Lisa Vanderpump From ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Evicts ‘Permanent Houseguest’ Cedric Martinez


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills won’t air its season finale ep until next week and the reunion special won’t air until the week after but Life & Style magazine brings us today some juicy tidbits from the reunion special that should tide us over until the show airs. Those of you who watch RHOBH know that castmember Lisa Vanderpump houses a “permanent houseguest” named Cedric Martinez in her multi-million dollar home. But, on the RHOBH reunion special she announces that Cedric has been given the boot and he no longer lives with her! Clutch those pearls, y’all … can you believe?!

During the reunion, Lisa Vanderpump reveals shocking news that her houseguest Cedric, whom she has been caring for since he was 15, has moved out. “Lisa’s husband, Ken, wanted him gone,” an insider tells Life & Style. “So he was asked to leave. Now Cedric and Lisa aren’t speaking.”

Wow!! I was convinced that Cedric would never leave … I wonder where he is living now. HMMM. Life & Style goes on to provide many more deets about the RHOBH reunion taping:

On the morning of Jan. 4, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates gathered in a heavily guarded private room inside the Millennium Biltmore Hotel for the emotional and tear-filled taping of the cast reunion, Life & Style has learned. As soon as Kyle Richards was face-to-face with archenemy Camille Grammer, the sparks — and accusations — started flying. “Kyle wasn’t going to sit there and not address what Camille had done,” a production source tells Life & Style. “She called Camille out on a lot.” According to the source, by the end of the taping, every Housewife was sobbing — except for Camille. However, she did manage to shock her castmates by offering a semi-apology.”Camille admitted there were certain things she was just horrified about saying,” the source reveals. But Kyle and Camille weren’t the only ones at each other’s throats — there was plenty of arguing between Kim and Taylor Armstrong as well as sister’s Kim and Kyle Richards. The sisters’ tension reaches a boiling point in the final episode of the show and carries into the reunion. The two still haven’t resolved their deepseated issues, according to the production source … And while it’s still unclear which of the Housewives will be back for a second season, Kyle says she hopes Camille does return! “I would like to see her come back and be on a different path,” Kyle tells Life & Style.

I have really been enjoying the premiere season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I cannot A.) wait for the finale ep and B.) wait for the reunion. This show has quickly become one of my fave reality TV shows du jour and I can’t get enough. I wonder what other surprises are in store for us when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special airs in a couple of weeks.


  • laurennc

    Lisa is my favorite housewife of all time! She is hilarious and seems to be very down to earth. I liked Cedric up until last nights episode. Lisa’s husband talked about how everytime he bought up the subject of Cedric leaving that he would go behind his back to talk to Lisa and make her feel bad. Sure enough that’s what he did. I understand he’s had a hard life…or so he says, but he’s an adult and it was time for him to move on. I hope this show comes back for a second season.

  • That Girl

    Bev Hills housewives is my all time fav. and I have watched all of them. I love Kyle and Lisa…I love Lisa the most! She just remind me of the show I wasn’t old enough to watch…Dynasty. I get to watch Dynasty now with Lisa as the heroine! It’s just scrumptious!

  • Wut

    Ugh, I can’t stand Kyle anymore. She’s so fake and a total attention wh0re. Oddly enough, Camille is growing on me, and I never thought that would happen.

    • Midwestnormal

      Funny I thought i was the only one who was actually beginning to like Camille a bit

    • chlooe

      Lol i feel same too. I was an avid Camille hater but for some reason I had to soften a bit. I think its the mix of this last episode (the realest she has ever been regarding the divorce) and the clip they keep playing of the upcoming reunion “This has been set up to make me look bad” and the sneak peak of Kyle going off on her and her not even snapping back.

      Im sure they are all assholes in person lol

    • ncphotogrl

      i LOVE Lisa, she is such a down to earth person, she is very wealthy and still takes in someone whom was obviously not appreciative. She makes the show. Camille, what a phony, she staged all the drama and now is trying to take the high road and thinks it is possible since her husband couldnt take her anymore and is leaving her. i think she is so jealous of kyle, because camille had to marry someone she couldnt be sexually attracted to and kyle has the life she really wants. Taylor, her lips, her crying around, and whats with all the shirt dresses?

