Watch: Björk Performs Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’


Björk was on hand to kick off a 3-day karaoke marathon (which was orchestrated in an effort to boost support for a referendum on foreign ownership of Icelandic natural resources) at The Nordic House in Reykjavík, Iceland and she blessed the assembled audience with a beautiful rendition of the classic Joy Division song Love Will Tear Us Apart. Björk performed other songs at the event but it is the Joy Division cover that is getting all the attention.

A karaoke marathon held last week by Icelandic singer Bjork helped double the signature count on a petition she hopes will lead to a referendum on foreign ownership of Icelandic natural resources, organisers said Monday. The Icelandic megastar held a karaoke marathon for nine hours a day Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week along with different Icelandic personalities such as the captain of the country’s handball team and comic-turned-Reykjavik-mayor Jon Gnarr. The aim was to bring more people to sign a petition calling for a referendum on the foreign ownership of natural resources in order to block the sale of Iceland’s HS Orka energy group to a Canadian firm. At the launch of the marathon on Thursday, Bjork’s petition had 21,000 signatures and as of 5:30 pm (GMT) Monday, 46,863 people had signed it. “It’s nice to wake up and see that more than 46,000 have signed the petition,” one of the heads of the campaign, writer Oddny Eir Aevarsdottir, told radio station Saga, adding the success inspired the group to organise karaoke marathons around Iceland next weekend. Campaigners were aiming for at least 35,000 signatures because Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir had said in a 2009 op-ed on democratic reform that a petition signed about 35,000 people should be enough to warrant a referendum on any given topic.

Amazing. Björk is amazing. I love how devoted she is to the protection of her homeland and how willing she is to use her musical talents to help raise environmental awareness. She is just … amazing. And, without further ado, here is video of Björk’s performance of Love Will Tear Us Apart:

Man, I wish she would record this song and release it for sale … I would DIE. Here is more video of Björk performing another song (that I do not recognize) at the karaoke marathon event:

Go, Björk, Go!! I understand she is planning the release of a new album this year. 2011 is going to be a great year for music, count on that!

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  • RJ

    I know it’s unlikely, but I would die if she did a studio version of this song and included it on her record.

  • jamie-o

    i’m a sucker for the Evelyn Evelyn cover of it.

  • T

    she rocks!

  • kendra

    I love this woman so much..She can seriously do no wrong in my eyes..

  • Both times I saw her live, she brought me to tears. Epic!!!!

  • Isabelle

    This song should never be remade. Ever.