CoverGirl Releases A NEW Taylor Swift Commercial


In early December we got our first look at the newly single Taylor Swift in her first print ad campaign for CoverGirl NatureLuxe cosmetics. Today we get our first look at her first CoverGirl video commercial that is set to flood the television airwaves in an effort to convince YOU to buy her make-up.

As you can see in these amusing screencaps, Taylor attempts to look sexy, alluring and sultry as she prances and poses in this video clip … but the only thing I see is a young girl playing dress-up in her mother’s clothes with her mother’s make-up when she prolly shouldn’t be. Still, CoverGirl is very smart to team up with Taylor Swift because as the most-successful female musician of 2010 she has a wide reach that can easily influence her legion of fans. Here is our first look at Taylor’s new CoverGirl commercial … see for yourselves the way in which Taylor attempts to sell make-up:

Ah Taylor … not a girl, not yet a woman. I think one day she’ll actually grow up enough to pull off these kinds of antics in a way that don’t look so silly. She gets an A for effort tho, yes?


  • I don’t think its SOOO bad…I agree she looks a bit young…but I think it’s the worst when she is in the long dress…if they kept her in the short one, which looks more her age, I think it wouldn’t seem as odd.

    She is definitely age appropriate to be doing this…she just has a young face…it may annoy her now but she will enjoy that in a few years…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think she looks good. That is the first and last time you will ever hear me say that. She is my least female singer of 2010 (I am sorry but girl can’t sing).

  • krissy

    She is hardly a “young girl”…she is 21! She doesn’t do anything wrong in the commerical, she is selling make-up after all. Of course she is going to look sultry at the camera, that is what happens in make up commericals.

    I think she looks gorgeous.

    • @krissy — I think one can argue that 21 is still “young”. And I know I never said she was doing anything wrong.

    • krissy

      The word “young” is fine…but I don’t know any 21 year old that would like to be referred to as a girl. As a guy, you might not have realized that. ;) Maybe “young woman” might have been more accurate?

    • @krissy — As I said, she’s not a girl … not yet a woman … all she needs is time … a moment that is hers … while she’s in between.

    • krissy

      Your devotion is adorable, always got your woman on the brain. ;) IMO, Taylor is most definetly a woman. If she were in college, she would be close to graduating right about now. That is cool if you disagree, though.

    • @krissy — Hahahah … I’m just playing around. Taylor is awesome ;D

  • First of all, I love, love, love the dress. Second, she is such an awkward girl. Weather she’s dancing or singing or doing make-up commercials, she is just awkward. Perhaps it’s her height that throws it all off – She is very tall.

  • pamelalala

    Im a big taylor swift fan. But this commercial is just so cringe worthy!!!
    I cant believe this made the final cut- the movement is just awkward and bad, and her talking to the camera is like a deer in headlights.

    bahh!!! disapointed because she does look beautiful.

  • Liz

    I don’t see anything in that commercial she tries to look sexy. Most she did was blowing kisses. It was appropriate for her age.

  • Move over Camille Grammer, there’s a new shoulder roller in town.

    • @Ashley — LOL! Nice ;)

  • lisa

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying how young Taylor Swift is… You know Rihanna is only one year older right? But you don’t see anyone treating Rihanna like a child. As someone who has read/seen The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series, I would say that you should know better than to judge someone’s maturity by how old he/she looks.

    • Elissa

      Very nice point! I agree 200%!

    • krissy

      Exactly, Lisa! I think sometimes society tends to disrespectfully baby women who look sweet. In some ways it can work in their favor, but on the other hand it is insulting. Taylor is the head of a massively profitable industry known as “Taylor Swift”, she has been a professional song writer for years now. No wonder Lisbeth got all of those piercings. ;)

      I am not a fan of Taylor’s per say, but I do think she should be treated as the adult she is.

    • perdiz

      rhianna has always struck me as very sure of herself, almost to the point of being forceful as a person. her personality seems older to me. not her looks. (though she does look older than taylor by a lot) taylor on the other hand seems younger to me due to her personality again not just her looks. taylor is actually older than me but i feel as though she acts like some people i know that are younger.

    • Audrey

      Taylor has done a great job of playing the victim, so yeah, I can see why people would call her “girl” vs “young woman.” Plus, her mom is her best friend. :P
      Talent is subjective, of course, but what I love about her is that she hasn’t taken her clothes off to sell her music. That is very refreshing to me.

  • Chase

    I’m so tired of her flaunting her stupid waffle hair in our faces like it’s a big deal! It’s always, “Oh, look at me! I am so groundbreaking because I wear my hair naturally curly and not straight. I am so cool!” Get over yourself Tay Tay. Srsly.

  • LaurieV

    At least we’re not looking at Miley. I’ll take Taylor over her any day.

  • Mandy

    She’s very pretty but she has an “awkward young girl” body. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s just not graceful or just doesn’t know how to move very well, but that commercial was almost funny. lol

  • I think we can all agree that Taylor makes an effort to appeal to younger girls — therefore, she is probably $loving$this in between stage of her life!

  • canaussiegirl

    Please……. Taylor totally cultivates her image as a sweet innocent girl…. if she behaved like a 21 year old, she would be perceived as one.

    Taylor comes across as someone who has not had the life experience that many 21 year olds have had. It has been all unicorns and teddy bears and rainbows for her. Except for that time that the big scary Kanye was mean to her. And when Jake dumped her after getting some awesome press for his new movie.

    She is gangly and awkward which is actually kinda cute. Most of these non-actor celebrity spokespeople are totally awkward on camera……

  • Juls

    I think it Taylor Swift is a horrible spokes person. A 21 year old doesn’t even need to wear makeup. The only reason Taylor Swift wears makeup to begin with is because she is butt ugly. I can not support an add promotion for a star who doesn’t have talent to begin with. The fact that the public is so ignorant to her lack of talent covered by strong audio and studio revisions is hilarious. Cover Girl’s effort to promote the image of the real, average woman has been destroyed by this hipocritical move…and to all those who strongly disagree with me, i say to you, listen to a live recording of taylor swift and tell me she isn’t tone def as the day is long…..lmfao :)