    • I AM TOTALLY 100% ON CAMILLE’S SIDE! NO ONE HAD A RIGHT TO DISRESPECT HER THE WAY KYLE AND LISA DID! SHE HAS WORKED HARD TO KEEP HERSELF IN SHAPE AND LOOK THE WAY SHE DOES. I know that Lisa and Kyle are serious jaycat JELOUS of her. I wish Camille never apologized for anything she said or did. She would have had to do a lot in this life to be where she is now, so I give her props for that along with my deepest empathy for being bullied by Kyle along with the most HORRIFIC INSTIGATOR I have ever seen in my life LISA! SO CAMILLE HERE IS A SHOUT OUT TO YOU GIRL…..No one deserves to be treated that way by anyone. Kelsey is wrong on every level, yet you showed more dignity than I could ever imagine possible along with seeing things clearly of how they really are. I have Camille’s back on everything. STARR

    • alex

      Sorry but I disagree. Camille is not honest in her ways. She is using the excuse of her divorce for her action. I hope she doesnt come back for season 2. and as for her working hard ARE YOUR FREAKEN KIDDING ME. if that is the case why would you have 4 nannies to take of 2 children. She didnt work for what she had . I dont think she is a honest or sincere individual . To me she is FAKE as the come.

    • alex

      Is your name Allison Dubois?

    • kelly

      I find it very hard to believe that anyone that watches this show can side with Camille. Everything she does is so contrived. I LOVED the episode where she invited Adrienne out or whatever, and as soon as she started trying to talk shit Adrienne made an excuse to leave. But yes, Camille seems very fake, and it totally looks like she’s just projecting her issues on Kyle. Why would anyone care about you without your husband there (or whatever the line was) seems more like the product of an insecure mind than something someone would actually say…especially to the wife of your husband’s important client. Makes no sense that Kyle would say that, even if she THOUGHT it. Like someone already said, Camille is very obviously jealous of Kyle’s relationship with her husband. I think it must irk her that Kyle’s husband works for hers…but Kyle’s husband makes Kyle happier than Camille’s makes her. Her husband may be richer, but Kyle’s is actually a good husband.

      And what’s up with the kissing other women’s husbands? O.o

    • ANN

      KYLE IS SUCH A BULLY! I can’t stand how she constantly makes her own sister look so badly. She is forever making a fool out of her in front of everyone. Its funny how she talks so badly about Kim, but Kim never says any bad about her. I feel badly for Kim and Camille and anyone else whom Kyle is jealous of.

    • kelly

      Kim makes herself look bad. Her “i don’t like confrontation” cop out is just that. She should have spoken up and put an end to the whole drama over what Camille heard Kyle say, since she was the only one there. Like Kyle told her, aside from the fact that that’s her sister, and if she had any sense of loyalty she should have had her sister’s back, but even if it wasn’t her sister, how about standing up for the truth? I actually like Kim, and I feel bad for her because you can tell when she’s getting flustered…but I don’t see how any of that is her sister’s fault.


    Ummm she has this big ass home, cared for the guy since he was 15 and gives him the boot? I would not want her (Lisa) as my Mother . . . they should have gotten rid of that small dog!

    • B

      Dude’s like 32! Get a job and your own apartment already! Her daughter is 24 and out of the house!

    • homer

      The dog is dependent on them & they assumed life long responsibility for him when they brought him home. An unrelated man in his mid-thirties should not be. He’s big & strong & smart, time to make it on his own. I have no reason to disbelieve the story of his upbringing but that doesn’t mean Lisa has to live with him forever. She’s done more than enough.

    • Allybeth

      Lisa did not care for Cedric since he was 15. It was only for about 1 year that he lived with them.
      Camille is now showing a softer side; only because she is now vulnerable…Careful not to throw stones at glass houses. I feel badly for her pain; but she often showed sings of entitlement. Everytime I saw her in Kelsey in a scene together I just saw NOTHING…now attachment or connection…it was creepy weird. I don’t feel sorry for Taylor…she made the decision to marry for money…that’s what you get.

  • I really loved Kyle on the show so I added her on Twitter, but from reading her Tweets she seems a bit fake to me too… But I’ve always liked Lisa too. She is the best housewife of all of them! :)

  • eli

    Cedric can come sleep over at my house ANY day of the week. omg he is hot as ice.

    • LOL. I’m with ya there. He’s a hottie! … But he’s gay. :[

    • eli

      thank god ;]

  • This article IS NOT CORRECT!!!!! CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!!! Cedric has not lived with the VanderPumps since 15. If you google Cedric you will see that he is a college graduate & an accomplished model. I don’t know all of the circs of the situation; however they were laugh out loud funny together & I’m very sorry it has happened. I do know Lisa is starting to talk smack about Cedric & I will ask her to stop. Whatever happened; let it go & don’t try to harm someone else.

    • alex

      Can you say FREE LOADER? Cedric is a grown man. He needs to live on his own and start being a productive individual to society. He was not only employed by the VanderPumps but also living in there household FREE of rent. He should be grateful that they took him in instead of being mad at them because they ask him to leave. The VanderPumps have EVERY RIGHT to kick his ASS out of there home. If you noticed on the episodes of the show every time MR. VanderPumps ask Cedric that he needed to leave he would go behind his back to Lisa VanderPumps and start drama and give excuses as to why he doesn’t want to leave. I feel bad that he had a messed up past but I truly feel that he is using that excuse for him not to leave. HOW embarrassing is for a grown man as Cedric not to get the point and to be ask on several occasions to leave someone’s home I would be embarrassed if the person that I am living with tells me to leave . To me Cedric is what you would call a FREE LOADER!!!!! He should have been thankful to the VanderPumps for employment and a place to live.

