First Look: Sketches For Lindsay Lohan’s New Line Of Shoes


A couple of weeks ago we learned that the then-rehabbing Lindsay Lohan was planning to expand her 6126 collection to include a line of footwear (not unlike her mother Dina Lohan’s failed attempt back in 2009 to launch her own line of shoes called Shoe-Han). Today, courtesy of People magazine, we get our first look at the first sketches from Lindsay’s 6126 line of shoes … and, to be honest, they ain’t pretty.

Lindsay Lohan recently Tweeted that she planned to take things “one step at a time,” and now she’ll be doing that in shoes from her first-ever footwear line for her clothing brand 6126! “I took inspiration from old Hollywood glamour and added a modern edge,” Lohan tells PEOPLE of the line. “It was key to make comfortable, timeless shoes that can easily go from day to night and feel cool, chic and glamorous.” Lohan’s business partner Kristi Kaylor says that means an update to classic styles including wedges and riding boots, adding modern accents like hardware and mixed leathers. And Kaylor tells PEOPLE that Lohan is involved in the creative process the whole way: “She comes to meetings with tears, photos, and fabrics. She brings her own shoes in to show specifics. She’s ultra-prepared, all the time.” Lohan’s also a stickler for high-quality footwear, ordering all the materials straight from Europe and choosing “fashion-forward but not trendy” shoes, Kaylor says. “They’re timeless — you’re buying an over-the-knee boot to wear for years.” Lohan fans can nab the shoes in stores this fall; they’ll cost between $100-450.

Um … I don’t see anything even remotely resembling “old Hollywood glamour” in these sketches … what I see are sketches for bland, boring and terribly plain shoe designs that one might find at Big Lots! For Lindsay’s sake, I hope these sketches are not representative of the best her new shoe line has to offer because … these are very unimpressive. That being said, I do applaud Lindsay for moving forward with her business plans (as painfully plebeian as they may be) and I think it’s wise to celebrate any of her endeavors that are positive and, well, legal. Will these shoes sell? I mean, I guess. Is designing a line of shoes enough to keep Lindsay out of trouble? Unlikely … but I hope so! Are YOU impressed by these shoe design sketches? Do these look like shoes that you’d like to wear … in public?


  • Jane

    Same was said when her leggings line came out and when the sketches for her clothing line came out and both are selling well and the clothing line has gotten some positive reviews.

  • amanda m

    lookin hawt! i really hope this girl gets herself together… i love lilo!

  • Sara

    Heck no. These look just like any other brand out there that’s making shoes, at best. If you want fashion forward, look at Gwen Stephanie’s LAMB collection – she really has done some neat stuff there. That’s the only celeb collection I can think of that justifies it’s price tag, which is similar to what LiLo is aiming for, but with much more boring/ripped off designs, I’m sure.

  • nicole

    its hard to judge from a sketch…ill wait to judge until i see a final product

  • dholmas

    I started to scroll down the boot and thought ski boot until I saw the heel. LOL. They do look like any other brand and probably to expensive for what they are.

  • Erin

    it looks like a goth/dominatrix boot and a stripper heel to me.
    but who knows, maybe the real thing will be better….

  • krissy

    I think her price is WAAAAAAY too high. If someone is going to pay $450 for a pair of shoes, there are brands that have years of expertise behind them. It would have been smarter to go the Jessica Simpson route and make shoes that are cute and current, but at a lower price point.

  • Cristina

    “It was key to make comfortable, timeless shoes that can easily go from day to night and feel cool, chic and glamorous.” – (read: Recycled PayLess designs circa 1993.)

  • Mela

    They aren’t the worst shoes I’ve seen or anything. they’re not exactly my taste, nor do I consider them fresh or fashion forward. But I agree with Trent…any non-drug-related Lohan news is refreshing.

  • Hoke

    They look like pretty basic heels….nothing special. Honestly..I’m sick of her.

  • Sarah

    Just what the world needs, another line of skanky shoes!

  • melissa

    1995 called and wants its shoes back.
    What a total waste of time and resources.

  • Justin

    I go to art school- fashion designer here… and those sketches are wack, just look at it, did she draw them in jail? prob not, who ever is her designer, they suck at drawing, its not even in perspective.. looks picasso like