Rob Mariano & Russell Hantz Join The Cast Of ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’


On Monday we got our first look at 16 castmembers from the upcoming season of Survivor: Redemption Island. Today we learn that Survivor alums Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz join the cast as the 17th and 18th castmembers … confirming rumors that the two popular Survivor stars would be coming back for redemption.

The 16 new contestants of Survivor: Redemption Island will have to battle more than the elements and each other. They’ll also have two familiar faces to deal with as Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will be renewing their heated rivalry from Heroes vs Villains and returning to play the game once again. For Russell, it will be his third appearance in the past four seasons, while Boston Rob becomes the first person to ever compete four times on the show. Rob and Russell’s feud in last spring’s Heroes vs Villains helped make the season one of the franchise’s finest, but could some fans be feeling a bit of Russell fatigue after seeing the polarizing player command so much screen time on both Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains? Host Jeff Probst doesn’t think so. “I’m not concerned at all about any Russell fatigue — that people have had too much,” says Probst. “If you’ve had too much of Russell, I dare say you’re not really a Survivor fan. He embodies Survivor. He’s polarizing. You hate him or you love him.” The former players will each join a tribe after a drawing of concealed buffs and — contrary to internet rumors — they will not be offered any immunity, meaning either one of them could be voted out first (and sent to Redemption Island, where they would be forced to compete to reenter the game). But while Russell may seem like a shoo-in to be the first person out, Probst told while on location in Nicaragua just minutes after filming on the season began that he doesn’t believe that will be the case. “I do not think Russell or Rob will be the first person voted out of this game. Because I think they bring too much experience — 156 days between the two of them. When you’re playing a game, there’s a lot to be learned.” Probst also believes that Boston Rob — who transformed himself from a villain to a hero last year — may actually have a tougher time than Russell sticking around when the going gets tough. “Rob may have an easier time initially, but Rob’s gong to have a tougher time long term because Rob could win,” says the host. “Rob is likable enough. He could win. Russell’s not going to win. Russell doesn’t get that. He’s not gonna win. Even if he was nice this season, the payoff for past seasons won’t let him win. Rob is going to have a tough time if he makes it to the merge.”

Meh. I absolutely consider myself a Survivor fan and I am TOTALLY sick of Russell and his a-hole behavior. I find it hard to believe that he will change his game strategy, meaning he will irritate and alienate everyone on the show. That said, he’s the perfect kind of jerk you want to be compared to when the jury is giving away $1 million bucks so … he very well may stay in the game for a while. Boston Rob, on the other hand, bores me. He was so lackluster in the Heroes vs. Villains season that I don’t even care to watch him play again. I am MUCH more interested in meeting the new castmembers and finding people to love and loathe as the season progresses. The addition of Rob and Russell doesn’t make me want to watch the show any more than I already did … as a true Survivor fan, I’ll tune in no matter what gimmicks the producers toss in to try and make the show look more appealing.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Okay, no one judge me but the first time I saw Russell Hantz on Survivor I kind of began a crush! I know he is repulsive, sinister and a distant cousin from the Hobbit but there is just something there.

  • Sarah R.

    Mr. Gyllenhaal-ewwwwwwwww! Lol ;)
    They are really tinkering with the format this season & I just hope that it doesn’t start to ruin the show that I love so much! Still, after all these years, what makes it interesting to me is the interaction between the castmates & how their character & loyalty is tested. All these random island things they throw in just aren’t really necessary in my opinion.

  • supercute

    I’m kinda over bringing in old players just because Jeff Probst has a man crush on them. Russell was not a good player and is not going to be better since he feels like he’s owed a win. I like Rob but his last season made it feel like he’s doing it because it’s an easy paycheck. Irregardless, I will be watching just like you Trent!

  • sarahhh

    i am excited to see boston rob back (had a crush since his Marquesas season) but russell not so much he is way to cocky for no reason!!

  • JHop

    I am not at all excited about having to see a topless and cranky Russell on my TV again. His stupid voice and dumb fedora make me want to gag.

    What’s Fabio doing? Doesn’t he want to be half naked on Survivor again? He was so good at it.

    • James Twist

      Fabio’s in that homo-erotic new horror film

  • Christy

    Yay for Boston Rob!!Russell I could care less for.

  • Blueboy

    I am certainly sick of both of them too. Surely there is some new blood out there? I just don’t think they’re trying hard enough. Sticking to the safe (read predictable and boring) option of Rob and Russell shows little imagination.

  • Chris

    I’ve watched every season since Survivor 2, but I’m NOT going to watch that obnoxious jerk Russell again.

  • Alex

    What??? Rob was stellar last season! What show were you watching Trent? :)
    He put so much heart into every challenge… he is my biggest reality crush ever. In fact I just finished re-watching Survivor All-Stars. So excited to hear that’s he’s going to be back. Didn’t watch the last season but I’ll definitely tune in this time. (But Russell–BLECH!)

    • Alex

      ETA: I meant Rob was stellar in his last season, not the actual last season.

  • Lexxvs

    OH NO! Russell –alias “I’m a fat ubermensch”- again. And he said he was a rich guy that just wanted to prove a point. I guess Survivor’s money –the one he gets apart from the never won prize- is too sweet a temptation for his purportedly full bank account. Lol.

  • Kelsey

    I kind of love Russell, not gonna lie.

  • AJ

    If they aren’t voted out first, these people will go down in history as the stupidest Survivors ever. Yup great in challenges. Bye Rob! Bye Russel! You had your shot. Back from Redemption Island? Bye again!! Why am I the only person that cannot STAND Boston Rob? HATE HIM!!

    • Maxine

      I’m sure they will be voted out but it conveniently won’t count this time.

  • Ugh. Tired of Russell. And I’m a big Survivor fan and have watched it since nearly the beginning.

  • nicole

    Rob again…Really? why would you even want to do this more then once or even twice?

  • Amanda G

    I guess I’m the only one who likes Rob! He was pretty funny in the last one. Russell is entertaining, but I agree with the majority that some new blood would be better.

  • I wish they’d put together a show of first-offs. You know, all those quirky, bossy, tired & confused out-of-their-element folks who got tossed right away either through bad luck or being really annoying. What a great cast of characters!

  • Em

    I’m with you trent! I love Survivor even though it is totally gimmicky and cheesy. I couldn’t care less about Boston Rob and Russell. I hope Russell is the first to go and then Rob so that way they can just get on with the show. I was also really annoyed when Rob was on the Amazing Race, I really don’t need to see anymore of him!