The Wonder Woman TV Series Has Been Shelved


Back in October we learned that TV producing legend David E. Kelley was working on a new series based on the DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman. In December, as a bit of an update, we learned that plans were still in the works to get the series picked up by a network but no deal was yet in place. Today we learn the sad (or happy, depending on your personal feelings about a WW reboot) news that Kelley’s Wonder Woman series was not picked up by any of the big networks and, therefore, is dunzo … at least for now.

The TV reboot of Wonder Woman is being postponed. David E. Kelley’s high-profile take on the female superhero has been shelved after not landing a deal at a broadcast network because of what sources called unfortunate timing … Kelley started working on a pilot script, which, like his other recent projects, was written on spec. The script was reportedly taken out to the broadcast networks on Wednesday night. Fox and ABC passed, while WBTV’s sister network the CW could not afford it. While the project was never considered a fit for Fox and was taken to the network mostly out of curtesy, the ABC pass was more politically motivated … I hear the CBS executive team was split, while the fluid situation at NBC where new programming chief Bob Greenblatt is yet to take the reins, made it impossible to get the type of license fee that the studio was seeking in order to do the show Kelley had envisioned. So a decision was made not to go with the show at this time. The script may be taken out again in the future.

While it is true that the project could be shopped around again next season, the series right now has landed in the dreaded “project development Hell”. Apparently ABC passed on this Wonder Woman series because their parent company Disney just acquired Marvel Comics … and therefore, ABC couldn’t produce a series based on a DC Comics character. To be honest, as much as I trusted that David E. Kelly would be able to do right by the Wonder Woman character, I’m a bit relieved that this new reboot ain’t happening. The original Wonder Woman TV series of the late 70’s (which starred the beautiful Lynda Carter) holds so many great memories for me. I’m kinda happy that it will STILL be the only live action WW TV series in existence. Things happen for a reason … and I am pretty happy with the way this thing worked its way out.