  • “as well as sister’s Kim and Kyle Richards” — the plural of sister is sisters, not sister’s.

  • babo

    I got hooked onto this show and I cant stop watching…but I think that it was about time that Lisa kicked Cedric out. I mean, he is already old, he has lived with them for a year and I cant understand how he thinks staying at Lisa’s will solve his personal problems! I feel as if it was good on her part to kick him out, he needs to solve those self esteem issues asap .Sometimes if you love something you have got to let it go…

  • Laura

    wow.. I can’t wait to watch the reunion! January 27 th is way too far off!!! ha! About Lisa putting Cedric out- I feel bad for him BUT there would come a time that he would have to leave the Vanderpump home.. I hope Cedric is OK and making it on his own- after all, he can always model and make a decent living. I watched the mini clip on Kim and Kyle- does Kim reveal a drinking problem?!? Gosh, and I am still amazed that Taylor and Kim are still going at it, they just don’t seem to mix well together!! As far as Camille, I hope she stays on- she makes a fool outta herself every time she speaks.. she’s hilarious while inserting her foot in thy mouth! I will be glued to Bravo come January 27 th, wild horses couldn’t drag me away!

  • LJS

    Cedric’s story is sad but that’s not an excuse to be a burdon on people for the rest of your life. I had a tough life and I pulled through and made it on my own. He is using that story to pull at Lisa’s heartstrings and in turn he is causing problems in her marriage. Any person with a little bit of common sense would have realized it was time to move on many years ago. He is only taking his WANTS into consideration and not the affects it has on the people trying to help him. It must be nice to mooch off of a millionaire.

    • alex

      I truly agree with you. Cedric got accustomed to living a good life on someone else’s property. I totally agree that he was using his past as a excuse which was hard on Lisa because I truly feel that out of all the housewife’s she is the only one that his honest. She felt bad but at the same time her marriage is more important. Cedric should have been thankful for what the VanderPumps did for him took him into there household and gave him employment. There are not allot of individuals now a days such as the VanderPumps especially multimillionaires’ that do that. Cedric if you ever read this learn one thing being Thankful and appreciated for having people such as the Vanderpumps in your life. Don’t take for granted those who help you. I am truly sorry that you had such a harsh and horrible youth but that is no excuse to take advantage of those who open there home but also there hearts and help you out.

  • Ava

    I think that the show is very entertaining. I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait until the reunion. I would like to have some questions answered during the reunion like: Why Camille thinks its ok to kiss another woman’s husband in the mouth and hop on the back of his motorcycle? (maybe that’s why Kelsey left), Why is Kim so high strung? Why does it seem to me that Taylor wants Kyle’s life (& husband)?, Why is Taylor married to a geek and wondering why they don’t have any fun?, and lastly Can I be Lisa’s next houseguest? :)

  • lana

    Hi Kyle. You are putting an incredible burden on your sister by blaming her for your mother death. It should be the reason Kim has self-esteem issues.
    Why is it that a sister that it is the most important family member to you is treated with such resentment that you actually pushing her away. You need her in your life. Stop making her so unhappy with herself. It is devastating to watch. Help her, but don’t make her feel miserable. It kills the kindness of your help. If i would be Kim, i would reject your help because you
    Always poke it at her. She did not defend you in New York…but she did not speak against you either and later defended your side of the story.
    You on the other hand seeking ways to
    be against her..Not only you do not stand by her, you attack her any chance you have. You do need therapy.
    I don’t think you have respect for yourself.
    That is why you treat closest to you with disrespect.
    Kim was right that Taylor instigated Camille against you.
    At the airport you were talking, Taylor had no right to tell Camille
    About the conversation. Camille is not as bad as Taylor.
    Taylor attacks Kim in front of you. Not once you defended her.
    On opposite, you took Taylor side. Who is the deceitful sister?

    • COLIN H M

      Lana, I don’t know you. But you my friend are right on every single point. Thank you for making it!

    • jhr459

      I really like Kyle, but you are right on about the way she treats Kim. Maybe we don’t know the history, but she needs to back off a bit on Kim.
      Favorites (in order)

  • Gerri

    Cedric needed to move out on his own. He was always the third wheel in Lisa’s marriage. His sad story and fake tears did sway me. He is quite the manipulator and button pusher. However, his dependence on Lisa is her own fault. Spoiling any person, without expecting them to stand on their own two feet, makes them useless.

