The 2011 Grammy Award Performers Have Been Announced


In the wake of rampant rumors going around that Britney Spears will be performing next month on the 2011 Grammy Awards telecast, we learned yesterday that Britney’s people have DENIED that she is performing. This morning, the Grammy Awards announced which performers will be performing on the show and the list includes Eminem, Arcade Fire, Cee Lo Green, Lady Gaga and more … unsurprisingly, Britney Spears is NOT listed among the performers.

Eminem, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, Cee Lo Green and Katy Perry will perform at the 2011 Grammy Awards on Feb. 13, it was announced Thursday (Jan. 13). Eminem, who leads the 53rd annual awards with 10 nominations and has 11 wins already under his belt, is a frequent Grammy performer who graced the stage as recently as last year, performing with Drake and Lil Wayne. For Lady Gaga, it will be the second consecutive year she performs, after the pop star made an impressive debut at the 2010 ceremony with an opening duet accompanied by Elton John. Nominated for album of the year for “The Fame Monster,” Gaga is expected to perform her forthcoming album’s lead single “Born This Way,” which happens to be slated for release on Feb. 13, at the ceremony. Arcade Fire and Miranda Lambert, meanwhile, will make their Grammy debuts as performers. Both are also nominated in the lead categories, with Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” up for album of the year and Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” vying for song of the year. Cee Lo Green, up for four awards including record of the year and song of the year, and Katy Perry, up for album of the year, have both performed at the Grammys before. Additional performers are expected be announced in the coming weeks. The Grammys will be broadcast on CBS live from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

There isn’t a single name on this list that should come as a surprise to anyone … and that is the point. If the Grammy Awards are planning on pulling out any big surprises, A.) they’re not going to announce them so soon and B.) they’re gonna make it seem like any surprises that happen were pulled together at the last minute. At this point, Britney Spears is NOT performing on the Grammys … but that doesn’t mean that things can’t change in the coming weeks. It’s entirely possible that Britney could be added as a “last minute” performer in order to drum up hype for the show. Am I holding my breath? No. Will I tune in to the Grammys just to be sure? Absolutely … and that, my friends, is the point ;) So what do y’all think of this batch of performers? Are these people alone enough to get you to tune in?


  • Mitchell

    The Grammy’s are a night to celebrate music, so I’ll tune in, and, like with the music of the 2010 year, I’ll eventually tune out unless/until the only relevant woman in mainstream music dawns the stage and gives a mind-busting performance to show bitches how it’s done.

    The above comment was mostly tongue in cheek, don’t HOLD IT AGAINST ME. ;)

    Seriously though, I thought Lady Gaga would provide more hype about the Grammy’s upon her announcement as opening act. With little “hype” actually generated, I’m sure the Grammy folks will wish B. Spears to grace their stage come February 13th — think of all the hype surrounding whether she would even GO last year. And then think of all the continued talk surrounding her D and G ensemble (Note: it got more talk than Gaga’s performance with Lady Elton).

    We will see.

    • Lacey

      I think people don’t care about Gaga performing because they are Gaga’d out. We have heard the same recycled song for years now and it’s time for a break from her.

    • Mitchell

      That’s how I feel too. I feel like Gaga is a tries-too-hard to be over the top. Glam shock, not realy sex shock or music shock. She’s waaay overrated as a performer, but I guess she writes okay? Ra ra ra, oh, you get it.

    • krissy

      I don’t think Lady Gaga was announced as the opening act, it just says that she is performing. And maybe in your mind Gaga didn’t get any talk about her performance with Elton, but it didn’t look that way at all from my perspective. At all.

    • Mitchell

      Oh … damn. You may be right, it’s been a long and busy year, my memory may be haz-ay. I guess I was comparing her to BS’s famous performances and the hype they generated, I didn’t feel like Gaga garnered as much attention w/ Elton. I could be wrong. I’m a BS fan, but I still like Gaga (just not as much ;).

    • @Mitchell — “my memory may be haz-ay” You don’t even know how much I love you right now.

  • Nunya

    I thought someone confirmed to Trent that she was guaranteed to peform?

    • @Nunya — LOL. No guarantee. As I understand it, a plan is place for her to perform … whether or not she does so remains to be seen.

    • Nunya

      Understandable that she’s probably gun-shy after the 2007 VMA’s debacle. We need another “blow you away” GODney performance and this could have been it. :(

  • I find it amazing how no one has picked up on that the Grammy’s are on the 13th of February, and that’s the day GaGa listed on her twitter on NYE that she was dropping the new single…. Hmmmmmm, excellent. :-)

    One happy Amanda over here. :-)

    • Nunya

      “No one has picked up on it”? Are you serious? There was a big announcement like weeks ago that she was dropping her single on the same date as the Grammys. It doesn’t matter anyways since “Born This Way” will have the same old recycled Red One beats just like every other song she’s ever put out. *Yawn*


  • nicole

    as long as beyonce doesnt perform, im good.

    • HAHA!! That seriously just made my hour. :)

  • Chase

    Must we have to listen to Katy Perry’s awful vocals? If anyone should lipsynch, it’s her! Her voice is like nails on a fucking chalkboard.

    • krissy

      Chase, I 100% agree with you on this. Out of all the pop stars out there right now, Katy is my least favorite and it is all because of her voice. After hearing 2 of her songs on the Kelly Clarkson cd, I have come to the conclusion that she should just have Kelly sing ALL of her songs.

    • Lacey

      I would have to place Kesha with Katy. I would rather have Kermit the Frog sing than Kesha, although that would be rather raunchy from a Muppet.

  • Paul

    Its not surprising that most of the people that come to this site bash on Lady Gaga since you are Britney fans. Gaga is not played out she makes things interesting and she always puts on a good show.
    In all honesty I think its mostly Britney fans wanting her to perform, everyone else is just wondering if she does will she actually SING live? And the only reason Britney has hype right now is cause she just released new music.
    Im not being shady toward Britney but why would she perform if she didnt even release music last year, it would be unfair to people who did. Besides Britney can perform her hit next year.

  • Amanda G

    Really looking forward to Eminem, Lady Gaga and Cee Lo Green!! As for Katy Perry, why must be be subjected to her AWFUL singing? Lyrically, I like some of her songs, but I wish someone else would sing them. Same goes for Taylor Swift, who I’m sure will be performing as well.

  • J

    Umm nicole has posted the greatest comment ever! Gaga will wear something shocking and probably perform two songs together which looks and sounds stupid when artists do that (exception on some cases like satisfaction/oops! By Britney :-P) but what’s new!? She’s original guys……. Tumbleweed.

  • ness

    didddddy dirty money better perform !