PITNB Readers, 011511


On Thursday I announced the winners of the Jersey Shore Season 2 DVD sets from the last Pink is the new Blog contest but I received so many great photo submissions from readers that I simply have to share some of them with all y’all today. While not everyone could win the contest, these photos prove that Pink readers really know how to have a good time.

Phil sends in a photo showing off the classic Jersey Shore fist pump — Kerri sends in a photo of her peeps partying Jersey style — Christopher and his ladies party hearty — Isabelle sends in a photo from Canada of her friends playing flippy cups — Tess and her BFFs just love to party down:

Thank you all so much for sending in your fun photos :) Please, keep sending in your fantastically fun photos … I need more, more more!! Much love and many thanks to you all for continuing to share your funtime photos with all of us ;D

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