Victoria Beckham Surfaces Again, Still Hides Baby Bump


On Monday we got our first look at the newly pregs Victoria Beckham as she surfaced in public for the first time since hubby David Beckham announced on Facebook that the couple are expecting the birth of their 4th child last Saturday. Today we get to see a few new photos of Vicki B. in London, England earlier today but, unfortch, she didn’t seem in the mood to show off her burgeoning baby bump.

I’m pretty sure VB won’t be able to hide forever but she deffo can make it difficult for anyone to see her in her pregnant state, at least for a while. She’s bound to go shopping or to an event or to the airport sooner or later but, yeah, until she’s ready to show her bump, I think we can continue to look forward to happy photos like this. Ah well, I still heart her robotic majesty … even if she’s playing hard to get.

[Photo credit: Splash]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I seriously love her…She is in my top 5 celebs to meet!

  • Christie

    I hope it’s a girl!!!!!!

  • rOXy

    She must be feeling “ugly”. As IF she could ever be! But pregnancy hormones can do that to a gal no matter who or how beautiful they are. Maybe she was having bad morning nausea…you know how it is when you’re feeling a bit green and like you’re going to heave? No one would want the cams in their face then so I don’t blame her a bit. She’ll come out when she’s glowing.

  • SuperPoshFan

    Victoria seems to hide a lot when she’s pregnant, which is unfortunate because she looks beautiful with the weight on her bones. When she was pregnant with Cruz she hardly went out and was always wearing poncho’s to cover up when she did. But VB fans should be looking forward to next month, she’s coming to New York to present her new collection at fashion week, which I’m excited about because I love her collections, but cant wait to see what she’ll be wearing out and about in New York.

  • jessica

    hate the move my glasses with my middle finger, therefore giving those around you the middle finger.

  • Torrie

    Victoria has said that she pretty much hates the way she looks when preggo. Too bad, she’s the cutest thing ever. Being pregnant only helps! :)