way to the Internets that gives us a taste of what her new album Love? will sound like. To be honest, both songs give me reasons to be very concerned.

OY! This song is cringe-worthy. I mean, I get that it’s a commercial jingle and not a real single but ugh, it’s bad. It sounds like a really shitty version of Bananarama’s cover of the original Shocking Blue song. No, J. Lo … just no. Her new song On the Floor (Featuring Pitbull) sounds a bit better, but isn’t the smash hit single that she desperately needs:

I mean … the song is OK but it’s really nothing special. As I understand it, the song was produced by Red One and is set for official debut on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this coming week. I’m far from impressed but, well, there’s bound to be at least one hit on J. Lo’s new album, right? Right? What do YOU think of these songs? Do you like either of them?

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  • Grace

    The chorus of On the Floor is basically the Lambada song.
    Not impressed…

  • Badaboum

    Both songs are embarrassing…
    She is past 40, she should sound a little more grown up and mature, she sounds a bit desperate now…. I think her time has past I’m afraid.


    It’s better than anything else she has released in the past 5 years!

  • Baybridget

    So bad. So very bad.

  • nicole

    i kinda like the Venus cover…the damn song is stuck in my head.
    but with Pitbull i find his features work better with Male artist, and even then theres only few he fits. but shes smart to take a few steps back and do club songs that djs can remix it.

  • Sanchez

    Never liked her. She has never appealed to my aural senses at all.

  • Adam

    the putbull song is good. It’s not a chart topper, but I can dance to it. that’s all i’m looking for a solid cd with songs I can move to, it’s not all about top hits.

  • Isabelle

    Both songs are cringe-worthy.

  • Jay

    I kinda like her new song On the Floor. But it needs way more bass. It sounds kinda ninety-ish.

  • JB

    I kinda like the song with Pitbull, it’s way better than that Loubitan crap she put out not so long ago. The Venus cover? SO AWFUL!! Seriously, leave the song alone.

  • Tracy

    Ugh. This was TERRIBLE. Sounds like Heidi Montag. In other words, it sounds like shit.

  • Tracy

    I could not listen to them all way through. The best part of “on the floor” was PitBull. Come on JLo…UGH!!!

    Oh…and I not the same Tracy as the one above….what is up with that Trent?

  • tara

    JLo cannot sing thats all there is too it. her voice is digitally enhanced in every song she has ever made……she needs to give it up already lolol

  • Dominic

    I like it better than Britney Spears new song

    • CHASE

      ^ LOL. The most funniest joke in 2011 thus far.

    • Oh, you’re too funny. ROFL.

  • ella

    just like everything j.lo does these days…. meh.

    (on the worse side of “meh,” too)

  • Katie

    I like it better than Britney’s song too. I don’t see the appeal of Britney, people say J-Lo needs to give it up, Britney needs to as well. In MY opinion.
    Someone said her voice was digital enhance… name a singer whose voice ISN’T on their albums?

    • Wally

      Kylie Minogue really sings and sings well. Plus she has great dance pop songs. She really puts J-Lo, Britney to shame.

  • Faith


  • DC

    I dunno but I like it alot!!

  • rOXy

    The Venus song could be anybody. Very generic, but I guess that’s to be expected for a commercial. The other song…Pitbull is the best part of it, it’s not a total stinker but it’s not hot either. Britney makes it all sound so easy, but as so many singers can attest to, it’s not. Not sure why she’s trying now. Maybe she wants to show AI hopefuls how it’s NOT done. She needs to focus on her job as a judge and hang it up for awhile. She has better fashion sense than musical and/or acting sense. Her best in both was a portrayal of someone (Selena) who would have been much more stellar than JLo ever thought about being.

  • lisa

    I hope she doesn’t perform on AI like Paula did when she and Randy had that song- yikes. Still, I’ve always like J.Lo more as an actress- romantic comedies that are just fun to watch like The Wedding Planner. I actually enjoy her in those roles and think she should stick to that. I know she’s no Angelina Jolie, but her movies are fun to watch.

    • rOXy

      …..and Gigli was just so darned good! I admit she has made some fairly watchable cute romcoms, but I enjoyed watching what she wore in them more than watching her act.

  • Jackie

    Pitbull is the best part of the song. I don’t think its terrible but I wouldn’t say it’s better than Britney’s. I love the beat of Britney’s better.

  • mediamaniac

    It’s certainly American Idol worthy!

  • jim

    Wasn’t it The Shocking Blue that first hit with Venus?

  • Nicolle Irving

    I could only listen to 25 seconds of the Bananarama cover. The beat in the PitBull song is better but the la la parts make me cringe.

  • livia123

    the venus one is really bad…
    the one with pitbull is better but only the part where pitbull sings
    it wud be worse thn the first one without pitbull

  • i like her on the floor song much better than brits new tune

  • Frank

    She’s washed up and needs to put out some good music.

    • Wally

      I agree Frank. She had such a promising career, but her music in the past five years has been so uninspired and honestly, boring. She needs a good producer to find her niche, because she obviously has’t a clue.

  • Alex N

    The other one samples the freakin’ Lambada. Is she for real? Pathetic.

    • Nina

      EXACTLY! I couldn’t believe it either. She freaking ressuscitated a Lambada from 20 years ago! Yuck!

  • Amanda G

    I’m sorry, but I just think of that commercial when I hear the Venus song LOL J.Lo needs to give up the music career. She’s becoming Paula Abdul…

  • PeterStJ

    Uhm….why is JLo stealing Kaoma’s 1989 Lambada refrain? This is so stupid! I mean it even sounds better in Portuguese.

  • Jayson

    Is auto-tune the only way a person can have a hit today? Music is truly disgusting today. Another example of cheap itunes compressed mp3 pop radio garbage.

  • Audrey

    Ugh. Pass.

  • HTK