    • Gerri

      I meant to say that “his sad story and fake tear DIDN’T sway me”.

    • inda Taylor

      Cedric could have been working at one of Lisa and Ken’s restaurants in exchange for room & board. It is only common sense. He spins a good yarn, but so do a lot of people. Ken and Giggy and Lisa needed to be together without a permanent house guest who does not even help around the house! Let him reinvent his phone book story and get a job, even if it is waiting tables (a noble profession, and an honest living, nonetheless).

  • james

    this is the best show i have ever seen i hope that they all come back for the second season and i hope that cedric and lisa makeup but i do understand her and kens point

  • We all know Taylor started all the chaos in N.Y. And Kyle was so mean to Kim. I love Lisa and Giggie. And Adrianne is a class act. Taylor will fall and be the eleventh broke housewife, with Atl. housewife Cynthia following before or after her. Ask Taylor about Russell’s exe’s and all the other kids he has?

  • kel

    Are you kidding me? Leaning toward Camille? She has made herself out to be the victim once again for everything & blames all of her immature, pathetic behavior on Kelsey & their marital problems. Has anyone even thought of why he left her? She does not look like she’s easy to be married to. She sure does like to take credit for all of Kelsey’s business. She is a manipulative, sneaky person. It’s disgusting to watch. She blames Kyle & editing for how she was portrayed on the show. Give me a break. The editors didn’t tell her to invite her psycho friend to dinner knowing what was going to happen, they didn’t tell her to act like an immature idiot, they didn’t tell her to say every girl is jealous of her, the didn’t tell her to make a fool of herself. She did that all on her own. Where does it end? She is very jealous & insecure. The way she evil eyes Kyle on the reunion show is so lame. She blamed every single thing on her divorce. Also, she said she had irritable bowel syndrome, that’s why she didn’t birth her own children. How come she didn’t mention that? Which is it? You couldn’t have kids or is it your other excuse that you had IBS? Why wasn’t her little boy toy mentioned on the reunion either? Watching that is pathetic enough. Kissing him on the lips in front of the guys wife, then saying, “yum” after? What a joke. Everything she does is embarrassing. She should be ashamed of herself. I also love how she says her main focus is her children. That’s funny, then why does she have four nannies? The apartment is too small in NY? Love how she blamed Kelsey for that too. She said it on camera it was too small. Shall I go on?

    • @kel — Thank you :) I totally agree!

    • jhr459

      yeah – what Kel said!!

  • shelley

    Taylor sucks. She is up to no good Can’t believe She tried to get in between the 2 sisters. she needs to worry about her sucky husband.

  • shelley

    Also I think taylor is gross for holding kins issues over her head during the reunion. She acts like she is speaking in code and will spill the beans on her drinking issue…shame on you taylor…gross.
    Would you out your daughter like this if she had issues.

  • alex

    Why wasn’t Camille’s BOY TOY ever mentioned in the Reunion Part 1? I’m sorry but they have more than a FRIENDSHIP. The way Camille kissed him on his lips and hugged him showed me and my friends that were watching the show with me that you Camille have more than a friendship with this man. What we can’t understand is why would you have 4 nannies to take care of 2 children then complain because the apartment that Kasey Grammar purchased in New York City was small for her staff? ARE YOU F&^! Kidding me. Not only were that but the comments you make so sicking to me. But what made me dislike you even more Camille is the episode when you went to get your nails done and your mom was there with you instead of showing your mother that you cared for her will being you made it all about you I couldn’t believe what I was seeing .That to me showed me me what your true colors are. WOW a piece of work you are! I hope that in the Reunion Part 2 your boy toy is brought up. I hope hope you don’t come back to season 2 Camille your not worth watching on T.V. I feel that I may not be the only person that feels that way. For my friends who also watch this show dislike you very much. And trust me when I say this it’s not about being jealous of you at all. For it seems that you feel everyone especially woman are jealous of you. GET OVER IT!! .
    Camille if you ever read these blog just knows that you are the most unpleasant person that I have ever seen on T.V. you need HELP psychologically. You think all women are jealous of you I’m sorry but that are not the case. And the people that surround you only agree with you because there on your payroll! You’re such a bad actress Camille that even with you try to cry it’s so fake it’s called “Crocodile Tears”. Like you said Kasey turned you in for a new wife but I don’t think that is the case he probably got tired of your attitude and actions and he said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You Camille are high Maintenance I too would divorce you on the spot. I can’t believe Kasey Grammar was married with you for 12 years or so. You are now free to continue with your BOY TOY but if I am not mistaken he is a married man with children himself! If the truth comes out that you have been more than friend’s with your boy toy than you Camille are HYPACORTIT!!!

  • Snow

    Word has it that every word out of Cedric’s mouth was a lie. He has no conscience and is a narcissist. Camille has similar character traits to Cedric!