Jake Gyllenhaal Likes To Ride The Subway Just Like YOU


When last we saw hottie Jake Gyllenhaal roaming the streets of Brooklyn, NY he was hanging out with some young girl who he may or may not have dated for about 10 minutes a few months ago. Today we learn that Jakey poo is back in Brooklyn … and riding the subway … solo.

Much like her Madgesty herself Madonna (who was spotted riding the underground rails in NYC last September), Jake is not afraid to take public transportation and he moves about to and fro NYC. He was just chillin’ on the train, playing with his phone … carelessly NOT holding on to the bar for safety. His rebelliousness is so sexy, ain’t it? What I’m most shocked about is that that guy is totally sleeping right next to Jake … and he prolly didn’t even know it! Ah, can you imagine the sweet dreams that man dreamt as his head brushed up against Jake’s body? Le sigh.

Now that Jakey is single once again, methinks he’ll be rollin’ solo for a while. If you’re lookin’ for an impromptu rendez-vous, I’d suggest riding the Q train night and day until you run into him. Tell him I say, HI!!


  • Jennifer

    I would faint. No doubt.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Believe you me that he doesn’t only like to ride the subway:)

  • jill

    that makes him even sexier than he already is

  • Kate

    That’s two things I won’t see at my city’s subway: a famous person, and someone taking out his phone.

  • Ethel

    Crap! I wish I saw him on the train going home. I live off the q line and in brooklyn!

  • sugaredpeas

    totally gets off at my stop. just sayin’.

  • jessica

    knows how to pull off a backpack!

  • Mac