Britney Spears’s New Single Will Debut On Facebook


OK … so I think I finally have some semi-official and somewhat definitive news regarding the release of Britney Spears’s new single Hold It Against Me. I was contacted, along with a selection of other bloggers, by Britney’s record label to be part of a fun fan-driven Facebook campaign to help get Brit’s single released. If everything goes according to plan, it will be the concerted effort of Britney’s fans that will get the song released at last.

The way it will work is YOU fans will be asked to spread a special message on your Facebook pages and once 2 million fans share the message, the song will automatically unlock and be released. In the coming days, a customized Pink is the new Blog widget will appear here on the site and then it will be up to YOU to use the widget to spread the message on Facebook. Thus far, there has been no official date released as to when this Facebook campaign will go down but I’m hearing it could be as early as next Monday January 10 … but, as with all the release dates we’ve been hearing, we cannot be sure of anything just yet. Know this, Britney’s new song will be unlocked within hours if not minutes of the Facebook campaign’s launch.

Now, I should clarify … it’s not clear if the song will actually unlock and be heard on Facebook or if the campaign will merely play out on Facebook and the song will unlock on some official website … but it is clear that fans will have to spread the message on Facebook to unlock the song and get it released.

I’m certain it will not be difficult to get 2 million people to work together in order to get Hold It Against Me released. Be ready … I’m counting on all y’all to help get Britney’s song released! I know I can’t wait a second longer than necessary — can you?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am TOTALLY down!!!!

    • I know I can count on you. AND, btw, love your avatar :D

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      I know…it took some time to find the right one. I don’t know if I was just having fun looking at all the pics or what but let me tell you or anyone this; if you are bored google Jake Gyllenhaal. That is my New Years Present to all:)

  • Juneh

    I’ll help :D

  • SBChick

    YES! Finally some legit confirmation! I love ya Trent.

  • yomomma

    this is gun be huge!! gooooooo holyspearit!!

  • T

    Yessss! Trent are u excited?! U don’t serm to be too excited. Get craxxxxzzzzy. Its happening. The living legend!

    • @T — You have no idea. I’m really excited … but I can’t let myself go nuts just yet cuz we still don’t know WHEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    I received my Entertainment Weekly in the mail yesterday and it says that it will be released on Friday :)

  • Tom

    Can’t wait! Also, I love how they only asked a specific amount of blogs to do this and you’re one of them…Britney loves you! Well, you can hope right?

  • Slave4UBB

    Can’t wait! I’m totally down for this!!

  • James

    Uber excited for new Britney

  • gant77

    I’m ready!!! Can’t with to share it on FB!!!!!

  • the funny thing is that 2 million will be so easy to reach.

    • @popazul — I agree, the song will unlock in a flash :D

  • t

    trent, i’m dying. OMG, i need this single so bad right now! it’s like a drug! i can’t!!! do you have any other info trent? i assume you replied and said yes, you would participate?!

    • @t- This is all the info I got and Yes, I said I’d participate :D

  • This is a really bright idea on how to spread the word. I wonder if each member can only send the message once? Because I will sit here all day, if needed. Hahaha!

  • krissy

    I think this is a good marketing way to get her single out. Then her company will have access the info of her devoted fans and will be able to market to them more specifically in the future. Very smart!

    I gotta admit, it feels a little funny to have her use Trent to market her new single, when she hasn’t given him that much love in the past. Trent has been so benevolent and supportive of her for so long, even during her most trying times, and she has yet to give him a meet-n-greet or interview (like Madonna, Trent Reznor, etc. have). Trent is always respectful of her, which is more than so many other sites can say. I am hoping that his help on this event will give Trent the access he DESERVES!

    • t

      @krissy…i understand what you’re saying but we all know how shy and “to herself” britney is. she doesn’t even have any celebrity friends, etc. i don’t think trent takes it personally so you should either; we’re all die hard fans and i’m sure britney cares about us dearly behind the scenes. in addition, i agree that this marketing strategy is unique and very very smart. the reason trent was contacted was because her people are trying to reach a broader audience to get the single exposed. they know the fans will buy the single; it’s the general public they are looking to reach out to so they know britney has new music. this single with sell BIG if this is done right…and i think her team knows EXACTLY what they’re doing.

  • Virgojay

    I’m so on board with this. Where’s the link already?

  • Larry

    I am so on board with this! Can’t wait!

  • Louigi

    Go Trent! You are one step closer to meeting Brit Brit. I feel it. I cannot wait for this jam.

  • Mikey

    I think that this is the best idea. If 2 million people had on average 100 friends…that could be an audience of 200 million people that all know her new single is available. PITNB is one of the chosen blogs??? I think Trent should be honoured that all of the blogs, this one was chosen…shows how broad his site is. I like I like!

  • count me for this one, i’m totally in.

    i wouldn’t care if my facebook friends will call it spam.

    they can hold it against me, i wouldn’t care less!!

  • Megan

    We’re gonna have this bad boy unlocked in seconds :)

  • Nunya

    Wow this is one of the dumbest stunts I have ever heard. I don’t even have FaceBook. Lame move Britney, just release the fucking song already…

    • lilly

      i suggest you get one then…it fucking 2011…get with the times..

    • kls

      bitch shut up stalkbook is a JOKE.

  • ELL

    I don’t have FB but I will be asking ma frendzz to help me out with that. I think it’s a super-smart move…very 11, Brit.

    Also I really want to hear it. NOW.

  • Amanda J

    Sounds good! I am ready!!

  • amanda m

    considering she has over 7million fans, i’m sure most of us wont even be able to post a message before its “unlocked”..
    enough delaying. put out the damn single so i can immediately made it my ringtone and know all the words in a half hour!

  • an

    jajaa.. it took so long!!
    anyway… 2 millions its only took 2 seconds!!