Kylie Minogue Gives Us A First Look At The ‘Les Folies Tour 2011′


Last year Kylie Minogue announced that she will be touring the world this year with her Les Folies Tour 2011 (which she promises to bring to the US in the Spring) and today we get our first look at what her show will look like. Kylie’s official Facebook profile has been updated with deets and very cool new photo of what her stageshow will be like when it hits the road next month.

If you want to be up close… if you want exclusive merchandise … and if you don’t mind getting a bit wet! … then you want the ‘Splash’ pack!
This very strictly limited opportunity will allow you to enjoy the live spectacular that is the Kylie ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies’ show in undeniably unique style!! You’ll be located in ‘THE SPLASH ZONE’ – an exclusive, especially created viewing area where you’ll be so close to the stage you’ll feel like a part of the show!

On checking in at the venue you will receive your own Kylie Concert Backpack containing uniquely branded souvenir merchandise including:-

A Kylie waterproof
‘I Was In The Splash Zone’ souvenir towel
‘Aphrodite – Les Folies’ Tour Programme
Exclusive tour laminate & lanyard
Special Splash Zone wristband to access your exclusive viewing area

You will view the concert from an exclusive secured area within the stage area! – (This is a standing only area)

Availability is limited – strictly first come first served!

This is VERY exciting news!! It turns out that David and I will be seeing Kylie on tour in Europe in March so it’ll be exciting to see this live concert spectacle up close. I’m hoping that Kylie will be able to bring this elaborate stage show to the US as described above. I’m really counting on getting to see Kylie perform her Les Folies Tour 2011 from inside The Splash Zone. Bring it on, Kylie! We can’t wait!!


  • Megan

    I’m going in March too, seeing the second show in Dublin. Haven’t seen her in concert since the original Showgirl Tour, the costumes, the dancers, the staging and Kylie (of course) blew me away! And she sings LIVE, another living legend in my books!

  • Daniel

    I saw the X tourin Chile and she was perfection on the stage, she is only of the few singers who can keep your atention with a huge production number. I love her :D

  • James

    I hope she does cali, seattle or Canada thats the only way i’ll see her…I love her and all but i can’t do the flying part.

  • chadSF

    Anxiously awaiting for the US tour news.

  • Rigo

    BOOOOOO for no Splash Zone! Instead of touring the US, cant she just play 2 nights in NYC and 2 in LA and bring the whole damn stage? GRRRR!!!

  • Rigo

    PS, Since you’re there, Trent, get me a program and i’ll pay you back. I’m sure i’ll see you at the LA show anyway.

  • Kevin

    i wish she would come and give just a tiiiiny little show in Suriname. i’m a huge fan. there aren’t a lot of kylie fans in Suriname. it feels like i’m the only one