First Look: Andrew Garfield In Costume As Spider-Man


Last week we got our first look at actor Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) in costume as Peter Parker on the SoCal set of the as-yet-untitled Spider-Man reboot film. Today we get our FIRST LOOK at Garfield as Spider-Man IN the iconic red and blue costume.

There isn’t much information about this photo but it’s clear that Garfield as Spidey looks like he’s had a rough day. You can see that the new costume has been changed a bit from the one that Tobey Maguire wore in the first set of Spider-Man films of the early 2000’s. What do y’all think of this new Spider-Man? Based on this first photo, do you think Andrew Garfield makes a good Spidey?


  • Fineee!

  • blaqfury

    I’m not sure how I feel about this reboot…

  • Jessica

    I’m so excited for this version. I was never a fan of the originals and I think andrew will be excellent at the psychological aspect of spiderman

  • Katz

    FINALLY! A sexy spiderman :D

  • Sara

    See, this is what I was concerned about – he’s too damn skinny. Maybe other women are jumping on the trend of liking guys who are either super effeminate or really emaciated-looking, but I am SOOOO not a fan. Superheros need at least a little bulk!! My arms may be more muscular than this dude’s. Ick. :P

  • nicole

    it looks good, but he seems too skinny. i know spider man is on the smaller side of superhero’s…but he just seems TOO small.

  • alyse

    He is thin but maybe that works. When some guys get muscular they get sinewy instead of bulky. Spiderman was more about agility instead of sheer power right? I’m not sure though.
    And in this age of accepting “real women” and such can’t the skinny guys get some love too? ;)

  • Chase

    You guys, he’s Spider-Man! He doesn’t need to look like John Cena or whatever, he has super powers… Last time I checked you don’t need muscles to have superhuman powers, right? The muscles don’t make him strong, his SUPER POWERS do. : D Silly guys.

    • nicole

      ha…i just pictured Cena dressed up as spiderman…oh boy lol

  • Adam H

    I think Andrew looks great. A little rough and dirty, who cares about clean spidey. This spiderman looks good to me

  • Chris

    His lack of muscles makes him look like a teenage Spiderman. It’s a fail for me.

    • Adam H

      @Chris, I maybe wrong but I think the reboot on the Spiderman movies are suppose to be about Spiderman being young again. So the teenager look is what I believe them to going for

  • Mac

    I think it’s too soon for a reboot

  • I am very excited for this version, Andrew is looking great!!

  • J

    ugh … not impressed. I liked Tobey MacGuire – he had the right balance of nerdy and heroic. Andrew Garfield is just too scrawny…it’s not hot.

  • Rob

    Spiderman might not be bulky, but he is defined. This guy is not defined. But then again I suppose at what age in the story line we are talking about this spiderman being. If he is starting out young, like in the comics, I guess that he is OK. But if its a little later, then this will not cut it.

  • Grant

    I don’t care if this is supposed to be when he’s still young or not. If he’s at the point in his development where he’s developped his powers and put on the suit he at least needs to have muscle tone for cripes sake. This just looks like some random teenager put on a halloween costume then had a bad time at the party.

    The backpack only makes it worse. What the hell is he doing with a backpack in costume?

  • A

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Girlish screams*

  • livia123

    i really think he does not make a good spiderman, superhereoes are supposed to hav muscles…
    and he looks really young and idk wats up with the whole teenager idea cauz he was not that young whne he turned into spiderman… i dnt get it can any1 explain it? in the first movie he becomes spiderman and he already has musclesss so i think this new spiderman sucks
    i liked the old one way more

    • Blake

      Lol, actually he was. He was 14 when he became Spider-Man…thats pretty young, actually. :p

  • Juneh

    Le sigh!

  • ryrysmum

    this was a bad idea people! this guy does not fit the bill. he just looks like a kid from my high school dressing up as spiderman for a halloween party. i thought toby was great as peter parker and spidey.why was is so necessary to change a good thing. and furthermore is just me or are the studios trying to do the whole hot british guy thing like robert pattinson in twilight and make andrew their new golden boy. people try this stuff all the time and fail epically. even still i know it wont bomb at the box office. its a new spiderman duh