First Look: ‘The Real Housewives Of NYC’ Season 4


Now that the debut season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is coming to an end it’ll soon be time to turn our attentions back to the East Coast for the return of The Real Housewives of NYC. On February 15, Bravo TV will premiere the 4th season of The Real Housewives of NYC … and because Bethenny Frankel has left show for a show of her own, a new housewife is being introduced in new promo photos and video from the new season.

Cindy Barshop is the newest housewife and I cannot WAIT to see if she falls in line with the good girls (Ramona, Sonja and Alex) or the batshit crazy girls (Jill, Kelly and LuAnn). Here is the preview video that gives us an overview of the coming new season:

While the Sex and the City 2-ness of this promo bothers me, I still CANNOT wait for this new season to debut. If the Atlanta Housewives are my faves and the Beverly Hills Housewives are my #2 then these NYC ladies are my #3. Things won’t be the same without Bethenny but … I’m very willing to see if the show will be entertaining enough to keep my attention ;)


  • Liz

    i am dying to know who the thug in a cocktail dress is! what do you think about the jersey and DC housewives trent?

    • @Liz — Jersey is kinda boring because most of the Housewives are related. DC is totally boring, period.

    • Brittany

      I am pretty certain Alex is referring to Sonja.

    • Jstar

      I think Sonja goes to the bat-shit crazy side with Kelly…and that’s where the thug statement comes from…? Whadda ya think?

  • KiTX

    Wait, Ramona is a good girl? Crazy-eyes? She’s on my batshit crazy list. I’m going to miss Bethenny tons, but I’m totally watching the first few eps to see Jill get crazier and Kelly be incoherent. =)

  • Mitchell

    Trent, I love that you used “batshit crazy” in your post. In short, I died when I read it, lol!

  • Smoo

    ramona is fucking bat-shit crazy

    • tina

      My goodness……. What a total BITCH Remona is……… I sooooo glad that I dont have a ‘friend’ ( said very loosly) like her….. With ‘friends’ like her…. Who needs enemies????
      Remona……. Get a grip…. your the queen of Bitches

  • Kells

    Ramona isn’t batshit crazy, she’s RAMOTIONAL!!!! hahahaha!!! loved it on scary island when she sang turtle time… haha! BH has quickly become my fave w/ Atlanta right behind.

  • Natalie

    Alex was a shining star of sanity last season… So I’m rooting for her to continue being somewhat level-headed and reasonable amongst the craziness.

    • tina

      level headed??? She’s the mistress of sh**t stirring and sticking the nose in places it should not be. Alex….. BUTT-OUT

  • Hillary

    I know that it’s gotta be Alex that Sonja is yelling at, but I’m in denial. Alex and Sonja (and of course Bethenney, but she won’t be there this year of course) were my favorites last year and I don’t want to see them at each other’s throats. I don’t want Sonja to be the thug in a cocktail dress! I can’t imagine Alex and the new woman being best friends so Alex won’t have anyone to buddy with this year unless it’s Ramona I guess.

  • mimi

    i miss bethenny!

    but yes was firmly on team alex, ramona and sonja last season!

  • Russell Kalbfleisch

    What? I think Jill and Luanne are the normal ones. Ramona is batshit crazy and a pathetic drunk.

    • tina

      I totally wholeheartedly agree.. go go Jill, Luanne and Cindy you are the normal ones…. Ramona the frog-eyes and Alex the ha ha model are so far up their beep beeps that they can chew the paper they use..